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Diamond shape hr

diamond shape hr

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Emerald cut diamonds are the most popular step-cut shape, treasured for their understated elegance and striking silhouette. The shallow pavilion and open table accentuate the clarity of the stone, while the rectangular facets offer subtle reflective shimmer.

Marquise shaped diamonds feature dramatic pointed ends with a curved middle, creating a larger surface area than any other diamond shape. This unique cut maximizes perceived size while elongating and flattering fingers.

This romantic shape originated in the 18th century and offers a regal elegance that stands the test of time. Similar to an emerald cut, asscher cut diamonds offer the brilliant shimmer of a step-cut stone. Featuring a square shape with cut corners, this shape is uniquely chic in a contemporary setting, and perfectly complements vintage styles.

The radiant cut diamond is a hybrid, combining the elegant glamour of the emerald shape with the fire and brilliance of the round. This chic, angular shape with gently trimmed corners offers a unique and modern allure. Heart shaped diamonds shimmer with two symmetrical halves, creating a bold and romantic look. The shape is the silhouette of the stone, while the cut refers to how the light hits the facets. Precise cuts ensure diamonds reflect light and sparkle. Learn more about these seven components in our diamond cuts guide.

Diamond shape describes the outline of the diamond itself. When you look at the diamond, you can discern its shape quickly. It takes a more experienced eye to notice the cut because you have to take in the facets, reflective qualities, and overall proportions of the diamond. You can choose any shape for a diamond and then get a specific cut, like super ideal, ideal, very good, etc.

No matter what cut you choose, you can still have a certain shape for the diamond. A factor that is often overlooked is the length-to-width ratio of a diamond. Length-to-width ratio matters because it impacts how your diamond looks and can change the overall aesthetic of your ring. A length-to-width ratio of 1 tells you that the diamond is perfectly symmetrical, as in the case of square cut, round cut, and heart shaped diamonds.

Anything higher than one is an elongated diamond that covers more of your finger. Anything less will cover more of the band. Anything outside of the ideal length-to-width ranges might change the brilliance and cut of the diamond. Diamond shape affects price just as the 4Cs do.

Anything beyond the typical range of your diamond shape is rare, so the price will adjust accordingly. Round diamonds are so popular that the market price is higher than unique shapes. Radiant, emerald, cushion, and asscher cut diamonds are more affordable because they use most of the rough diamonds. Your privacy is important to us. View Privacy Policy. Book Appointment. Thank you for booking a Brilliant Earth appointment! A jewelry specialist will reach out to you shortly to confirm your appointment.

You will receive an email shortly with more details on your virtual appointment. You will receive an email confirmation of this request shortly with appointment details to follow. Going Fast! Receive Bonus Jewelry with All Purchases. Diamond Engagement Rings. Alternative Metals. Natural diamonds. Create Your Own Gemstone Ring. Featured Collections. Top Gifts. Gifts With Meaning. About Us. Our Showrooms. Don't have an Account? Create An Account. Jewelry Education Diamond Guide Shape.

Diamond Shape When it comes to choosing your diamond, which shape are you most drawn to? What is Diamond Shape? Select a Shape to Learn More round oval cushion princess pear emerald marquise asscher radiant heart.

Learn About Diamond Shapes. Round Shaped Diamonds As the most common brilliant-cut diamond shape, round diamonds are far and wide the most popular choice for engagement rings. Shop Round Shaped Diamond Rings. Oval Shaped Diamonds A scintillating twist on the classic round brilliant, this elongated shape can create the illusion of larger size while exhibiting a similar fire and brilliance.

Shop Oval Shaped Diamond Rings. Cushion Shaped Diamonds Soft rounded edges differentiate cushion cut diamonds from more angular square or rectangular shapes. Shop Cushion Shaped Diamond Rings. Princess Shaped Diamonds Known for their contemporary style and sparkle, princess cut diamonds are the most popular fancy diamond shape.

Shop Princess Shaped Diamond Rings. Pear Shaped Diamonds Pear cut diamonds feature a rounded edge tapering to a point at the opposite end, forming a symmetrical tear drop shape. Shop Pear Shaped Diamond Rings. Cluster rings. Three stone rings. Halo rings. Mens rings. For Evermore. Ladies diamond-set. Ladies plain bands. Mens diamond-set. Mens plain bands. Wishbone bands. Full Eternity rings. Three Quarter eternity rings. Half Eternity rings. Wishbone eternity rings. Dress rings.

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Shop Round Engagement Rings. Shop Princess Engagement Rings. Princess Cut Diamond The most popular of the fancy shapes, Princess Cut diamonds are also known as square cut diamonds. Shop Emerald Engagement Rings. Emerald Cut Diamond Originally a cut created for emerald gemstones, an emerald cut diamond is known as a step cut. Shop Marquise Engagement Rings. Shop Pear Engagement Rings. Pear Shape Diamond Pear shaped diamonds are often called 'teardrop' diamonds because of their individual shape.

Shop Asscher Engagement Rings. Asscher Cut Diamond Developed by Joseph Asscher in , asscher cut diamonds were a highlight of the art deco era. Shop Oval Engagement Rings. Oval Cut Diamond The oval cut diamond part of the brilliant cut family elongated into an oval shape.

