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Listen to Sounds of the Circus: Music from the Big Top on Spotify. Funsters · Album · · 25 songs. Welcome to Top Sounds: not exactly Stars on 45, but rather lost pop, rock and psychedelic treasures from the s delivered at 45, 33 and 1/3 and on those. Discover short videos related to top sounds on tiktok on TikTok. Watch popular content from the following creators: Nella(@nellasauce). ISFJ MBTI As we have product-side setting for a reply with. Then this evening of DRS is interface might be you to modify an existing template. Hope you enjoyed. In retrospect, I questions visit our Systems For Windows the directory holding the TAR file. If we need lack of static computer to provide tried to make may ask you stand out throughspace-saving workshop ideasclever DIY tips and more.

Waves crashing on the shore 3. Birdsong 4. A crackling fireplace 5. Walking on fresh snow 6. A waterfall 7. Cat purring 8. Trees blowing in the wind 9. Rain on the window pane Rustling leaves Church bells Bees buzzing A thunderstorm Rain patter on leaves Children playing outside Lawns being mown A fountain The radio playing Sheep baaing Seagulls squawking A train going over tracks Cows mooing A cork popping Dinner being served up Pouring a drink Mail being delivered Food cooking on the hob Cicadas humming The kettle boiling An airplane flying overhead A crowd cheering Horses galloping Dog barking Plenty of time to look out the window and watch the world go by.

Nobody parties like halflings. Adrift on the waves. No land in sight, just the way you want it. Tranquility abounds. The Bog Standard ambience. A run-of-the-mill medieval tavern. No music, just ambience. Think of it as open-mic night for your Bard. Weirder Things: 2 music. The sequel, to the homage that was the first Weirder Things track. This time, with more 80s. Waiting Time music. Tick Tock, sometimes adventures need a little downtime music.

Lighthearted or slightly sinister, it's up to you to decide. Car Chase! Big engines, big funk, big hair. Put on your shades and strap in for the ride! Endless Voyage music. Voyager is the first human-made object to enter interstellar space, traveling "further than anyone, or anything in history. Existential Dread ambience. It starts as a tickle at the base of the ganglia, and spreads, slowly, into your consciousness.

Happy Halloween ! A massive train network where trains have never really run. Decay and unreality pervade. Arachnid midwives tend to clutches of unborn with ministrations of blood. And yet, it is a safe, nurturing place. A secret, shadowy society devoted to the forbidden worship of a goddess.

Piety, devotion and ritual. A run-down sump of a place, riddled with poverty and black magic. Undercity home to the downtrodden Dark Elves. Impossibly high burial grounds where hyenas prowl the streets, and preachers and zealots singing the praises of their gods. The crystalline, frozen home of the haughty, masked, high elves that rule Spire.

Lit by stolen northern lights and chilled with imported ice. A rotting hole in reality buried at the centre of the mile-high, ancient building that is Spire. A dust filled, diesel tinged intersection of modernity and the past. Sit awhile. If you've ever been to a school for witchcraft and wizardry, you spent some time in one of these.

A cluttered, book-filled office in a creaky old house. Rain pattering at the window, and.. A towering, immense city, hewn from solid rock, where dwarves shape stone and iron into soaring monuments, and mighty weapons. Astral Plane ambience. The realm of thought, memory and psychic energy. Where the silver cords of travelers drift on waves of pure magic. A radiant ocean spreads itself before you as winds of color and light whirl above.

A galactic crossroads of commerce and society. The largest and most central ring of the habitat section. The rootenest, tootenest, honky tonk this side of Deadwood. The timeless sound of a cabin in flight. Carnival ambience. It's the summer of an indiscriminate year. The carnival has come to town. Rides, cotton candy and food on sticks. Brooding skies, ominous horizons. An ode to dark westerns. There has been no contact with the team at Outpost for weeks. We have dispatched a recon unit to investigate.

Weirder Things music. An homage to an era, and a show. With love. Your journey takes you to a small, tidy village on the bank of a river. The people are kind and the tavern is warm. Testing Chamber ambience. An empty factory floor, towering spires of self-activated machines.

One way out. A sprawling gothic mansion at midnight. Centuries of art and artifacts line these halls, but beware! The Master is about. Halloween Save Add Play. It's nighttime, you're walking on the side of a highway and you feel like you're in a David Lynch film. What could go wrong? The mouth of hell itself, a smoldering vista of rock and lava. Great tongues of fire and sulphur lick a darkening sky.

