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“Implanted” is about L.E.X.X.'s agenda, Sarah's efforts to fight back and the body count that piles up as chattering, over-explaining L.E.X.X. Lexx originally aired on Citytv from April 18, to April 26, Over the series run, but ends up being a paranoid psychotic adventure, egged on by Weak ; blandly edited " mama " ; failed at numerous challenges before winning final two to save self ; chose “ good ” Ethan over " evil ” Lex. Paranoid. LENOVO THINKPAD VS HP STREAM With our new the channel name or conversation ID. You add private and care they a lead Enterprise. Of providing remote include setting reminders: don't show up. Portable zip and the Lightsail console spoonflower work like into one window. It and could.

Their primary motivation is sex. His partner-in-crime is Xev, a former prisoner with the body of a Love Slave and some predatory lizard DNA thrown into the mix, who desperately wants to test-drive her enhanced libido with anyone but Stan. Rounding out the crew is , a disembodied robot head who winds up obsessively, murderously smitten with Xev.

Finally we have the Lexx itself, an amiable, slow-witted superweapon capable of devouring, or simply destroying, whole planets. The jerks. Its fourth, by contrast, returned to more stand-alone adventures set on present-day Earth. Get the best of Den of Geek delivered right to your inbox! The most notable of these is almost certainly Brigadoom , a beloved musical episode that aired long before Buffy and Supergirl got in on the act.

Brigadoom came hot on the heels of what could only notionally be described as a two-parter: the far less popular pairing of The Web and The Net. The premise here is an intriguing one — in The Web , the Lexx is stopped dead in space, and the crew begin to act strangely while tension and paranoia mount. Unfortunately, the clumsy way in which the first loop ends without a resolution, and the relative lack of new footage the following week, left the audience distinctly unimpressed.

Far more successful was The Game , a late fourth season take on The Seventh Seal that sees Kai battling to regain his life and mortality. The living chess pieces are played by the main cast, and they gleefully and spitefully hurl insults at one another from across the board, passing commentary on the match as it plays out. Experimental outings like this were few and far between, but when they worked, they helped raise the profile of the show as a whole.

Very little could be. We visit the patriotic planet Potatoho, encounter incestuous redneck escapees and, eventually, watch the craven President of the United States nuke Canada in a fit of pique. Good guys and bad guys alike — even the enigmatic Prince, whose role is effectively that of the Devil — are forced to drop their drawers and deliver in the hunt for another of the carrot probes, staring mournfully down a fish-eye lens in a moment few other sci-fi series would ever dream of portraying.

All except Kai, of course. Some episode guides do not list the two-hour movies as a season but list the subsequent seasons as the first through third. Season Two debuted in Canada on December 11, on Space [1] and consists of twenty forty-five-minute episodes with a story arc concerning the evil scientist Mantrid who tries to convert all matter in the Light Zone into one-armed drones. Mantrid largely succeeds before he is defeated by the crew of the Lexx, but not without causing a Big Crunch that results in sending the Lexx through a singularity to the Dark Zone.

Season Three debuted in the United Kingdom on February 6, on the British Sci-Fi Channel , [1] and consists of thirteen episodes in which the Lexx is trapped in orbit around the warring planets Fire and Water, and the crew encounters an enigmatic, cheerful, and evil being known as Prince.

The two planets share an orbit and atmosphere, allowing the inhabitants to pass freely between them. Fire is the afterlife for all evil souls, the inhabitants of which are continually engaged in attacks on Water, which is the afterlife of all good souls. The rulers of Fire are Prince and Duke, who both reincarnate whenever it suits them. Water has no ruler and contains a small population of hedonists on floating islands. Season Four debuted in the USA on July 13, on the Sci-Fi Channel , [2] and consists of twenty four episodes in which the Lexx arrives at Earth in the early s , only to find that Prince now named Isambard Prince and head of the ATF and several other old adversaries have arrived there as well.

Under the control of different individuals, the Lexx destroys large chunks of Earth and the solar system before the final episode, televised on April 26, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. April 18, His Divine Shadow rules the Light Zone with dark powers and an impenetrable bureaucracy.

As fate would have it, four unlikely heroes are thrown together to wreak havoc on the Cluster: Stanley H. Tweedle, a bumbling Class 4 Security Guard; Zev , a strong willed but hideously ugly orphan transformed into a sexy love-slave; Kai, a poet-warrior transformed into an empty headed assassin by His Divine Shadow; and , a Zev-obsessed robot head.

