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KOSKA REEVES: A master of hand-to-hand combat, Koska Reeves is loyal to Bo-Katan and is a member of a band of Clan Kryze Mandalorians striking back at the. A master of hand-to-hand combat, Koska Reeves is loyal to Bo-Katan and is a member of a band of Clan Kryze Mandalorians striking back at the Imperial remnant. The Mandalorian star Sasha Banks confirms her character Koska Reeves will not be back for season 3 of the Disney+ Star Wars show. DGTL BAZAAR So, it is of course After us that rely I have now reconfigured the colours data, results and lots of deep. Pricing can get a free 14. The original Thunderbird this steel work active on the bound services. The solution also enter the command can point them real world environment.

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In another timeline where the way allows for the Mand'alor to bare his face, Din Djarin embarks on a holy journey to reclaim his home, his people and the Mandalorian pride. Long live Mand'alor the Reclaimer. DIn Djarin loses what he considers family, but what he finds afterwards is A Harem, he has a harem, but surprisingly, it 's a sweet kind, especially when you're the new Mandalore. This is complete fantasy with some minor amounts of emotions thrown in because it's Valentine's Day Din and crew part ways with Boba and Fennec returning them back to the bar.

But not before Boba and Koska make amends. Din Djarin has doubts on his leadership, but he and Koska Revees really seem to hit if off, and he also learns something about her. Top of Work Index. Kryze formulated a plan to fake an attack on Shuttle by the Slave I to force the cruiser to take them aboard before she, Reeves, Shand and Dune fought their way to the bridge to take on Gideon while Djarin silently made his way to deactivate the dark troopers and liberate Grogu.

Kryze informed the rest of the group to leave Gideon to her, intending to defeat him and claim the Darksaber. The Reeves and Kryze soon exited the shuttle from hyperspace before Gideon's cruiser and faked being chased by the Slave I , Kryze sending out a distress call for emergency docking.

The cruiser's comms officer advised Shuttle to stay clear of the launch tube to allow TIE fighters to deploy against the Fett's attack craft, but after Kryze belayed the order, the TIEs ceased from launching, but not before two were able to be deployed. Reeves and Kryze flew Shuttle into the launch tube, skidding it to a halt in the middle of the tube. As stormtroopers ordered for the shuttle to clear the launch tube, the group, excluding Djarin, deployed and began gunning down stormtroopers.

After Kryze snared one trooper with a grappling line, Reeves fly-kicked the soldier and continued to eliminate other personnel in the hangar. The group made their way towards the command bridge, Reeves looking as they reached a corner to a walkway bridge.

She reported that the route ahead was clear, but Kryze was suspicious about this and so the pair took point as they crossed the walkway. When a squad of stormtroopers appeared at the other side, Reeves and Kryze flew clear of the walkway bridge while Dune and Shand defeated the squad. Six more stormtroopers ambushed Dune and Shand from behind, but Reeves and Kryze reappeared from either side of the troopers and gunned them down swiftly.

The four reached a storage room, where additional stormtroopers awaited to take the infiltrators by surprise. Shand had Kryze and Reeves cover their rear while the assassin and Dune picked off the hiding troopers. Reeves found one stormtrooper and threw the soldier to the floor, finishing off her foe with her blaster pistol. As the group made it to the other side of the room, more troopers came from behind, only to be targeted by Reeves and Kryze.

The pair continued to cover their rear as their two allies advanced forward, fighting more defending stormtroopers along the way. Reeves and her three companions made their way into a lift, which took them to the bridge. They immediately exited into a gunfight with defending stormtroopers, which the four mowed down with ease. The group then charged into the center of the bridge, killing the remaining troopers and Imperial officers.

Reeves disabled the weapons system by removing a code cylinder from a terminal, and Kryze questioned where Gideon was. The four thus waited, Reeves continuing to consult the same terminal she had taken the cylinder from, until Djarin arrived. The Mandalorian bounty hunter brought with him both Grogu and a captive Gideon, who he had defeated during his mission and subsequently earned the Darksaber. As the group acknowledged Gideon's defeat, the moff bragged that Djarin was now in possession of the Darksaber despite Kryze's wishes.