Shop Cushion Engagement Rings.

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Diamond Cut - Quality and Price Comparison - Hearts and Arrows Explained diamond shape hr

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If you're really not sure what style she prefers, it's hard to go wrong with the timeless round diamond. Princess cut diamonds are stylish and contemporary , yet feminine and delicate. Created in the 's, this square cut quickly became famous for its stunning brilliance.

They're second only to round diamonds in sparkle. Advantages : Like round diamonds, princess cuts are so brilliant they can hide a number of flaws. You might save some money on color and clarity. They also look great no matter how small or large!

Did you know? A 1-carat princess cut diamond which is 5. However, the diagonal corner to corner length of the princess cut stone is 7. Watch out : The sharp corners of princess cut diamonds tend to chip. Keep this in mind if you're girlfriend does a lot with her hands. You can also protect the rock in a bezel setting. Introduced more than years ago, the cushion or "pillow cut" has become the 3rd most popular diamond shape for engagement rings over the last decade. It is square-ish, with rounded corners and slightly curved edges.

Advantages : Cushion cut diamonds have a soft, romantic shape that's not as harsh as the square and less common than the round. It's also one of the least expensive shapes. Watch out : Cushion cuts aren't known for brilliance because many are cut so poorly. Oval Halo Ring via James Allen. For a modern twist on the classic round, we love the oval diamond.

It's elegant and unique enough to stand out without being extravagant. Advantages : Oval diamonds are also in the brilliant cut family. They're basically modified rounds, so they are similar in terms of brilliance and fire. They are also cheaper yet look larger. Plus, they give a slenderizing effect to a woman's finger.

Watch out : Most oval diamonds exhibit a slight "bow-tie effect," which is a dark area in the center of the stone. It's caused by uneven light distribution due to a too-shallow cut. Complicating matters, NO dark center suggests the cut is too deep. You want a diamond in which the bowtie effect complements your setting. See: Pros and Cons of the Oval Diamond. Screenshot from James Allen Website. Oval diamond with bowtie and without.

A grading report can't tell you if the oval diamond has a large bowtie or not. To determine this, spin the diamond and examine it from all angles—the bowtie will be easy to spot. We suggest buying online from a store that has videos of the actual diamond, such as James Allen. Best for : The woman who appreciates tradition but still likes to express individuality. The emerald is a step cut diamond. Unlike a brilliant cut, you're meant to enjoy it for depth and luster instead of brilliance.

It has a large rectangular table that's like peering into a hall of mirrors. You can see all the way into an emerald diamond. The corners are faceted, so you will get some sparkliness at the edges. This cut reached its heyday in the art-deco period of the s and 30s but retains a sophisticated and timeless appeal. It looks gorgeous in vintage ring settings. Advantages : The emerald cut is one of the cheapest of all shapes, making it great for engagement rings on a budget. We recommend that you put any savings toward higher color and clarity grades.

Watch out : Nothing can be hidden with this cut! Because of its depth and translucency, color or imperfections are easily spotted. We recommend a color of H and clarity of VS2 at the lowest. Go up to G and VS1 if the diamond is larger than 1 carat. Furthermore, if the emerald diamond is poorly cut, a large area will appear black. Since fancy cut diamonds aren't given a cut grade, seeing photos of the diamond is the only way to know for sure.

The above shows an example of emerald cut diamonds with large blackout areas , and an ideal looking one. We think of this one as the modern vintage cut. The asscher diamond is another step cut from the art deco era, but with a modern update. Some refer to it as a square emerald though there are slight differences in style. Advantages : Compared to the emerald cut, the asscher has a higher crown, a smaller table, and larger step facets.

This makes the cut more brilliant than its emerald cousin. Watch out : The asscher cut has 2 major drawbacks. First, it's among the priciest of the fancy-shaped diamonds. And with the deep square cut, it also has one of the smallest surface areas of any shape. But the trade-off is a unique look and shine that definitely stands out. Just like with the emerald, you can easily spot yellow tints and flaws. The same tips for color and clarity apply when choosing this cut.

This cut is the hardest to classify. It's a hybrid of the round brilliant, princess, and asscher cuts. Because it takes the best of each, the radiant cut diamond displays incredible brilliance, fire, and scintillation. Many people wonder about the difference between a radiant and princess cut.

The radiant has cropped corners like the asscher and more of a chopped or "crushed ice" look. A princess cut has a symmetric X pattern when viewed face-up. These qualities depend on your personal preference! Radiant cut left vs. Advantages : As the name suggests, the radiant cut diamond is all sparkle.

It can come in either rectangular or square shape. If you like the rectangular emerald shape but want something with more flash, the radiant is a great choice. Or if you prefer the square princess diamond minus the sharp corners, this cut can be a great compromise. Watch out : Radiant diamonds are often more expensive than princess cuts of the same carat weight because more rough material is lost during cutting. But it's a better choice for more active girls thanks to its cropped corners. The pear cut is the love child of the round brilliant cut and marquise.

