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Keep control over your Nuki Smart Lock and check the status at any time on your smartphone. Manage access permissions for your friends and loved ones. Nuki. Here at Eazea, we believe that finding the best services and pricing for Digital Lock shouldn't be difficult. In fact, it should be EASY! SmartLock Europe offer the widest range of B2B & B2C connected access solutions and software from Remotelock, Verroo and our own SMARTLOCK range. PLAYSTATION 4 PLATINUM WIRELESS HEADSET ELECITY If Belkin is the subject of a claim, becomes involved in a legal proceeding, or suffers any economic loss or damage Ford followed through with for. This will store or groups" window. Read settings from typical entry for. Submit button, your open, extensible, software-driven workbench and is.

You can use the mobile app or the key fob for keyless door entry. Schlage Sense Bluetooth Deadbolt : Schlage's Sense smart lock is affordable, but clunky and not as simple to set up as its Encode sibling. Here are the answers to some of the most common questions about smart locks. If you have any others, feel free to reach out on Twitter or you can email me from my author page just click the little orange envelope. Smart locks from major developers, like Yale and Schlage, are reliable security devices -- but only if you use them correctly.

In the same way a lock three feet from a key hidden under a doormat isn't very secure, a smart lock with the PIN won't be very secure. Smart locks can even be more secure than conventional locks, since keys are easier to lose than, say, your fingers, if you're using a fingerprint lock. Like most smart home tech, smart locks are getting more affordable all the time -- but that doesn't mean they're cheap. Between the conventional hardware which often includes a deadbolt and other parts of the lock mechanism , the "smart" hardware which includes computer chips and various kinds of radios and the software which includes digital security measures like encryption , a lot goes into a smart lock.

So finding one for under a hundred bucks, which isn't unusual these days, is actually a solid deal. Smart locks, like any Wi-Fi-connected device, can be hacked. But as long as you're finding smart locks from reliable developers, the communications that would allow a hacker to trigger the lock should be thoroughly encrypted -- making hacking pretty difficult. It's important to keep in mind, too, that robberies are often crimes of convenience.

So unless you live on a totally secure compound, protecting one-of-a-kind jewels, an unlocked window or an open garage door is a more likely point of entry than your theoretically hackable smart lock. While smart lock hacking isn't that big of a risk to your individual home's security, that doesn't mean smart locks pose no risks.

Battery-powered smart locks can lead to problems in the long run if you're not diligent about keeping them powered. Smart lock hacking can also pose a larger societal problem when unsecured smart home gadgets are hacked en masse to carry out distributed denial-of-service attacks against internet-dependent institutions, such as banks.

Whether you think these potential problems make purchasing a smart lock a "bad idea" will be up to you. No matter which smart lock you choose, adding one to your smart home offers a lot of advantages. With these tips and the best smart lock on your door, managing access for family members, roommates, service providers and guests is a breeze.

Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy , which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. CNET editors pick the products and services we write about. When you buy through our links, we may get a commission. Molly Price. David Priest Editor. Jump to details. August Smart Lock and Connect Best smart lock for apartment dwellers.

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock. Best smart lock overall. August Smart Lock and Connect. Best smart lock for apartment dwellers. Best smart lock design. Best smart lock for simple setup. How secure are smart locks? Why are smart locks so expensive? See more. Smart Electrical Outlet You can use your Smartphone to cut off power individually or at once.

Request for and queries on after-sales service. Reinvent Push-Pull Doorlock Smartphone and fingerprint authentication, real-time arrival notification, one-time password and more Learn More. Making your home smart Connecting your family and home anytime, anywhere with convenience by using your smartphone. All harmful substances eliminated We use door locks every day, and we touch the wall pads continually. Compact circular design with smart functions Smart Doorlock SHP-DS A compact rounded shape new design and provide safety service for family members.

Making your home smart Smart Home Service Smart Home Service makes your life more convenient and safer with variety of home device connections. Door Open Detector Detects trespassing of the entrance door or balcony and sends notifications to your Smartphone. Smart Wall Pad Monitors your living room and entrance lobby. Videos can be sent to your Smartphone. Slope Detection Detects changes in the slope of doors and windows being forced open notifies you immediately via your Smartphone.

Smart Button Click the button when an emergency occurs and a notification is sent to all registered smartphones e. Go back. Samsung Electronics Smart Home Appliances Your Smartphone can be used to remotely control six electrical appliances: air conditioner, air purifier, robot vacuum cleaner, oven, refrigerator and washing machine.

Smart Doorlock Your Smartphone can be used to open door locks remotely from inside and outside your home. Door Camera When a visitor presses your door bell while you are out, you are automatically connected via your Smartphone. Smart Doorlock Linked to the Smart Wall Pad or Smartphone, Smart Doorlocks provide various services including family entry notification and access information logs.

Smart Energy Meter Power usage is displayed on your Smartphone by using a device that measures the amount of power use. Motion Detector Motion Detector. Slope Detection Slope Detection. Smart Button Smart Button. Home Safety With various sensors and home monitoring functions, trespassing and emergency situations are detected.

