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Lenovo thinkpad l412 i5

lenovo thinkpad l412 i5

Lenovo ThinkPad L is a Windows 7 laptop that has a resolution of x pixels. It is powered by a Core i5 processor and it comes with. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Lenovo ThinkPad L Intel I5 ghz 4gb RAM gb HDD " Win 7 Pro DVD at the best online. GHz Intel Core iM · 2GB (1x2GB) RAM · GB rpm Hard Drive · DVD Burner. CHAIRS IN WALMART To get it closing a purchase it doesn't mention external extraordinary graphics. Full-Screen mode lets the file to a location of the entire screen. Viewer for Windows: is the fastest the archive.

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The typical hook on the front edge which keeps the display closed during transport has been disregarded on the L-series models. The extent and positioning of each interface on the L belies its heritage, as the same ports are to be found in the same places on the L The included ports leave little to be desired; among others Displayport, eSATA and a docking interface are on offer. With respect to the positioning, the L draws some criticism, as left-handed users are faced with numerous ports on the front left edge which are only able to be accessed through the appropriate docking attachment.

The same goes for the right side where the two USB ports are positioned to interfere with right-handed users. It doesn't help any that all of the ports are not flush-mounted with the upper edge of the device, rather positioned inward. This makes it difficult to plug in the devices correctly the first time, forcing one to look first.

Also, wider devices such as some USB sticks will not fit into the side ports, whereupon one would have to resort to the powered USB port on the rear. The data sheet from Lenovo reads the same specs for the L as it does for the L, apart from individual equipment having to do with mobile broadband internet or WiMax , which currently is only available in the United States.

The model for the European market features a gigabit Eithernet connection from Realtek as well as an Integrated bluetooth is also on board as standard. Worth mentioning is also the integrated 2 megapixel webcam, which offers a resolution up to x pixels. We found the comprehensive configuration options in the Thinkvantage menu very helpful; in this menu, exposure, white balance and color profile of the picture were able to be fine-tuned.

The displayed picture is clear throughout and should provide excellent quality for video conferences. As was the case with L, there was little extra in the carton other than the notebook, battery, AC adapter, power cable and a short instruction manual. Extra hardware appropriate for the given model is available only at extra cost, though buyers should be sure to check compatibility as Lenovo has outfitted the current Thinkpad generation with many features and extras that are not compatible across the entire model range.

The warranty for the L-series specifies a month bring-in service, which is to say that the user must send in the notebook for service when necessary. An warranty upgrade is possible including up to three years of on-site service, the cost of which is around Euro. In comparison to the higher-class Thinkpad range, this is a cost-effective option.

One can collaborate directly with our test of the Thinkpad L that this model uses an identical keyboard model. The differing sizes of the two models is remedied by having a varying amount of space to the left and right of the keyboard. In short it can be said that Lenovo has integrated a typical Thinkpad keyboard into the L This observation covers not only the layout but the extent of the input devices Touchpad and Trackpoint as well as the haptics associated with their use.

Although the x resolution of the Thinkpad L remains the same as its L sibling, the detail of this resolution fits the inch display size better than its colleague. A point of criticism for Office-users could be the format display, resulting in a wider picture while sacrificing image height, which would be an advantage in many Office-applications.

Utilizing a matte display finish, Lenovo has put a stop to the glossy experimenting and once again implemented an optically pleasing and ergonomic surface. The measurements of the available display LTNAT are through and through better than those of its larger L sibling. Weaknesses here are the picture contrast of the incher: with a black value of 1. For Office-users, this is certainly suitable, but one should not expect brilliant colors in pictures and videos.

The Thinkpad L fares well when it comes to outdoor operation. One can achieve a satisfying outcome in either shadowy or sunny conditions. The display brightness is a bit low for a completely trouble-free experience but overall it allows one to work during a train commute without large drawbacks.

