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Cartilage earring types

cartilage earring types

Our cartilage earrings are designed to be worn in any helix piercing. Our three, new cartilage styles—Beaded, Solo Diamond, and Pavé—are all. 1. Lobe · The Conch is a cartilage piercing that goes through the back part of your ear. · Helix piercings are cartilage piercings that run along the curled edge. There are four common types of cartilage piercings: helix piercing, tragus piercing, orbital piercing, and conch piercing. Helix Piercing. Helix. ARIES GOLD NECKLACE The Windows 10 Mail app makes certain iron heads, our customers save as few marks services, and you good bending bar. Days so maybe these items to and functionality of you are now. I have already values are for the user, and that are not in with the. When a page Help Guide.

This depends on the type of cartilage piercing you get, your aftercare, and the piercer you work with. Healing times range person-to-person, but can typically take six months to a year for cartilage. For questions around healing, please refer to the care instructions provided to you when you get pierced, just to be safe. We will not be offering cartilage piercings, as these earrings are made for wear specifically with healed piercings only. Once your piercing is healed a. Like any of our 14k solid gold pieces , these earrings can be worn all day, everyday.

Use warm soap and water to give them a little scrub when needed to restore their shine. Each of these earrings are designed to mix and match with your daily stack, and elevate any look. Add easy texture with our Cartilage Beaded Mini Hoop. Prefer a bit of sparkle? Or, be the hoop queen with a full stack all the way up, capped with a diamond for good measure. Have questions about how to style these? Come visit us in-store or book a virtual shopping session.

Enable Accessibility. Order by these dates to get it by Valentine's Day. Stores Piercing Studio Virtual Shopping. Snug Piercing. The snug piercing is placed in the middle fold of the inner ear cartilage toward the rim of the ear. Placed neatly among the folds of your ear, the snug piercing certainly lives up to its name. Hardware : Because of location of the snug piercing, only small earrings like curved barbells or small hoops can be used for this piercing style.

Healing : The healing process for this procedure ranges from 2 - 4 weeks, but full healing can take up to one year. Find out more about snug piercings here. Daith Piercing. The daith piercing involves the perforation of the crus of the helix the flap of cartilage right above your ear canal using a curved needle so as not to puncture or damage the surrounding cartilage. A receiving tube may be used to assist in the procedure to ensure that the needle is caught on the other side. Hardware: More often than not, jewelry such as captive bead rings or seamless rings are used.

Clickers rings are also an excellent choice for daith piercing jewelry for their ease of use. Placement : The daith will only be placed in the fold of cartilage directly above the ear canal. Learn more about daith piercings here. An anti-tragus piercing sits opposite the tragus piercing and fits similar types of jewelry.

Hardware : Small gauge studs, barbells, and captive bead rings are the ideal types of jewelry used for the anti-tragus piercing. Placement : Placed within the portion of cartilage opposite the ear canal, the anti-tragus proves to be a unique alternative to the tragus piercing for those who want something a little more unique or have a tragus that's too small for piercing. Healing : Anti-tragus piercings can take anywhere from 6 to 12 months to heal, depending on care.

Find out more about anti tragus piercings here. Undeniably the most common area to be pierced, the lobe is considered both the largest and softest part of the ear. Due its size, the lobe is capable of accommodating as many as three or four piercings. Hardware : Lobe piercings are usually done with a very small gauge. You can choose earring studs, hoops, dangles, or open hoop dangles.

The best type of jewelry for your ear piercing are gold earrings , as many people with metal allergies can tolerate nickel-free 14k gold in their piercings. Placement: The size and space of the lobe allows for a multitude of placement options. It's up to your preference. Healing : With the most soft-tissue found anywhere on the ear, the earlobe also takes the least amount of time approximately 1 to 2 months to heal.

Know more about lobe piercings here. Conch Piercing. The conch piercing has two types: the inner conch piercing and the outer conch piercing. The inner conch is located lower in the ear, while the outer conch is located closer to the helix. Hardware : A variety of jewelry can be worn here including barbells, large diameter CBRs or other hoops, and studs. Placement - The conch refers to the cartilage at the center of the ear.

The inner conch piercing is the cup-shaped portion adjacent to the ear canal, while the outer conch is the flat cartilage portion below the helix. When piercing either conch, a 14G barbell is recommended, but a 16G would still yield a healthy piercing. Healing: The healing period can be extensive at up to 12 to 18 months for full healing. More details about conch piercings here.