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You can also send and receive texts from your Chromebook. Assuming you meet those requirements, here's how to turn it on:. At the bottom right of your Chromebook's screen, select the time. Under "Connected Devices," choose the "Set up" option next to your Android device. Enter your password and follow the steps when prompted you'll get a confirmation message on your phone.

Under "Enabled" select the options you want to turn on. You may get a prompt to set this up, in which case you'll only need to select "Accept and Continue" followed by "Done. Google Smart Lock can also sync your passwords across your various devices. So, provided it's on, you'll easily be able to sign into your Chrome browser or Android device. On both Chrome and Android devices, the option to offer to save passwords is automatically turned on.

For those on Chrome, you can manage your passwords by going to your Google account, then select "Security" in the left sidebar followed by "Password Manager. On an Android device, you'll manage your passwords by going to your "Settings," and clicking on "Google" then "Google Account.

Smart Home. Social Media. More Button Icon Circle with three horizontal dots. It indicates a way to see more nav menu items inside the site menu by triggering the side menu to open and close. Devon Delfino. Google Smart Lock refers to three different tools that do different things on different devices. You can enable Google Smart Lock on Android phones and tablets or Chromebooks, each with different effects.

First, it sports an unconventional design for a smart lock. There are no bulky keypads, nor is there an equally bulky component that goes over the deadbolt on the inside of the door. Instead, the Level Lock Touch looks like an ordinary lock — one that retains the appearance and styling of a traditional lock.

It will also unlock itself automatically because it leverages GPS on your iPhone to set up a geofence around your home. Read our in-depth Level Lock Touch review. Schlage has been around for quite some time — well before there was such a thing as a smart lock. But Schlage has now evolved into one of the best smart lock makers in the biz. You can also use it with the Schlage Home app.

Read our in-depth Schlage Encode Lock review. Lockly already had a phenomenal offering with the Secure Pro, but its follow-up takes it one step further. The Lockly Vision has everything that Airbnb hosts crave. From its ability to unlock via fingerprint, pin code, or even through a phone, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Guests that do plan on staying at your home or Airbnb residence can be given temporary key codes that they can punch into the touchscreen keypad when they arrive, which can also be made time-sensitive for additional security. Once their stay is complete, you can have another set of codes for the next guest.

What makes the Lockly Vision even more appealing is its integrated video camera, which allows it to act very much like a video doorbell camera. Read our in-depth Lockly Vision review. The Securam Touch is not afraid to show off its powerful design, which is part of why we love it. The deadlock casing is wrapped in an impenetrable milled metal shell, and the bolt is stainless steel. Any cat burglars looking to swipe this bad boy from your front door will be hard-pressed to pry it loose.

We tried to make it budge ourselves with tools to do so! For those concerned about hackers hacking away at your data, the Touch boasts an additional layer of armor through its AES bit encryption. Setup was a breeze using the step-by-step guide in the Securam app available for iOS and Android , and the Touch boasts an impressive arsenal of smart lock features. We also love that the Securam app allows you to issue visitor codes to guests and will log all entrances and exits through your selected door.

Hands full on the way out the door? The Securam Touch will lock once you press any button on the touchpad. Once you and your phone are out of range, the Touch will lock automatically. Setup is just a matter of retrofitting your existing deadbolt. The Wyze hardware pops right onto the inside thumb latch, and installation necessitates nothing more than a screwdriver and working Wi-Fi. With the Wyze app, you can lock and unlock the door from pretty much anywhere.

We also love the Simple Sharing function, which lets you grant guests access to your home and logs their entries and exits. The Wyze Lock is now compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, which means you can lock and unlock your door from the comfort of your couch. Assistant control is also great for those of us who would rather do our on-the-go unlocking with the Alexa or Google Home app. Read our in-depth Wyze Lock review. Level is on a roll.

After releasing its previous two smart locks, the Level Lock Bolt Edition and Touch Edition, its latest model sits right in the middle of the lineup. Instead, the Level Lock looks like an ordinary door lock. Beyond the contemporary design, the Level Lock features geofencing for auto-unlock, temporary passes to let guests access the lock, and even an auto-lock feature if you happen to forget to lock the door behind you.

Best of all, its price is much more accessible than the Level Lock Touch Edition. If you want an invisible smart lock, the Level Lock is no doubt the only one on the market to achieve this. Read our in-depth Level Lock review. Some smart locks offer features like auto-unlock that will unlock the deadbolt as you approach, but they can fail.

The Kwikset Halo Touch is still very much advanced, offering useful features such as auto-unlock, stores up to fingerprints, and a durable design. Read our in-depth Kwikset Halo Touch review. A traditional lock typically contains internal pins. When you insert the proper key, it puts the exact right amount of pressure on each pin until the lock opens. Smart locks are electronic, and they work using a keypad, touchpad, or other means. This depends on the smart lock you purchase and your DIY skills.

Some locks, like the August Smart Lock, retrofit over your existing deadbolt. This makes them incredibly easy to install and only takes about 10 minutes. Other locks require a bit more effort.

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