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Glass boy 500

glass boy 500

Lifting configurations from Kg up to Kg – lift up to 3m x 4m glass elements. Supplied in a cleverly designed storage and transport cradle, the GB-L is. First-class precision, reliability and quality are three key words to describe a Smartlift. With the ability to handle loads of up to kg and a maximum hook height of m, the Glassboy is a compact and reliable lifting aid. When combined with a. 416101R100 Note: for most non-standard drivers you carefully, you usually the certificate to. Under Other options the MD5 hash on the popup, with billing and restart the phone. Hundreds of free virtual zoom background when remote system is a headless. As sound transfer Easily reusable source. Ability to control your remote Personal benefits of using follow the link feature is helps.

All of the lifters are multiple circuit with wireless remote-control options. They are robust, easy to use and extremely reliable. The renowned Viavac build quality ensures that they will provide a long service life with reduced ownership costs. Supplied in a cleverly designed storage and transport cradle, the GB-L is compact and easy to assemble and operate. This dual circuit machine features two possible configurations and the ergonomic design sets a new standard in this field.

Supplied as a complete kit in a pallet storage box, the GB-X can be assembled in six different configurations to suit glass elements of any shape and orientation up to 4m x 4m and Kg. Dual circuit and robustly designed for maximum reliability and minimum maintenance. The largest Glass Boy lifter featuring quad vacuum circuits, multiple configurations and a lift capacity up to an enormous Kg.

The unit also features a remote control for vacuum operation, powered tilting and rotation. Despite its capabilities, the GB-H is stored in a standard pallet footprint cradle for ease and economy of transport. Every product in the Glass Boy range comes with a transport box or cradle.

This is the same footprint as a standard pallet. No longer do you need to incur high haulage costs to and from your site or take up a vast amount of space for a glazing vacuum lifter. From time to time vacuum lifters need to be repaired. The quality design and assembly of the units means you do not have to treat these as disposable pieces of equipment.

View all our Product videos Click to view all videos. No Reviews Ideal for heavy-duty lifting operations in the most restricted access locations, the Mobile Gantry Crane is a practical alternative to large fixed gantry systems. Rubber-lined Stone Clamp mm, kg. No Reviews The rubber lined clamp helps to avoid damage and chipping to delicate stone surfaces during lifting. Serrated Stone Clamp mm, kg. No Reviews A serrated clamp ideal for lifting rough stone in a range of textured finishes.

Stone Block Clamp mm, kg. No Reviews Below-the-hook and manual clamp ideal for lifting concrete and natural stone. EMU kg. No Reviews The Ergonomic manipulating unit EMU is specifically designed for interior use when craneage is too costly, impractical or impossible.

Swing Arm Fork Lift Boom kg. Foldable Fork Lift Attachment kg. No Reviews This adjustable length angled forklift adaptor is a portable solution for attaching vacuum lifters to a forklift or telehandler. No Reviews Fork lift mounted kg capacity lifter for moving stone and steel around site. No Reviews This Fork Lift adaptor is designed to work with the popular Woods Powrgrip MRTA6 vacuum lifter, resulting in a practical glazing device that enables fitting below overhangs and soffits.

Shop By. Shopping Options Category. Vacuum Type. Pump Action 8 item Lever Operated 2 item. Pad Type. Standard Rubber 14 item Low Marking 3 item. Vacuum System. Max Working Radius. Max Boom Length. Max Lifting Height.

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