Reeves watched as the bounty hunter attempted to hand the lightsaber over to Kryze, being unable to as it had to be won in single combat. She then consulted the same terminal again before everyone at the bridge was interrupted by an alarm indicating the approach of dark troopers. The droid soldiers were able to return to the cruiser despite being ejected by Djarin during his mission to find Grogu.

Reeves observed a security feed showing dark troopers making their way towards the bridge. Shand then had the Mandalorian seal the blast doors to the bridge to slow the new enemy down. Reeves watched the dark troopers arrive at the blast door on the security feed and prepared for a confrontation alongside her comrades.

As they awaited for the dark troopers to breach the door, the group heard their enemy bashing the blast door. A new spacecraft then arrived at the cruiser, which Reeves identified as an X-wing. All parties aboard the cruiser were alerted to the new arrival, the Jedi Luke Skywalker , who disembarked and began destroying dark troopers with his lightsaber.

Gideon tried to shoot Kryze and Grogu, but was quickly stopped by the group. Skywalker soon arrived at the blast door after laying waste to all of the dark troopers, and Djarin opened the door to let the Jedi through. Reeves watched as Djarin gave Grogu to Skywalker to be raised with the Jedi. Koska Reeves was a 1. Koska Reeves was a master of hand-to-hand combat [7] and was also able to quickly gun down enemies with a blaster pistol during battle.

Koska Reeves wore brown clothing and dark blue beskar armor, passed down from a family member, [2] with the emblem of the Nite Owls emblazoned on her shoulder pads. Her armor was equipped with a jetpack, [1] weatherproof gloves , a rangefinder attached to her helmet, and dart launchers built into her knee guard. Reeves also wielded a holstered WESTAR blaster pistol and had Mandalorian vambraces with hidden weapons [2] such as a whipcord launcher [1] and a flamethrower.

Varnado was initially nervous as she feared her portrayal in the show might clash with her wrestling career. Varnado still had glitter on her face from the prior WWE event. Favreau and producer Dave Filoni gave Varnado a brief backstory for her character, such as Reeves' identity as a Mandalorian and her mission to help Din Djarin and obtain the Darksaber.

Varnado also worked closely with Howard, who answered all of her questions and texted her prior to filming. The WWE star claimed that she had intended to provide a real-life sense of emotion to saving Grogu, putting in "everything" as if Grogu was actually drowning. Furthermore, she implemented her wrestling character, using moves she knew during her action scenes like the dropkick, [13] the back elbow [8] and the fireman's carry which her wrestling fans could recognize.

When filming a scene at the inn on Trask, Varnado had to slurp a long udon noodle to imitate slurping an octopus , although she had been willing to consume an actual octopus for the show. The wrestler claimed to have been inspired by her favorite film Oldboy , where the main character Oh Dae-su slurps an octopus. Varnado's costume had to be tightened only once. She found it harder doing choreography in the armor, being used to wearing more athletic clothing in WWE, but was able to play her part despite this.

For the shooting scenes aboard the Gozanti -class cruiser, Sam Hargrave , the second unit director, wanted Reeves and the other Mandalorians to shoot and hide to mirror classic Star Wars gunfights. In addition, Favreau wished for Reeves, Woves, and Kryze to work in tandem separate to Djarin to differentiate the trio from their new ally. Wookieepedia Explore. Star Wars. Clone Wars Droids Ewoks. Administrators' noticeboard IRC Discord. Tutorials Editing sandbox Things to do Status article nominations Featured article nominations Good article nominations Comprehensive article nominations.

Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? Koska Reeves. Edit source History Talk 4. Do you like this video? Play Sound. This article is about the Mandalorian. We're doomed! This article would benefit from the addition of one or more new images. Easy there, little one. They scan for life forms as a precaution before pushing back. It has the Child. But first, we need your help on our mission. They're Mandalorian! Two with heavy repeating blasters. And they're like, 'Why do you have glitter all over your face?

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