Rook Piercing. Widely considered one of the more painful piercings, the rook piercing is a relatively difficult procedure. Hardware : Piercers will often use a 14G or 16G needle with a CBR or curved barbell as starter jewelry for the rook piercing, though once your piercing is healed, there are tons of great gold jewelry options for rook piercings. Placement : The rook is located in the anti-helix of the ear. The exact placement will probably depend upon your ear's anatomy and whether the piercer can properly reach the area for a clean , healthy piercing.

Healing: Like other cartilage piercings, the rook piercing could take around 12 - 18 months to fully heal. More details for rook piercings here. Transverse Lobe. Consisting of a horizontal piercing of the earlobe, the transverse lobe piercing is truly one of the more unusual piercing styles.

Hardware : Curved or straight barbells and captive bead rings are ideal for this type of piercing. The type of jewelry you can use will depend upon the anatomy of your ear; curved barbells are best for attached earlobes while detached lobes prefer straight barbells. Placement : A horizontal transverse lobe piercing travels from the edge of the lobe closest to the cheek to the middle-edge of the earlobe.

With an attached earlobe, the piercing is placed a little lower. Other variations of the transverse lobe include the vertical and diagonal lobe piercings. Healing : On average, the healing process for transverse lobe piercings can take anywhere from 2 to 10 months. Forward Helix. A variation of the helix piercing, the forward helix piercing is when the portion of the upper ear cartilage closest to the head is pierced. In most instances, a piercer will puncture the ear using a free-hand method when creating a forward helix piercing.

It's also quite common to pierce the forward helix multiple times for a double- or triple-forward helix. Hardware: The most common body jewelry types for the forward helix piercing are CBRs, seamless hoops, or small helix studs with flat disc backing. The standard hole size is typically 18G. Placement : The forward helix consists of any piercing between the apex of the helix and where the helix joins the head. Healing : Depending on individual aftercare practices, forward helix piercings may take anywhere from 6 months to a year to heal.

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The use of earhole pillows can also work best for you. You can look for earring pillows that are designed to let you provide the sleeping experience even if you are wearing earrings during sleep. Horseshow pillow type is the best example to pick right now. Usage of different types of ear backs can also bring a strong effect on your sleeping cycle with earrings.

Screw back earrings are available too which are in screw-in shape having a sharp pointed end in a rounded shape. They are having a flat back that lies all against the ear and screws itself into your earring by securing it. The majority of the cartilage piercing is hence pierced all through the captive or straight barbell which are made out of 14k gold, 18k gold, or high-quality titanium. The set of standard sizes for the cartilage piercing is around 16 gauge 16G , but most of the time 18G is used as well.

Cartilage piercings are a little difficult because they will take a long time period to get heal down and you might have to take your jewelry out. There is no need to have to take out in the starting 10 weeks. Once it gets healed, you can switch it off. Cartilage is basically a sort of connective tissue that is meant to be used for the upper section of the ears. It might be tough for the skin but it is softer than the bone and is enough thicker for the earlobes.

This makes it completely different from the regular ear piercing. Cartilage earrings are known to be very much different as compared to regular earrings in so many ways. They will somehow be thinner as in view with the smaller gauge bar which will be used for the cartilage piercing. Plus the wearable length of the barbell which has been going all through the cartilage has been shorter as compared to the regular earrings. You should not be removing your new earrings at night time.

The duration which is required for the healing process is almost 6 weeks. You should not be moving it in any direction until and unless your ear is not completely healed, Here let me also share with you one video from yourtube.

If you are not wearing earrings, then it is very obvious that the new piercing will get closed very soon. This whole process will take just a few hours. If in case you remove your new earrings overnight, putting them back can be painful for you.

Wearing the earrings at the time of sleep will make you feel so much uncomfortable. You can look for the 13 huggie hoop earrings which are best to wear while you are sleeping in. For you, that normally means that one less thing to do before you simply hit the sack. Hence huggie hoops are earrings that completely hug the earlobe.

The 20mm diameter somehow makes it possible to sleep in. Yes, you are allowed to sleep while having your hoop earrings but this can be little dangerous for the ear health and your hoops. After 6 months as your piercing gets healed, you can plan to wear hoop earrings and dangling. Yes, you can! On the basis of your comfort level and design, you can choose to wear threader earrings at any occasions or throughout the whole night.

No, you should never sleep in sterling silver earrings because they can damage your ear lobe piercing and will make it feel irritated and redness. So this is the end of the discussion about which top best cartilage earrings are best to sleep in. Look for the ideal piece of earrings right now and make sure you do feel comfortable while you are asleep with them. We have already mentioned the best earring designs for you, so without wasting any time pick the remarkable one for yourself right now.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Spread the love. Check Price. Table of Contents. The shape of the unicorn over this earring is making you show the sign of rarity and fantasy.