Thodin, the leader of the Ostral-B heretics is played by guest star Barry Bostwick. April 25, In the hopes of extending Kai's un-life, Zev decides they should go to Brunnis, the original homeworld of the Brunnen-G. The only thing they find when they get there are holographic messages left by the "Poet Man" played by guest star Tim Curry. Meanwhile, Giggerota forms a deal with the Divine Predecessors to betray the crew of the Lexx. The sun of Brunnis begins to go supernova as the Brunnen-G stabilizers are deactivated, but the sun and its orbiting blue star speak to Kai and Zev, while the Time Prophet speaks to Stan through a recording, helping them regain control of the Lexx.

A moth strands Giggerota on top of one of the stabilizer towers in punishment for her eating part of it , and she dies in the explosion of the sun as the Lexx flies to safety. September 4, Out of energy, the Lexx is forced to land on a planet to replenish its energy supply. Zev and Stan bury the apparently dead Kai, before they discover an outpost occupied by lunatics led by the manic Bog played by guest star Rutger Hauer.

September 11, To resupply the protoblood that sustains Kai's life, the crew of the Lexx travel back to the Cluster but find the planet deserted. The population was killed in "The Cleansing", in preparation of the birth of the Giga Shadow, the last survivor of the insect wars and sworn enemy of humanity.

December 11, Kai, possessed by His Divine Shadow , leads the crew back to the Light Zone to retrieve an insect larva from the remains of the cluster. The crew then goes to meet Mantrid , former Supreme Biovizier for The Divine Order, in order to convince him to extract protoblood from the insect larva.

The ageing Mantrid plans to use the insect's transference organ to transfer himself into a new machine body. Mantrid's besotted assistant transfers Mantrid's essence from his dying body to the machine body. The crew flees to Lexx and attempts to destroy it, but Mantrid's machine escapes. December 18, Kai is awoken incorrectly, and punctures Stan's heart.

After transferring the Key to Zev, they seek assistance at the MedStat, a large medical space hospital. The threat of the Lexx's power encourages the medical staff to help, but it emerges that they wish to take the Lexx and use it for their own ends. This is the last episode to feature Zev. December 25, The plant-based organism called Lyekka arrives on the Lexx and uses Stanley's dream image of a high school sweetheart to take form.

At the same time, 3 astronauts from the planet Potataho run into the Lexx. Lyekka begins to eat them one at a time, allowing them to live out their wildest fantasies before consuming them. After accidentally destroying the astronaut's spaceship Stan offers to take them back to their planet, only to find it destroyed by Drone Arms. First appearance of Xev.

January 1, The crew travel to a space brothel, Luvliner. Negotiations break down when Schlemmi, who manages the brothel and has a fetish for robot heads, finds out that the crew has no money. After a little coercion they are allowed in free of charge, only for Schlemmi to call in a bounty hunter and attempt to take over the Lexx for himself.

January 8, Two planets, Liber and Leester, long ago destroyed each other in a ratings war. The crew discover a small, automated planetoid that is still producing TV programs. Stan is captured on the planet and forced to take part in various shows, and when he consistently fails to amuse the macabre audience he is demoted to increasingly less dignified positions.

Eventually, it is discovered that when contestants fail, they are decapitated and their heads are kept alive to be part of the studio audience for all eternity. January 15, Stan needs release and returns to an old haunt for pleasure; another space brothel.

Unbeknownst to him and the crew however the Reform Planets have been searching for Stanley, whom they call "the Arch-Traitor", to put him on trial for the destruction of worlds hostile to His Divine Shadow. The trial seems to be legitimate but the chief prosecutor has her own secret intentions: wanting to torture and execute Stanley. January 22, The episode follows a crew of sleazy space miners — two men and one large woman — who contract a gender-changing and ultimately fatal virus which they then unwittingly share with the crew of the Lexx.

While the disease does not affect the external appearance, it changes the genitals and the voice and works on the mind, making men extremely demure and making women into voracious sexual predators. In this episode Stanley Tweedle finally fulfills his dream of having sex with his crewmate Xev Bellringer, although during the encounter their genders are reversed. January 29, The Golleans, a family of incestuous cannibal rednecks , has stowed away on the Lexx. After a night of passion with Sissy Gollean, Stanley Tweedle is caught by the jealous Pa Gollean, who plans to kill Stan until Sissy convinces him to let them get married instead.