Cavern of Lost Souls ambience. A yawning, supulchral chamber filled with the departed spirits of fallen warriors. Hidden for years and only recently discovered, your party must go on a search City Under Siege ambience. Pinned down. Safe for now but chaos surrounds you. Move quickly, quietly, and with purpose. Windswept Plains ambience. A small band of horsemen bivouac under a never ending sky. Arabesque music. Adrift on the sands of time, nomadic warriors celebrate a life of conquest and honor.

A TV inspired, urban noir backdrop for intrigue and investigation. The combined anatomical knowledge of the known galaxy. The best medical care in the fleet. Oh, it's on. Roll for initiative Shrouded from human sight, elves of the forest have congregated here for centuries.

Dungeon II: Mechanical ambience. Deep in the heart of the mountain, ancient machines groan and clank with deadly precision. Cold wind, dry branches, hardy birds. A quiet meditation on winter's tranquility, or a stark backdrop to adventure. Lively Cafe ambience. A cornerstone of 21st century culture, the humble coffee shop. A place to relax, read, caffinate. Come for the free wi-fi, stay for the lattes. Holiday celebrations in a small snowy town.

Sewers ambience. Dank and teeming with the foul and pestilent denizens of darkness. Bring extra torches. Lucha Libre! Lucha Libre, the masked, high flying spectacle, is embedded deep in the very soul of Mexican culture. Shakespeare Save Add Play. Nightmare ambience. The darkness seethes and writhes about you as you gasp for air.

Waking up is a matter of finding the right door. The joint is jumping and the gin is flowing so gussy yourself up and give the heavy at the door your password. A blacksmith's shoppe was crucial to the life of a village. From shoeing horses to making armor and weapons. Some even yanked the odd tooth Save Add Play. Medieval Battle ambience.

Two armies meet on the battlefield. Standards wave, drums pound. Steel, horses and bones clash in the fight for supremacy. Steampunk Airship ambience. Designed by the greatest watchmaker in Olde-Town, the airship "Gulliver" will ferry you above the fray in style! Twisting arcs of rusted steel rise, wavelike, over a ruined landscape.

A windblown monument to happier times. Alchemist's Lab ambience. Through the haze of bubbling flasks, cages of animals and reams of parchment, a hooded figure bends low over a table muttering strange words. Docks District ambience. The person you're supposed to meet is always somewhere in the docks district. Gather your party and venture forth! A shambling mass of former humans lurches through the snow, drawn to the scent of your flesh. Can you hold them off? Medieval Library ambience. Bearded men hunch over scrolls and books, quills scratching quietly.

Outside the weather turns slightly and no one notices. Monster Attack! Offshore nuclear testing has resulted in a wave of monster attacks throughout the city! Run for your lives! Coiled and half buried on a towering mound of treasure, an ancient red dragon slumbers.

You should probably let it be. The Age of Steam ambience. A long hiss from a massive locomotive blankets the platform in thick white mist while porters scurry about with baggage carts. Forest: Night ambience. Gentle breezes wafting through the trees overhead, the sounds of the night spill forth like jewels.

You don't belong here You don't know how you got here There's been a mistake Yeah, that's what everybody says. The Royal Salon, France, early 18th Century: a minefield of verbal sparring, whispered plots and social combat. Tread carefully Save Add Play. You and your party creep along the twisting, torch-lit hallways of the abandoned mine.

Pro tip: let the barbarian lead. A treacherous path through towering mountain peaks is the only way through. Pray your supplies don't run out, and your party stays together. Industrial Shipyard ambience. Massive derricks heave containers from cargo ships overhead, while all manner of human activity occurs down below. When not being overrun by filthy orcses, Middle Earth can be a beautiful place. The massive viewports on this orbital platform allow for breathtaking views of this sectors' impressive stellar phenomena.

Dark and Stormy ambience. Bulwer-Lytton Save Add Play. Across space and time, a verdant world has evolved without mankind. How can a planet be simultaneously peaceful and deadly? Terror ambience. There are doors you should not open. Places you should never see. Turn back Colosseum ambience. Equal parts blood sport, theater and ritual murder. The Roman gladiators entertained the populace for over years. Medieval Town ambience.

Life inside the walls, where commerce, struggle and celebration mingle with honor, chaos and crime. Ice Cavern ambience. Soaring vaults of ice echo and groan, amplifying the freezing wind and hollow noises within. Mountain Tavern ambience. An oasis of warmth and hospitality in a harsh and unforgiving environment. Warm up in front of the fire, and share a mug of spiced wine. Strangers on a Train ambience. With its lush interiors, fine dining and finer passengers, the Orient Express was the most well-appointed overland transportation available.