Among the available viewing angles, the stability along the horizontal axis is acceptable. Viewers to the left and right of the user should also be able to recognize the display contents without difficulties. Problematic here is the vertical viewing angle, where slight deviations from the ideal angle are enough to lead to changes in how the picture is viewed. Lenovo's logic surrounding the components in the two L-series machines seems clear: that which is suitable for a incher must also be adequate for a mobile inch model.

This is, in fact, just the case as the L seems to be an identical copy of its L sibling. Hence, users will have to make do with the stock 2. An advantage here could be, depending on the application, the included hyperthreading technology which is able to process up to 4 threads simultaneously. This is a big boost for applications optimized for multi-core use, which is comparable to the "old" Penryn-cores. With a score of points in the PCMark Vantage benchmark test the Thinkpad L scores, unsurprisingly, very close to the same score as the previously-tested L In the immediate area here one finds a diverse selection of multimedia-notebooks.

With points the Fujitsu Lifebook S just trails the L despite having a stronger iM processor. A deciding factor for the Ts is, among others, its built-in SSD which increases both performance and the price tag in similar fashion. The results of the Cinebench Tests R10, R11 in the bit variant lie in the lowest third of the expected values on comparable hardware. Especially striking is the comparably low value in the Cinebench Single Core Rendering Test points , which the L shares with the L For this reason, we looked at the CPU in the benchmark test a bit more critically.

Here, we realize that during the Single Core Rendering Test the chip practically never achieves its maximum performance of 2. The problem does not lie with temperature, as the CPU stays at a stable level of under 50 degrees Celsius both before and after the benchmarks.

It leaves one with the conclusion that there must be something known set to brake the system in this manner, which makes sense in the context of this test among the others in the benchmark suite. The on-duty GB hard drive from Hitachi, with an average transfer speed of Notable here is the access time of 23 milliseconds, a comparably high value.

An exchange of the hard drive as well as an upgrade to the installed RAM is both possible and easy via the hatch on the underside of the base unit. Also a consideration would be the use of an SSD though this would have to be purchased and installed separately by the user. Taken on the whole, the Lenovo Thinkpad L would be described as a pleasant and quiet office colleague.

When working on light tasks, such as editing text, internet surfing or email the notebook remains virtually silent. Every so often the cooling fan starts up for a short time to the tune of It would have been better to see a finer degree of fan control built in, for instance a fan that starts up earlier at lower speeds and then ramps up for a short time when necessary. This would be ideal, as the current setup prolongs turning the fan on until absolutely necessary, resulting in a higher fan speed and more noise.

Altogether this depends on the individual habits of each user and how much they tax the system's resources. Under load during a stress test the cooling fan runs at a constant Practically speaking, a similar situation would be best provoked when replaying HD video content. We observed that the temperature of the inner components consistently remained at acceptable levels and it comes as no surprise that the surface of the case remained cool as well.

During normal operation the unit warms up to The underside, achieving 37 degrees Celsius, also stays cool. In a stress test the maximum surface temperature reaches The underside remains cooler when under stress than when at idle, no doubt due to the work of the active cooling fan turning on. The loudspeakers of the Thinkpad L can be found inside of a perforated strip on the edge of the display.

The maximum volume as well as the sound are acceptable for a compact Office notebook, though the sound is weak when it comes to the bass. The audio replay on the L profits from the positioning of the speakers directly in front of the user and the fact that they are not able to be covered by the positioning of the hands nor use on a soft surface.

Same hardware, same battery 57Wh lithium-ion , same battery life? Not quite, as the display tips the scales a bit when it comes to energy consumption. The minimally observed usage of 8. Other observed values also fit well into this overall picture. Do you own this product and just want to expand your work from home or office setup?

Check out our accessories page that features docks, hubs, monitors and more. All the bells and whistles you want to be even more productive. And yes, your Lenovo computer continues to be supported, so if you a have a question or need a part—no problem. Contact our support team. They are happy to help. It all comes down to this.

Thinkpad L This product is no longer available for purchase on lenovo.

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