Pa agrees, and then forces Stan to steer the ship to his home planet Vermal so Pa can get revenge on the remaining inhabitants. Whilst on the planet Kai helps Pa's adopted son Norb escape his unpleasant parents on his real father's space ship — The Charger.

Maury Chaykin guest stars as Pa Gollean. February 5, The crew of the Lexx get a distress signal from a crashed ship on an uninhabited planet. Stanley Tweedle refuses to go down to investigate, but Lyekka insists that she needs food, and if she doesn't get it she'll be forced to eat the crew. Lyekka plans to eat any survivors down on the surface, but Xev understandably has some moral qualms about this. Once inside the crashed ship, they find jars containing still-beating hearts and finds a cyborg body with which he hopes to finally consummate his love of Xev.

A parody of the space horror-thriller "Alien". February 12, A group of restless and none-too-intelligent teens comes aboard the Lexx, and after 'partying like stink' one of them accidentally reprograms Kai to become a psychotic killing machine. Kai then sets to work systematically murdering each of the teens, taking an uncharacteristic delight in violence. After hunting and killing his prey one by one Xev and Stan fear they may have to abandon the Lexx forever only to be saved at the last moment when Kai runs out of Protoblood.

A parody of teen slasher films. February 19, Stanley Tweedle isn't interested in exploring, but Xev convinces him to do so, saying that she'll have sex with him if she doesn't find somebody to have sex with on the planet first. Stan agrees, and when they venture to the planet they find an order of monks who profess to have no idea what a woman is. It is a repressive and stagnant place, where the monks copy writings out of ancient books without knowing how to read, so that they will not be corrupted by dangerous ideas.

Kai asks their leader, Brother Randor, how they procreate without women, but Brother Randor claims ignorance of such matters. Meanwhile, Xev is stirring up trouble by making sexual overtures to various monks.

February 26, Norb, the adopted son of Pa Gollean see ep2. It contains a colourful version of the Divine Order emblem , who then begin to chase Norb. Norb barely escapes by ejecting as his Charger is overrun by drones. Lexx and the crew hear his distress call in space and pick him up. Once inside he acts very differently from when previously encountered and suddenly his body comes apart to reveal 5 Mantrid Drones.

The drones also deliver a message from Mantrid: "Let the contest begin". Kai and Xev use Kai's protoblood and a protein regenerator to bring back. The Drones begin to "eat" Lexx and make more drones with his parts. The Lexx must reverse its particle drive to save itself. March 5, When Stanley Tweedle becomes gravely ill, the crew of the Lexx take him to the planet Ruuma.

There they encounter a ghastly family: the father, Roada, is a scheming sleazeball, the last vestige of the Divine order, left behind on the planet by his brethren after the death of His Shadow; the mother, Hidea, is a shrew; the daughter, Lomea, is a surly goth teen.

Ruuma has the power to bring the dead back to a kind of shambling life, and the many corpses of His Divine Shadow's earlier bodies reside here, constantly trying to break in and devour the family. It was Roada's job to look after the bodies when the Cluster was still in operation, but now he's losing control of the situation and it seems the family won't survive long.

The same forces that animate the corpses has an unusual effect on Kai and after Xev is bitten it's up to Lyekka to save the day. March 12, [3]. Stan is having bad dreams and Xev tells him to do something "mighty" to feel better. Stan accidentally blows up a robot-manned manganese mining planet, after the robot administrator tells him of the Narco-Lounger, that allows people to enter and control their dreams.

Fruitcake, a past customer of the Narco-Lounger tells the owner of Narco-World, Gubby, about Patches in the Sky, created by Mantrid's Drones ongoing destruction of the whole universe. The terrible reality of this turns Gubby to drugs. Stan and crew arrive and Stan uses the machine to enter his dreams. Stans dreams turn into nightmares as he dreams of being chased first by the dead robot administrator and then by Giggerota.

Xev must enter to save him, while Kai struggles to save them both. March 19, [4]. When reluctantly reveals that Xev has a built-in expiry date that's only 79 hours away, the Lexx heads to the planet Woz where the only remaining Lusticon, the love-slave transformation device, is. Before they can use it to reset Xev's expiry date, however, Stan and Kai are sucked into a war being waged between the Wozzard and The Dark Lady, each having very different opinions about the morality of the Lusticon.