Elegant and with lots of character , it features a round edge that tapers to a point. Advantages : The pear shape is another cut that creates a slenderizing effect on the finger. Most women wear it with the end pointed towards the fingernail. It's also part of the brilliant cut family, so you can expect a lot of sparkle.

Fun fact : The teardrop is so gorgeous that some of the world's most famous diamonds are cut in this shape, e. Watch out : It's easy to chip the pointed, delicate tip of the teardrop. Protect it with a V-shaped prong. Protect the tip with a V-shaped prong.

Yellow tints may be visible, especially at the pointed tip where color tends to get trapped. If you want a white-looking diamond, we advise going 1 or 2 color grades up. Look for a color of H at the lowest and adjust up in grade as the diamond size increases. Pear cut diamonds also exhibit the bow-tie effect like an oval diamond.

It's best if you're able to see it in person or at least a degree video. Marquise diamond in thin French-cut pave band via James Allen. A truly eye-catching shape, the marquise diamond is elongated with pointed ends. It's one of the rarest cuts—definitely the choice for the woman who's unafraid to stand out in a crowd!

While certainly not for everyone, the marquise may grow on you with repeated viewings. Fun fact : This modern-looking cut has quite the historical background. Its creation dates back to the 's, when King Louis XV requested a diamond in the shape of his mistress's lips. Advantages : The elongated shape has a flattering effect on the finger.

This diamond shape also looks HUGE compared to other shapes of the same carat weight. The marquise has the largest surface area of any shape. Watch out : Marquise diamonds share the same faults as ovals and pears. They also exhibit the bow-tie effect and the pointed tips trap more color. The same advice applies: look for a higher color grade, and never buy without being able to view the diamond at all angles.

A stone over 0. Other designs obscure the diamond's shape. Advantages : The heart shape is unique. It also looks adorable as a pink sapphire stone. Watch out : This is another challenging shape to buy! Pay attention to the shape of the heart. You want one with a clearly defined outline and symmetrical wings that are neither too rounded nor too flat, too fat nor too thin.

A ratio of 0. Unfortunately, ugly heart-shaped diamonds are far too common. Most are cut to maximize size rather than for beauty. The first two pictures are examples of unattractive looking hearts too thin and too fat , and the third is a beautiful, pleasing heart shape. The grading report cannot tell you the final shape of the diamond.

Once again, it's important to buy online ONLY from an retailer who provides actual images. I wanted a heart shaped diamond but when we found out that you lose so much of the stone and get so little for a heart shape, we settled on an Emerald cut. What is the best cut of a diamond? A round super-ideal cut is the best diamond and exhibits the most brilliance. Unlike shapes such as round and princess, the unique step cuts of an emerald diamond showcase the purity and clarity of the stone.

The long facets produce more dramatic flashes of light than a traditional sparkle like other shapes. The emerald cut shape is rectangular with cut corners, and is one of the most elegant and sophisticated diamond shapes. When choosing an emerald cut diamond, we recommend selecting a Clarity grade of VS2 or above.

As a variation of the round brilliant cut, it features two pointed ends at the top and bottom of the stone. A marquise diamond is beautiful when used as a solitaire or when enhanced by smaller diamonds. It also helps to elongate fingers if the wearer has smaller hands. In order to get the perfect pear shape, the recommended ratio of the stone is between 1. With 56 to 58 facets cut carefully into the stone to optimise the light reflection and sparkle, this diamond shape offers a wonderful option for your engagement ring.

A pear shape is a little shallower than other fancy shapes, which means you will get much bigger measurements with a pear than with a round or princess cut for example — offering great value for money.

It is often referred to as the 'square emerald cut' - because of its wide step facets and cropped corners cut to a perfect square shape. With their distinctive facet structure they highlight the natural beauty of a diamond beautifully and lend themselves better to higher qualities of diamond. At the height of the art deco era of the s they really came into their own — being featured in many jewellery collections. Following the release of the film Great Gatsby in , a resurgence of the stone for engagement rings began.

Since the s, the modern day oval cut has been a magnificent addition to engagement rings. This elongated shape offers a wonderful spread of sparkle without blowing the budget. The alignment of its 58 facets sometimes causes a bow tie effect within the middle of the stone — an exclusive appearance only seen within an oval shaped diamond.

These stunning diamonds work beautifully in a solitaire engagement ring as well as more elaborate designs like halo rings. A square or rectangular shape with rounded corners, the cushion cut is so-called as it resembles a pillow.

Originally cut in the 19th century, it has become a firm fixture in engagement rings across the 20 years as it offers great value per carat compared to other diamond shapes. Usually comprised of 58 facets this sparkling stone can sometimes have what is known as a crushed ice effect. A heart shaped diamond is usually comprised of between 56 and 58 facets, and is considered one of the most romantic choices, having been used in diamond jewellery for over years, although we were first shown heart shapes as early as the s.

Whether set in a solitaire setting or complemented with side stones, the beauty of this stone speaks for itself and is the perfect option for those looking for a more unusual fancy shaped diamond. Purely Diamonds is a trading name of Stephen Tyler Limited. Registered Company Number Incorporated in England : Book an Appointment in London or Manchester or Virtual. Free Delivery day Returns Free Resizing.

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