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Mercury x between worlds 2017

mercury x between worlds 2017

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Any rework you do is likely to turn out better than you anticipated. It may lead to bigger and better things after Mercury goes direct again. Finally, consider using this transit to reevaluate, reorganize and rethink. From the smallest task to the biggest career change, take this time to just slow down, think and catch your breath. Mercury Retrograde can be a gift. Let it help you refocus on what is important for you, your work and your life! Astrology has a way of teaching us lessons.

When Mercury goes through its backward phase, this planet is telling us to relax and recharge. Ever notice how if you try to go full speed ahead during a retrograde, you end up taking at least two steps back? Scale back, take a break, and rejuvenate. Consider it cosmic reunion time. You might even hook up with an old flame.

All of this can be a great deal of fun. Do you have old unfinished jobs around the house? Whether you need to go over some projects, revisit your finances or simply take a good look at your life, this is an excellent time to do so. Mercury Retrograde is a universal time-out. It will point to those situations and life areas that are stuck or need tweaking, similar to a frozen computer that needs to be rebooted. This is your chance to reboot personal issues so that you can operate faster and more efficiently—just like a supercomputer!

If you have Mercury Retrograde in your natal chart, have no fear. You were not born under a bad sign or treacherous transit. A lot depends upon the sign and placement of the retrograde, but generally speaking, you tend to think and communicate a little bit differently. With Mercury running backward in your chart, this means you are a careful communicator.

Chances are that people understand you just fine. The problem is you often want your words to be perfect. In reality, you have very high standards when it comes to expressing yourself. Make sure you take your time when conversing or writing. The key for you is to be authentic—and sometimes that takes time. There are many intelligent folks out there with Mercury Retrograde in their birth charts.

This is actually an indication of a deep thinker. This is because you are a non-linear thinker. You can absorb a great deal of information, but need to process it in your own way before reaching any conclusions. A likely pet peeve of yours is when people pressure you for an immediate answer. You need time to mull things over and formulate answers. But once you do, what comes out is often profoundly brilliant. Being born with Mercury Retrograde also means you must avoid superficiality, both in thought and expression.

You were born to discover and speak your truth. Anything less would be disappointing for you. So take your time, collect your thoughts and share your voice. The world is listening! Some people seem to be more affected by a Mercury retrograde period than others. My suggestion to you and all is that no matter what planetary influence you seem to be under, focus on doing your best.

We are down here to learn to rule our stars. In the long-run persistence is what makes for success. That said, if it looks like rain outside, do you take an umbrella, just in case? Retrograde Mercury from May 10, , forces you to reconsider some recently adopted decisions or attitudes. Mercury in seemingly retrograde motion will give rise to renunciations, revisions of opinion so that the discussions started a few weeks ago, which seemed to be heading towards a happy ending, will be delayed.

There is also a good part in this transit, which will last until the beginning of December: it will allow a deepening of the elements of legality presupposed by an agreement, a contract, an association, or even a marriage. The period between May 10 and June 2 could allow the withdrawal of promises, the abandonment of last-minute solutions for real reasons the need for approvals, consultations, obtaining opinions or subjective, the rethinking of people whose will depends on solving a money case salary, allowance, pension, scholarship, compensation, aid.

Mercury retrograde in Gemini will introduce, for three weeks, a necessary reluctance in sentimental attachments, especially in those that happened too suddenly; you will be given the opportunity to analyze yourself and your loved ones. Virgos will resume, for three weeks, a matter related to documents, official documents, or a contract of sale, purchase, rental. You will have to be more cautious, more circumspect, and more eager to correlate the actions you take with the legal framework that governs them.

In the next three weeks, you can submit your file to participate in selections, judgments, awards or you can sign up for different types of professional knowledge verification to obtain diplomas and certificates. Comets are the likeliest source of water on Earth, but not many are believed to have struck Mercury in the past.

Thanks to the cold temperatures in the shaded craters, the ice may have survived there for tens of millions of years. Unlikely to host life, with a parched, seemingly dead surface, Mercury has always been an underdog of Solar System exploration. These dents in the surface, or hollows, as the scientists call them, appear to be caused by the evaporation of material from inside Mercury.

That would mean that Mercury is still an active, living planet, and not a dead world like the Moon. It might be caused by the heat or by solar particles bombarding the surface of the planet. At least at first glance. The planet reflects only about two-thirds as much light as material collected from the Moon. There is also a possibility that what we see on the surface is graphite, which is very dark as well.

A graphite rich layer could have formed inside the planet as it was cooling down. Some of this material may have been brought to the surface during further evolution. Not too many planets have a magnetic field. Among the rocky planets of the inner Solar System, only Mercury and Earth have one.

Mars used to have a magnetic field in the past and lost it. Mercury appears too small to have one. Scientists wonder what sustains this magnetic field despite the odds stacked against it. Is that really the case? As Mercury orbits around the Sun and interacts with its gravity, we expect a bulge to form and change its size while moving around the Sun.

At its largest, this bulge, according to some estimates, can be up to 14 metres high. Following Mercury throughout its journey around the Sun, which takes the planet from as close as 46 million kilometres to as far as 70 million kilometres away from the Sun, BepiColombo will be able to makes precise measurements of the changes in the bulge.

The data will help scientists to better estimate the size of the inner liquid core. They will measure simultaneously how the magnetic field changes over time and in space, and attempt to explain how the close proximity of the Sun and interaction with the powerful solar wind affect the magnetic field.

You have already liked this page, you can only like it once! Where did Mercury form? Is there really water on Mercury?

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A Journey to Eternity

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