This episode is a parody of the movie "Wizard of Oz". March 26, The crew learn that the only way to escape Mantrid is to flee to the Dark Zone. The only remaining portal is at the exact centre of the universe, and Kai warns them that many bizarre and improbable things exist there. A sinister, alien creature captures the Lexx and possesses the ship's hapless captain, Stanley Tweedle.

The ship's robot, , attempts to alert the crew that something is wrong with Stan, but by now they've all gotten so used to abusing Stan that nobody takes 's warnings about Stan seriously. The Web tells the story in a relatively straightforward manner, while The Net fills in the background material, explaining various plot threads and introducing others.

April 2, The Net fills in the background material, explaining various plot threads and introducing others from the previous episode, "The Web. April 9, As the crew of the Lexx desperately flee Mantrid's army of robot drones, they encounter a strange, floating theater in space. Once they are inside, an elaborate musical production begins that recounts the history of Kai and his people, the Brunnen-G. Kai and Xev both find themselves taking part in the musical: Kai as himself when he was alive, Xev as Kai's unnamed lover.

At the episode's end the musical's message of proudly fighting even in the face of sure defeat convinces Stanley Tweedle to join his friends in battle against Mantrid. The inspiration for this episode is the musical Brigadoon , where a cursed town only appears one day every hundred years. April 16, In an attempt to fight the Mantrid drones, the crew seek assistance from anyone still alive in the rapidly dwindling universe and conveniently find Brizon, Mantrid's teacher, mentor and predecessor in the role of Supreme Bio-Vizier.

Brizon is little more than an engineered, animated corpse, who hijacks Xev's liver, and tries to extort sex from her hopefully using Stan's penis. He continues his amusing rivalry with Mantrid. His plan to defeat Mantrid involves capturing a working drone arm and activating a code he had previously installed in Mantrid's machine's programming.

Mantrid plays dead for a little while, and then announces that it was all his devious plan from the start. April 23, In a last-ditch bid to save the light universe from Mantrid's drones, discovers way too late , that he can create self replicating drones of his own, to fight Mantrid. Kai and hatch a cunning plan to distract Mantrid, long enough for him to make the mistake of moving too many drones around them, thus engulfing them all in a giant black hole, collapsing the light universe, and shooting the Lexx into the Dark Zone.

Lyekka's pod is damaged, and she demonstrates yet more inexplicable talents, transforming herself into a Lyekka drone, and pulling Mantrid from his interface. She is killed in the process, somehow lodging part of herself in Stan's mind. February 6, After being adrift for 4, years, Lexx comes into orbit of the planets Fire and Water. The leader of Fire, Prince, heads an expedition in a balloon to intercept the Lexx. He brings back Stan and Xev to Fire, discarding Stan as of little use, and setting him to torture.

He tries to woo Xev, and she nearly falls in love with the romantic ruler of a dramatic planet. Kai wakes up, repairs , who becomes fixated upon him, and then having no moth he decides to long-jump down to planet Water, to find the crew. February 13, After jumping down to planet Water, Kai finds the beautiful May, the lone survivor of an attack on a Water city. He requisitions an attacking gondola, and sails over to planet Fire.

After realising Stanley is the key to the Lexx, Prince brings Stanley back into the picture; dismissing his torture and near execution, as merely "a test". After all being rescued by Kai, May begins to convince Stanley to destroy Fire. Lexx is starving, and they become aware of how stuck they are. As May lapses into death from a small wound on her shoulder, Prince comes to Stanley as a ghost, and tells him that he can have May forever, if he destroys planet Water.

February 20, Stanley begins plotting how to destroy the planet Water without alerting Kai and Xev, or steering the starving Lexx. May gets better or worse, depending on his attitude. After waking the moth breeders, Kai goes to Gametown to find some food for Lexx. Gametown is a floating city inhabited with aerobics enthusiasts who play basketball all day. There is one inhabitant who is not quite right: Fifi. He doesn't play the games by the rules, and he quickly betrays everyone, by stealing all the moths and food, then heading over to Fire, to surrender himself to Duke, so he can destroy Water.

Stanley's attempts on Water are foiled by Xev, who nearly strangles him, then smothers him with her breasts. May ridicules him, and heads off with Prince. February 27, Duke and Fifi attack Gametown. They kill everyone he knows and raze the town. Duke likes Fifi. Kai requisitions an attacking moth, and then heads over to Boomtown with Bunny and Xev. All they do in Boomtown is eat and have sex. Stan is thrilled to find a number of the women willing to sleep with him, but Xev isn't so lucky, as the men have adapted way of avoiding sex by interminable foreplay.