This makes it look unique and so much different to wear for casual days. The whole body of the earring has been made from the Rose Gold Plated sterling silver and is fully decorated with the Opal that can highlight the overall charm of sterling silver. It is recommended for girls who are fond of pursuing fashion and style stigma. You can also gift it to someone as a present. Plus they are also included with the finishing of the handmade high-quality of the Cubic Zirconia.

This is the 3 Pairs sterling silver earrings that are available with the jewelry pouch. Such silver earrings are available within various forms of colored stones as well as sizes for actually meeting your different needs. This is often added up with the 3mm natural amethyst gemstone stud earrings best for the little girls. These are the stylish petite simulated diamond huggies that are perfect for everyday wear.

They are very tiny and yet versatile to wear with any of the earrings in the same ear. These gorgeous gold earrings are all in all perfect for any occasion. These are the 12mm inner diameter small hoops which are featuring 9 small CZ stones each earring and are set on a 3mm pave band. They are a perfect gift to present to someone on the anniversary or birthday. This earring is available as a 1 pair of gold chunky crossover x ear cuff earrings available in a wonderful small box.

The ear cuff is hence opened perfect for 3. It is available in the 14k-gold-plated-brass within a shiny lifetime protective finishing. It is Nickel-free, lead-free and hypoallergenic. Final Verdict If you are looking for a minimalist earring set, then choosing this earring piece is the best option for you.

These stylish sterling silver cartilage earrings are made out of 14K solid white gold which has been guaranteed to bring extra authentic outlook to the jewelry. You can easily wear this best cartilage earrings for sensitive ears as they are secure and extra comfortable to wear. These earrings are all styled up into the 14k yellow gold with a high polished finish. These earrings are yet fastened with the durable click-top closure for a much easy ad comfortable wear.

Diameter is 0. It is also adjusted with the 5mm wide across the width of the hoop which is best if you are looking for a larger size of huggie hoop. It is available in different larger sizes including 8mm. Its material finishing is 14k gold and not gold-plated. The diameter Outside is 1 inch and the thickness of the earrings is 2mm. There are a number of other factors of infected cartilage piercings The cartilage belonging to the ear is thicker than the skin on the neck or the forehead.

The ear is usually pierced by a sterilized needle so as to refrain from any act that may cause infection. Certain ornaments help in the process of piercing like the bead rings which being large allow better absorption of air facilitating the process of healing. However doctors prefer the use of stainless jewellery such as those made of gold, platinum, diamond and titanium and do not encourage the use of artificial earrings.

On the basis of the type of jewellery one would like to carry on the ear and the nose, ear piercing may be divided into a number of types. Some of the types of ear cartilage piercing are mentioned as the following There are many ways of getting cartilage pierced as mentioned above but there are also some procedures to follow in order to ensure proper cartilage piercings.

Some of those suggested by doctors are as follows Picture 2 — Cartilage Piercing Gun Source : drpaulose. Getting your cartilage pierced necessitates the careful maintenance of personal hygiene and the proper sterilization of tools, jewelery and equipments in order to avoid any chance of cartilage infections. You should also be careful while choosing the tools and equipments as poor quality stuff may harm the cartilage and cause infections. Along the same lines, the process of cleaning cartilage piercing and its after care must also be followed sincerely.

Picture 3 — Cartilage Piercing Infection Source — girlishh. All these may expose the pierced area to bacterial infections whose symptoms include the discharge of a yellowish fluid from the pierced area, cartilage irritation, a burning sensation accompanied with pain in the area, reddening of the pierced area or cartilage piercing swelling. However, there are ways to fight against cartilage infections by applying a solution of warm water and non-iodized salt on the infected area for times a day.

While applying the same you may also rub ice-cubes on the ear in a gentle manner. Another way of dealing with cartilage infections is to apply a cotton ball soaked in a solution of sea-salt or Epsom salt for five minutes twice daily. But you should be careful to observe that the infection does not take a serious turn in which case one needs to consult a physician without delay. The inexperienced piercing of the cartilage may cause harm to the tissues which may lead to the formation of scars in and around the pierced area.

This facilitates the formation of a bump or a ridge over the pierced area which may bleed at times. For the cure of an infection caused to that extent you need to consult your physician who shall be able to offer the best treatment for the same. In order to avoid such infections you need to ensure proper piercing and after care measures of cartilage piercing.

Usually a cartilage piercing infection takes months to heal but it may vary on the basis of the kind of cartilage piercing that you undergo, the extent of cartilage piercing as well as the area getting pierced. Here is a list of measures that you need to follow for the fast and complete healing of the cartilage piercing infection and scarring It is necessary for all to be patient enough to bear the pain and duration of the healing process as the slightest mistake may aggravate the duration and the extent of suffering.

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