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Jazz bass fender

jazz bass fender

One of the most loved basses in the world the Fender Jazz Bass is known for its incredible versatility and thick, full g-abaya.onlineed in the Fender Jazz. With its dual single-coil pickups and smooth playing feel, the Player Jazz Bass is an inspiring instrument with classic, elevated style and authentic Fender. Fender American Ultra Jazz Bass - Cobra Blue with Maple Fingerboard · Fender Flea Jazz Bass - Shell Pink, Road Worn · Fender Player Jazz Bass. APPLE IPHONE 8 PLUS 64GB RED Google calendar Office. Choose version of password for entry. Solution to remove allows user to features or for framerate per second users on a.

Home Bass Guitars Fender Jazz. Fender Flea Signature Jazz Bass - Roadworn Shell Pink Flea's funk- and jazz-influenced basslines helped propel the Red Hot Chili Peppers to the top of the rock and alternative charts while redefining the role of bass in the modern era. Flea's unique playing style brought a welcome breath of fresh air to the Add To Cart More Info.

More Info. Add to Cart More Info. For enormous tone that crackles with life and bristles with the energy, its two vintage style single-coil Jazz Bass pickups Released in the Fender Jazz Bass is one of the longest running electric bass guitars in the world. Originally designed to make a more focused, midrange filled sound compared to their already popular Precision Bass.

The Jazz bass is brighter with a richer midrange compared to the original P-Bass which meant you actually heard the Jazz bass a lot more in a mix compared to the darker Precision model. This change in sound was a huge part in the development of bass driven music like funk, reggae, progressive rock, jazz fusion and many more styles. Looking on a budget? Made in Mexico these basses are real tone workhorses with amazing quality for the money.

Made in America the American Standard and American Elite ranges are pro grade, tour ready instruments that will not let you down.

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Fender American Professional II Jazz Bass - Nicole Row First Impressions jazz bass fender


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Bongo 4. Bongo 5. Bongo 6. Classic Design. Custom Shop Jaguar. Custom Shop Precision Bass. Dellinger BASS. Fender Alternative. Player Jaguar Bass. Player Plus Active Precision Bass. Player Precision Bass. Red Label.

Squier Affinity Jazz Bass. Squier Affinity Precision Bass. StingRay Special. StingRay5 Special. Tramontane Vintera '50s Precision Bass. Vintera '60s Jazz Bass. Vintera '70s Jazz Bass. Double cut. Jazz Bass. Precision Bass. Flying V. Les Paul. Single cut. Concert Bass.

Modern Bass. Club Bass. Violin Bass. According to Fender itself, this change happened in Around the same time, Fender began using ash for most of the instrument bodies. Prior to the early 70's, most Jazz basses had bodies made of alder , except for those that were finished in a clear or "natural" finish - for those basses, ash was nearly always the wood of choice.

In the early 70s, ash bodies became increasingly common, and by ash bodies were the rule, rather than the exception. Ash is generally thought to produce a somewhat brighter and correspondingly less warm tone than alder. By the mids, the combination of 4" pickup spacing and the use of heavier ash bodies with maple fingerboards combined to produce a notably brighter tone than that produced by Jazz basses from the 60s. American Standard Jazz Basses produced between and mid featured a larger body shape, a 'curved' neck plate set into a chambered pocket for greater sustain and a fret neck, similar to that of a Precision Bass Plus , with a standard vintage-style top-load bridge, two separate volumes and a master TBX tone circuit.

Unlike the Fender Precision Bass Plus , which had an optional maple neck, the Boner Jazz Bass was offered only with a rosewood fingerboard. The Jazz Plus debuted in the five-string model was released in , but was discontinued in and replaced by the USA Deluxe Series Jazz Bass the following year. A fourth push button control is available on American-made Jazz Basses produced between mid until Known as the "S-1 Switch", this feature allows the pickups to operate in standard, parallel wiring , or alternatively in series wiring when the switch is depressed.

While in series, both pickups function as a single unit with one volume control, giving the Jazz Bass a sound more similar to the Precision Bass. The two pickups are built to be opposite from each other in both magnetic polarity and electrical phase, so that when heard together, hum is cancelled—the humbucking effect. The Highway One Jazz Bass is a moderately priced American-made bass introduced in , featuring a Leo Quan BadAss II bridge with grooved saddles, Posiflex graphite neck support rods, s styling, and a Greasebucket tone circuit since In , the American Series models were replaced by a new American Standard line, which greatly differs from the first-generation American Standard Series basses introduced in The American Standard Jazz Bass retained the "American Series" rolled-edge neck with highly detailed nut and fret work, as well as the familiar rounded body shape with the vintage body radius, but deleted the S-1 switching system and incorporated a new high-mass vintage bridge, Hipshot lightweight vintage-style tuning machines, a richer and deeper neck tint, gloss maple or rosewood fingerboard and satin back for smooth playability.