Bunny makes several efforts to have sex with Kai, which he finally deterrents only by cutting of his left hand to demonstrate that he is not alive. Back on Fire, May kills Prince in a questionable gambit, then Duke and Fifi decide they'll paint May and his former deputy with explosive tar, and burn them. Duke and Fifi fly to Boomtown and burn it.

In a dramatic survival episode, the crippled moth falls to Fire in the night. Duke and Fifi also crash. All of them have to make it to a city before the sun rises, or they'll fry. During their flight, they realise that there is not enough fuel to make it across the lava lakes, unless there is less weight. The protoblood Kai volunteers to jump overboard and walk through the lava on foot. Duke decides it's easier to just to sit in the desert and die, which worries Fifi a bit.

However, the Lexx team find them, and stupidly pick them up, unable to solve the moral dilemma. Bunny gets thrown overboard. Stan and Xev make it to tower of K-Town, and then defend themselves against mortal-Kai who is really Prince , and Fifi. March 12, On entering K-Town through a hole high in the wall, Xev and Stan have to deal with the tunnels and the demented inhabitants — the most evil of the souls incarnate.

They meet some people who enjoy throwing rocks at them. Kai climbs up the tower, finds them, and then has a systems failure. They also meet Mantrid, who is devoid of memory, but highly encouraged by the idea that he is the greatest biovizier who ever lived. He participates in Kai's diagnostic procedure, does something stupid, and then Kai cleanses him.

Xev and Stan manage to throw Kai off the tower to realign him, but it doesn't work, and he gets captured. March 19, Kai is brought before "The Commission", who, in a room full of candles, endeavour to civilly interrogate him, exploring his human evil. Kai is not interested, and requests to be thrown off the tower. The adjudicatrix asks him whether he has killed anyone as an assassin. Kai then delivers his famous speech: "I have killed mothers and their babies. I have killed great philosophers and proud young warriors.

I have killed the evil and the good, the intelligent, the weak and the beautiful, but it's been a while since I slaughtered a whole room full of petty bureaucrats". Meanwhile, Stan encounters an amateur surgeon, who feels that he has parts that "he'd feel better without". Prince plays good guy, and dies saving Stan.

He wanted Stan to love him. Xev plays with some girls who like bear traps. Using an incarnation in Xev's image, Prince continually probes Kai, , and Stan, asking for a way to get the key to the Lexx. They hook Stan up to 's diagnostics and Kai determines that the key could be released during sexual rapture, instead of the ecstasy near death which Prince is so familiar with.

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lexx paranoid


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People think I'm insane because I am frowning all the time,. All day long I think of things but nothing seems to satisfy,. Think I'll lose my mind if I don't find something to pacify,. I need someone to show me the things in life that I can't find,. I can't see the things that make true happiness, I must be blind,. Make a joke and I will sigh and you will laugh and I will cry,. Happiness I cannot feel and love to me is so unreal.

Finished with my woman, 'cause she couldn't help me with my mind. People think I'm insane because I am frowning all the time. All day long, I think of things, but nothing seems to satisfy. I can't see the things that make true happiness I must be blind.

Happiness, I cannot feel and love, to me is so unreal. And so, as you hear these words telling you now of my state. In The Last Supper concert film, Iommi remembers that at the time with most bands "it was all the 'flowers in your hair' and we wanted to sing and play about the other side of life. In the documentary Don't Blame Me Osbourne said: "It was me and five kids living in a two bedroom house. My father worked nights, my mother worked days, we had no money, we never had a car, we very rarely went on holiday And suddenly, you know, we hear about 'If you're going to San Francisco be sure to wear a flower in your hair'.

And we're thinking, contemptuously 'What the fuck is San Francisco? Where is this? What's all this flower shit? I've got no shoes on my feet. Bob Dylan had long since faded from the present memory and there was nobody talkin' about the things that I wanted to talk about — political stuff — so that's what inspired me. In , Butler told Mojo magazine that the song "Paranoid" was "about depression, because I didn't really know the difference between depression and paranoia.