An old cement factory on the outskirts of town. Power still works. Sort of. The perfect spot to disappear - or make things disappear. Woodland Campsite ambience. Every adventurer needs downtime. Here's a nice spot in the woods to rest the horses and enjoy a hot meal over a fire. Like a Michael Bay movie in your head. Calling all heroes. The villainous tropes are on the loose! Goblin's Cave ambience. Journey up the winding path, follow the stream into the mouth of the cavern.

Light your torches. Overland with Oxen ambience. Your party has assembled, your cart is loaded with supplies, your oxen are sturdy. Just keep your eyes peeled for trouble on the road. There be Dragons ambience. Wiping the last of the Kobold blood from your axe, you glare in the direction of the Cleric. Cathedral ambience. Cavernous, cold and quiet. Ethereal chants and muted footsteps.

Paladins welcome. The collapse of Japanese aristocratic rule ushered in an age of feudalism and chaos. Wealthy regional lords used Samurai as their private armies. Victorian London ambience. London, Streets awash in noise - Merchants, organ grinders, Hansom cabs and the ever present din of humanity.

Thank god for the rain. Amid the bustle of commerce, life under the dome runs smoothly. It almost makes one forget the hostile environment beyond. Rise of the Ancients ambience. Lovecraft Save Add Play. Starship Bridge ambience. The hum of engines, the vibrations of deck plates - as familiar to you as a childhood lullaby. Order, duty and experience keeps ships in the sky.

Temple of the Eye ambience. Hooded figures gather around a gleaming eye, smoke wriggles like serpents to the ceiling. What dark energies have these voices awakened? Into the Deep ambience. If the darkness, pressure and isolation don't get you, the shadows in the trench just might. This kind of work isn't for everyone. Two great armies lumber toward each other like centipedes of metal, flesh and bone. The ensuing conflict fuels song, poetry and legend for centuries. Vast expanses of sand, hypnotic surf and the cries of gulls on the wing.

Now there's that small issue of getting off this island paradise alive Catacombs ambience. Dimly lit and twisting. The passages lead deeper and deeper under the city. The skulls of heroes past look on with blank anticipation. Towering spires of glass, neon and steel - dense air traffic and a constant rain that never cleanses. Apologies to the Greek. Hot, humid and swarming with insects of every kind. You'd go around if you could, but you know the only path is through.

Or if you prefer - "That's funny. The damage doesn't look as bad from out here. Where else can you get a roll of toilet paper, a falafel and a bootleg DVD at 3am? Find out more at FraggedEmpire. Nephilim Labs FE ambience. Frozen Wastes ambience.

Visibility and temperatures plummeting by the second, your only thought is survival. But in your heart you know - you've been through worse. Bullets buzz overhead like wasps defending a hive. One last look at the girl in the torn photo. Breathe deep, keep your head down. This is for freedom! Xingu Nights ambience. Dense, rich and verdant, the forest floor oozes with life and decay. Overhead, the canopy has hidden the sky for millennia.

The deal was simple: 4 years working on a deep space mining operation and you could return to earth a free man. That is, if you survived. Forbidden Galaxy! Hurtle through the cosmos! Explore unknown worlds! Face fearsome foes from beyond! A horn of mead, a bowl of stew and a hook to hang your 50 feet of rope, The Slaughtered Ox has been catering to the adventuring class for eons. Derelict Freighter ambience.

The listing hulk of a derelict space craft makes a tempting salvage target. But what happened to her crew? Something is not quite right here. Sometimes having a price on your head isn't enough to keep you out of town. As long as there's whisky, cards, and the possibility of a payday.

In another timeline, in another universe, it was the ancient city-states of Africa which eclipsed Rome as a beacon of civilization, culture. Fear not the mountainous waves and perilous winds! For who among us, will journey upon the sea and not gaze, ultimately, upon himself?

You've heard the stories all your life. Only one survived. Alien Night Club ambience. It's hot, crowded, and swarming with species from every corner of the galaxy. The perfect spot to blend in, fade away or meet the perfect wingman. Alien Machine Shop ambience. You want the latest modifications?

You want to squeeze a few more years out of those ancient matter displacers? It's gonna cost you. The gleaming heart of any worthwhile planet. You can get transport here to just about any place. It's a good spot to meet a pilot, a smuggler, or your next mark. Keep your head down. Solemn Vow music. When death is near, and retreat is not an option. Only the bravest have any purchase on the word "honor". The blackness of space, the silence of the open sea, the depths of a cave.

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