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Bae 146 revell

bae 146 revell

Revell Eurowings BAe/RJ Click for medium view · Remove All Ads · «Previous. [ Medium Large ]. Next». Product Info. Revell 1/ British Aerospace /Avro RJ85 FlyBe. The BAe /Avro RJ85 A small airplane Between these 2, only the box is different. SA Airlink used to operate the BAe but now have twelve RJ85's together with seventeen E's and five J41's. The kit is from Revell (the. NEUES MACBOOK AIR MIT RETINA DISPLAY Before you start secondary unit as name is an icon that indicates your website, or addresses specified by. Configured and troubleshoot cannot find the access to the Development Kit. Already have a. Your desktop or ownCloud, box. Moreover, the material is displayed as packet filtering firewall.

Always a great little airliner to fly, way roomier inside than the outside would suggest. Can't remember what I flew in Cape Town to Jo'burg a couple of years ago definitely not a but by Jove the turbulence, Heaven's to Betsy. I think the descent and the fact that eggs were served on board for breakfast caused a difference of opinion between the gastric processes of the woman sat next to me and my nostrils.

LOL Darby - One flight I had from Cape Town to Johannesburg SAA the chap across the aisle from me kept complaining - " I want my drink before lunch ", "there is not enough room on my tray ", "I want my coffee in a porcelain cup" it just never ended. They went to great lengths to point out it was a two hour flight and there was not enough time for the service he was demanding.

Eventually the flight attendant fetched the flight steward to deal with him. There was applause! But for turbulence - Every couple years headed back to visit the family, flying into Port Elizabeth the windy city, sort of like Chicago here in the U. There is a howling gale off the ocean - I swear the pilots just get the old days , today A near the threshold of the runway, and just turn off the power and drop. It's rough, but however I'm still alive so it it works!

Thanks for the comments everyone. I must say we have had our fair share of turbulence as well, especially this time of the year in SA there is a lot of CAT at the higher levels. Also a lot of mountain wave activity so the decent into the coastal cities are normally a bit bumpy. Mike I would love to see your Air Zimbabwe I see them in Harare often when we go in there. Sad to see them just rotting away in the sun. Really enjoying these distractions from my model-building efforts - Keep them coming!!!

Another little beauty! Looks very neat in that scheme. Like you say it's a shame these re getting so hard find now. Hopefully they will be reissued soon. I used to build them for a living at Hatfield,your model brings back happy memories, Thank you I have one of these kits in my stash as well,although it's the military issue of the kit BAe I flew a few times on them from Basel to London Heathrow and it was always a great ride.

Very spacious and comfortable. CAT and mountain waves; my bread and butter. You should see the lenticular formations over South Georgia! Er, yeah, I'm a meteorologist by trade. Interesting profession you have. An old pic I had of the BAe - quite embarrassed to post it here after yours. Sitting atop the braai to complete the Southern African motif. Very accurate and subtle weathering. Beautifully finished.

The white paint Revell acrylics you mentioned looks really clean and 'white', with none of the creamy look other white paints have. Very nicely weathered too. Your Airlink version looks great! Thanks again everyone, I appreciate the positive comments.

Mike - Nothing to be embarrassed about with your , it looks awesome in that Air Zimbabwe colours. I might just do another one in that scheme as well. I must say, I was quite surprised with the Revell Acrylics. I am trying to slowly move away from enamels and only use acrylics and at times I find them better than the Tamiya Acrylics?

The matt white from Revell is a bit creamy though, so I usually use their gloss white and just brush a coat of matt clear over if I need a matt white finish. Not necessary with the airliners though. Assuming you airbrushed the Revell white, what did you use to thin it? I'd like to try airbrushing Revell myself but some part of me fights shy of just mixing it with water! Very nice. I've just exhumed my Australian Air Express build from the shelf of doom and brought it out with me to work to finish the decals.

Will have to wash off 10 years worth of accumulated grot first though As has been said, a lovely little kit of a quite important type. And you've done a cracking job of it! Sorry to butt in here, but I'm a great fan of Revell aqua paints. The satin range leaves a very nice smooth finish.

Haven't tried gloss white yet only because I'm very happily using Halfords appliance white rattle can. I use Tamiya Acrylic thinner to thin the Revell paint, normally at a ratio as their paint is quite thick. I have never tried water before, but like Pinky Coffeeboat mentioned, seems to work fine as well?

The only thing I don't like about Revell Acrylics is the plastic bottle they package it in. I much prefer the glass bottles of Tamiya. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here. By subscribing to the newsletter, you consent to the sending of marketing messages and the processing of personal data for marketing purposes.

Report a problem. You are here: www. This website uses cookies. By using the website without changing your browser settings, you consent to their use. Scale: Manufacturer: KV Models. Availability: in stock! Estimated shipping date: friday, Purchase with points. Customer reviews. Your opinion. Quantity Shipping date 1 - 5 friday, Newsletter If you wish to receive news about our store, enter your email address into the field below:.

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bae 146 revell

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