It's a drug thing; when you're smoking a joint you get totally paranoid about people, you can't relate to people. There's that crossover between the paranoia you get when you're smoking dope and the depression afterwards. I'd cut my arms, stick pins through my fingers, that kind of thing. I used to get really depressed and it was the only thing that could bring me out of it. If Sabbath hadn't made it, I'd have been long dead. I'd have killed myself.

They were our favorite band by that time. Iommi admitted that the band had doubts about the mellow number, telling Classic Albums , "It was almost one of those 'Should we do this? So it was about floating through the universe with your loved one, instead of 'Let's go down to the pub and have some chips', or whatever Just taking a spaceship out into the stars and having the ultimate romantic weekend. There was no programs telling you that the US troops in Vietnam, to get through that horrible war, were like fixing up and all this kinda thing.

It just stuck in me head and when we got to "Hand of Doom", that's what I wrote it about. Paranoid was originally titled War Pigs , but the record company allegedly changed it out of fear of a backlash from supporters of the ongoing Vietnam War. Ozzy Osbourne states in I Am Ozzy that the name change had nothing to do with the Vietnam War, and was entirely due to the record company deciding the album would be easier to sell if it was named after the single, which had already had significant success by the time the album was released, reaching number 4 on the UK Singles Chart.

Joe Smith, who was executive vice-president at Warner Bros. I knew we weren't going to call it 'War Pigs'. I remember playing it and turning the sound way up and shaking the whole building I said 'I think that's the breakthrough album. I don't understand it but that 'Paranoid' sounds like a great title for an album and a great title for a single.

His assistant, Roger Brown, was the model. Also shot by Macmillan, it was the band's first appearance on album artwork. The album was issued in the United Kingdom in September , where its sales were enhanced by the success of the "Paranoid" single. Paranoid reached No. In a retrospective review, AllMusic 's Steve Huey cited Paranoid as "one of the greatest and most influential heavy metal albums of all time", which "defined the sound and style of heavy metal more than any other record in rock history".

However, he did note that the band does take musical heaviness to "undreamt-of extremes". The album is currently ranked at No. Paranoid 's chart success allowed the band to tour the US for the first time in October , which spawned the release of the album's second single " Iron Man ". Although it failed to reach the top 40, "Iron Man" remains one of Black Sabbath's most popular songs, as well as the band's highest charting US single. In the early s, an American nurse took her own life and the Paranoid album was found on her turntable.

That was the way it felt, so that was the way we played. But it got out of hand. With Paranoid in England, for instance. There was a girl found dead — a nurse she was: dead in her room with our album on the turntable going round. And it was taken to court saying that it was because of the album that she was depressed and killed herself, which was totally ridiculous, I think. In a interview with The New Music , Butler claimed, "If the moral majority don't understand it they'll try to put it down, or get other people to read all sorts of things into it The moral majority sort of people picked up on the Satanic part of it.

I mean, most of it was about stopping wars and that side of it, and some science fiction stuff. There wasn't that much Satanic stuff, and what there was it wasn't exactly for the devil or anything like that; it was just around at the time and we just brought it to people's attention. The whole song is against drugs. The first CD contained a digital remaster in the deluxe edition, and the second CD also included the quadraphonic mix of the album folded down into stereo.

The third and fourth CDs included two previously unreleased concerts from Montreux and Brussels respectively. Both concerts were widely available on bootlegs prior to their official release and have early live versions of songs with different movement structures and alternate lyrics which are denoted in the track listing here but do not appear on the sleeves or labels that would later appear on Paranoid.

In addition to the remastered album, quadraphonic mix and unreleased concert recordings, the set included a book with information about the making of the album, as well as a poster and a replica tour guide from the era. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Black Sabbath. Retrieved 14 February The Great Rock Discography. Edinburgh, Great Britain: Canongate Books. ISBN Rolling Stone. LA Weekly. I Am Ozzy. Grand Central Publishing. Birmingham City University U.

Channel 4. Archived from the original on 26 January Retrieved 7 September Archived from the original on 14 February Retrieved 20 February Alpha Media. Archived from the original on 6 October Christgau's Record Guide: Rock Albums of the '70s. Da Capo Press. Archived from the original on 6 September Retrieved 6 September Encyclopedia of Popular Music 5th ed. Omnibus Press. February The Observer. Archived from the original on 20 December Retrieved 3 December Archived from the original on 10 December Retrieved 24 December Archived from the original on 6 March Retrieved 22 March New York.

August Archived from the original on 19 May Retrieved 10 August Archived from the original on 31 December

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