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Bella band

bella band

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- BELLA BAND - ( - 1978 - CRAMPS - 5205 601 - ) - FULL ALBUM bella band


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After a line-up change, and despite a good live activity, the band disappeared in the fertile florentine new wave scene of the late seventies. This one and only record by this band is an awesome gem within the Italian Fusion scene. Really a pity that these great musicians disapp… read more. The LP, released by Cramps in , included four long instrumental tracks in a typical jazz-rock style, with nice horn arrangements and good guitar, keyboards and… read more.

After a line-up change, and despite a good live activit… read more. Related Tags clarinete jazz-rock rock progressivo italiano Add tags View all tags. Similar To I Leoni. Buy Loading. More Love this track. Albums Sorted by: Most popular Most popular By release date. Play album Buy Loading. Similar Artists Play all. Trending Tracks 1. Play track. Love this track. More Love this track Set track as current obsession Get track Loading.

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Great sound as sax plays over top of the bass, drums and other sounds including piano. Nice bass before 3 minutes followed by some great guitar that goes on and on. A crazy keyboard solo follows. Excellent opener. It settles after 6 minutes with piano and atmosphere. Horns are back before 7 minutes,piano follows as it settles again. It kicks back in with horns before 10 minutes.

Horns start to dominate after 3 minutes. Love the bass and drumming though. This is incredible! The tempo and mood will continue to change on this one. An almost dead calm after 4 minutes before it kicks back in with some great electric piano. The short-lived Bella Band were from Florence and released but one album on the Cramps label in before they disappeared. It's a shame they split so quickly because this album is very good and it is reported that they had plenty of live activity as well.

Musically, Bella Band really snuck up on me in a hurry. Generally speaking I'm not the biggest fan of dryer fusion-I like a bit of colorful influx from other genres to spice it up a bit. Bella Band at first seemed pretty dry and doesn't deviate all that much from the task at hand no big operatic vocals or backwards cello loops busting through the door but within short order the pure joy of the obvious musical mastery was grabbing me.

Bella Band features only 4 extended pieces over this short album but they cover a wide range of colors, with monster musicianship all around. With my thus-far fairly limited jazz knowledge I might say they are close to Duello Madre in pacing and energy, but with a bit of the added color of Esagono in the flute and clarinet, and occasionally some of the funkiness of Nucleus in the sax and bass playing.

The use of horns is excellent and well integrated, alternatively classy or funky depending on the section. Guitarist Luigi Fiorentini is a jaw-dropping player and deserves to be on the list of great fusion guitarists. Yes he possesses the ability for rapid-fire notes but also there is a wonderful sense of control and melody that is never lost in a speed-fest.

It is almost a place for reflection that reloads the listener for the next frenzy. Very nice touch. Other than that excursion they remain mostly in the realm of clear jazz-rock, their badge being simply how beautifully they execute. It's just such an enjoyable listen from start to finish and that is not something to take lightly. Bella Band is the definition of "lost, underappreciated gem" of the s.

How this band has not received more love by prog-fusion fans is beyond my comprehension. It is imaginative, musical as the day is long, and beautifully paced and constructed. While perhaps not groundbreaking the Bella Band will be worth the time of any jazz-rock fan-a sure thing if there ever was.

Review by hdfisch Prog Reviewer. This Italian guys were playing a really awesome jazz fusion on their one and only album. Excellent musicianship with lots of brass and a fantastic guitar playing. All tracks on this unfortunately rather short album well it has still been in the vinyl era! There is not any weak one present. The album opens with Fairadiesis which is a quite up-tempo and bit funky song with awesome soprano sax, clarinet, keyboards and guitar playing.

Really hard for me to recall any band that sounded like this.

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- BELLA BAND - ( - 1978 - CRAMPS - 5205 601 - ) - FULL ALBUM

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