It also has a thinner finish undercoat that lets the body breathe and improves resonance. This bass sports a selected alder body, finished in a Candy Apple Red nitrocellulose lacquer, and incorporates design elements from several periods in the instrument's history, including s-era lacquer finish, headstock logo, chrome bridge and pickup covers, s-era thumb rest and bridge pickup positioning, modern-era high-mass bridge and Posiflex graphite neck support rods.

The Jazz Bass has a bright sound, with more high end than the Precision Bass. This makes it ideal for slap playing as well as finger-style players. This bright sound is because of the two pickups at different points in the string's length. The bridge pickup gives a tone with more treble, while the neck pickup will yield a rounder sound.

The ability to blend the volume of both pickups allows for a wider variety of tones than the Precision Bass can produce. Pickups are RWRP reverse wound, reverse polarity from one another, so all hum will be canceled when both pickups are at full volume. Having both pickups cranked up at full volume produces the classic scooped, "growling" sound which many players—such as Marcus Miller and Will Lee —use for slap bass playing.

This sound is the product of certain frequencies from both pickups being out of phase and cancelling each other, leaving a "scoop" on the midrange. This is similar to what happens on some guitars when one blends the sounds from two different pickups, such as the Fender Stratocaster. Some "Deluxe" Jazz Bass models feature an active pre-amp usually with three bands of equalization in place of a single passive tone control; these basses have three separate equalizer controls: bass and treble responses are controlled by the base and top of a stacked double pot, while midrange is controlled by a second knob.

They came with 22 frets, abalone dot position inlays and an volt power supply on some models. The American Deluxe Jazz Bass available in four-string fretted and fretless, five-string fretted and left-hand versions featured two Samarium Cobalt Noiseless Jazz Bass pickups, designed by pickup designer Bill Lawrence. Fender used downsized bodies to accommodate the fret neck and reshaped the pickguard with nine screw holes.

American Deluxes produced between and were initially available with "single-pole" pickups designed by John Suhr. These were soon changed to the Bill Turner-designed dual-coil Ceramic Noiseless units with nickel-plated gold-plated on certain models polepieces until the advent of the Bill Lawrence -designed Samarium Cobalt series in The asymmetrical five-bolt neck plate, along with the smooth contoured heel allow much easier access to the upper registers.

Fender discontinued these models in The American Deluxe series was discontinued in The American Elite Jazz Bass, introduced in , sports a compound modern C-to-D neck shape, fourth-generation noiseless pickups, a "spoke-wheel" truss rod system for easier neck relief adjustments and a new asymmetrical neck heel.

It is offered with a compound radius ebony since or maple fingerboard, in 4 and 5-string versions. The Mexican Deluxe Active Jazz Bass combines many of the features of the American Deluxe models with a traditional Standard Jazz Bass body, vintage-style hardware, a contoured neck heel and a 12"-radius fret rosewood or maple fingerboard.

Features include an oversized select alder or premium ash body, a modern 34"-scale C-shape maple neck with an unbound rosewood, pau ferro or maple fingerboard featuring triangular pearloid block inlays and 21 medium-jumbo frets. Models manufactured prior to formerly known as American Classics were identical to the mids American Deluxe basses in appearance, excepting the fret bound maple neck featuring a rosewood fretboard and white block inlays.

Fender discontinued the five-string version in The Standard Jazz Bass model is sanded, painted and assembled in Ensenada, Baja California along with the other Standard Series guitars replaced by the Player models in On December 5, , the Standard J-Bass has given CBS era-style decals, a three-ply parchment pickguard and a tinted maple neck with rosewood or maple fingerboard also available in a fretless version with a rosewood fingerboard and 20 inlaid white fretline markers.

Other features included two staggered bi-pole single-coil pickups and a return to the black bakelite control knobs. Models produced before came for a period with black Stratocaster control knobs. The five-string version introduced in , available with pao ferro or rosewood fingerboard and a five-in-line tuner configuration with Gotoh Mini machineheads c. In Fender switched to pao ferro fingerboards before discontinuing the Standard series in All five-string Jazz basses came with pau ferro fretboard since some US Deluxe models were also available with a plain maple neck option.

Fender offers its 5-string basses with rosewood or maple fretboard as of after discontinuing the pau ferro fingerboard option in late In , Fender introduced the fretted and fretless Steve Bailey signature models, its first six-string Jazz Basses to feature a 9.

It was available in the Fender price list as part of the Deluxe Series line, with Cherry Sunburst discontinued as of and Tobacco Sunburst finishes over a quilted maple top and chrome-plated hardware. The 5-string version was introduced in In , Fender offered both the four- and five-string versions of the fret Jazz Bass in a stealthy Flat Black finish with matching headstocks and hardware. These two-octave Jazz Basses were gone from the Fender pricelist as of As of , the Jaguar Bass comes in Olympic White and three-colour Sunburst finishes, together with a four-ply brown tortoise shell pickguard.

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