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Flying decibels

flying decibels

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The decibel is used in telephony and audio. Similarly to the use in acoustics, a frequency weighted power is often used. For audio noise measurements in electrical circuits, the weightings are called psophometric weightings. In electronics, the decibel is often used to express power or amplitude ratios as for gains in preference to arithmetic ratios or percentages.

One advantage is that the total decibel gain of a series of components such as amplifiers and attenuators can be calculated simply by summing the decibel gains of the individual components. Similarly, in telecommunications, decibels denote signal gain or loss from a transmitter to a receiver through some medium free space , waveguide , coaxial cable , fiber optics , etc.

The decibel unit can also be combined with a reference level, often indicated via a suffix, to create an absolute unit of electric power. For example, it can be combined with "m" for "milliwatt" to produce the " dBm ". A power level of 0 dBm corresponds to one milliwatt, and 1 dBm is one decibel greater about 1.

In professional audio specifications, a popular unit is the dBu. When used in a ohm circuit historically, the standard reference impedance in telephone circuits , dBu and dBm are identical. In an optical link , if a known amount of optical power, in dBm referenced to 1 mW , is launched into a fiber , and the losses, in dB decibels , of each component e. In connection with video and digital image sensors , decibels generally represent ratios of video voltages or digitized light intensities, using 20 log of the ratio, even when the represented intensity optical power is directly proportional to the voltage generated by the sensor, not to its square, as in a CCD imager where response voltage is linear in intensity.

However, as mentioned above, the 10 log intensity convention prevails more generally in physical optics, including fiber optics, so the terminology can become murky between the conventions of digital photographic technology and physics. Most commonly, quantities called "dynamic range" or "signal-to-noise" of the camera would be specified in 20 log dB, but in related contexts e.

Photographers typically use an alternative base-2 log unit, the stop , to describe light intensity ratios or dynamic range. Suffixes are commonly attached to the basic dB unit in order to indicate the reference value by which the ratio is calculated.

For example, dBm indicates power measurement relative to 1 milliwatt. In cases where the unit value of the reference is stated, the decibel value is known as "absolute". If the unit value of the reference is not explicitly stated, as in the dB gain of an amplifier, then the decibel value is considered relative. This form of attaching suffixes to dB is widespread in practice, albeit being against the rules promulgated by standards bodies ISO and IEC , [15] given the "unacceptability of attaching information to units" [a] and the "unacceptability of mixing information with units" [b].

Outside of documents adhering to SI units, the practice is very common as illustrated by the following examples. There is no general rule, with various discipline-specific practices. Since the decibel is defined with respect to power, not amplitude, conversions of voltage ratios to decibels must square the amplitude, or use the factor of 20 instead of 10, as discussed above.

Probably the most common usage of "decibels" in reference to sound level is dB SPL, sound pressure level referenced to the nominal threshold of human hearing: [50] The measures of pressure a root-power quantity use the factor of 20, and the measures of power e. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Logarithmic unit expressing the ratio of a physical quantity. This article is about the logarithmic unit. For use of this unit in sound measurements, see Sound pressure level. For other uses, see Decibel disambiguation. Main article: Power, root-power, and field quantities. Further information: Logarithmic addition. Instead, the letters or other symbols should be attached to the quantity.

This means that quantities must be defined so that they can be expressed solely in acceptable units Physical Properties of Polymers Handbook. Bibcode : ppph. Fundamentals of Hearing: An Introduction Second ed. Holt, Rinehart and Winston. ISBN Transmission Circuits for Telephonic Communication: Methods of analysis and design.

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Part 3: Logarithmic and related quantities, and their units. IEC , Ed. Part 3: Logarithmic quantities and units. Microwave Engineering 3rd ed. Decibels and octaves, who needs them?. Journal of sound and vibration, , Gibbings, Dimensional Analysis , p. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Retrieved 30 July Pierre, Jr. IEEE Press. Fiber optic installer's field manual. McGraw-Hill Professional. Sangwine and Robin E. Horne The Colour Image Processing Handbook. Yu and Xiangyang Yang Introduction to optical engineering. Cambridge University Press. In Junichi Nakamura ed. Image sensors and signal processing for digital still cameras. CRC Press. Why not just use regular voltage and power measurements?

Retrieved 16 September Audio postproduction for digital video. Dictionary of Acoustics. Academic Press, San Diego. Geneva: International Electrotechnical Committee. Johnson, Peter T. Madsen, and Peter L. Archived from the original on 12 December Understanding Telephone Electronics. Applied Occupational and Environmental Hygiene, 13 10 , — National Weather Service. Archived from the original on 8 August Retrieved 25 April Archived from the original on 31 March Retrieved 8 August Archived from the original on 10 June RF Components and Circuits.

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