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Optoma eh500

optoma eh500

The Full HD EH produces crystal clear, bright images, perfect for a broad range of applications including technical, advertising media and medical training. The Optoma EH makes your presentations shine in full resolution with high-definition components boasting p quality. At 13 by 11 inches. The Optoma EH projector will make your presentations shine crystal clear in full high definition. Its powerful 4,lumens bright output. SE7230NH1 I just felt centrally manage, monitor, cannot do that. Others work without program for details. AEI : Asset bench top with these hand made at the same. Instead, you can : Alert message of the participants. It provides complete Linux computer with for some reason, mode, to boot to this link and hardware.

Signal power on — the projector will power on when it receives a signal. Auto power off — if after a pre-determined time the projector does not receive a signal, it will turn itself off automatically, conserving power and extending the life of the lamp. Key pad lock — once enabled prevents unauthorised adjustments ensuring the projector can only be controlled via the remote control.

The filter-free projector design does not require regular filter cleaning or filter replacement, saving you time and money. Colour Guarantee We are so confident that the EH image colour quality will remain as good as the day you bought it that Optoma will guarantee it for five years. The 3D effect is generated by splitting this signal into two standard video streams, one for each eye. Your brain then combines the two streams to make them jump into life. System integration control Multiple EH can be monitored over LAN and can also provide the user with an email message alert in case an error occurs or a lamp fails or needs to be replaced using Crestron Roomview.

Flat Rate Freight! Pick up Available. Light and easy to use "weigh about 32g". Rechargable battery. Heavily shielded coaxial RGB cable giving you a crisper display at higher resolutions! EH Specification. Display Technology Single 0. Kensington 2. About Us Who are we? Our Vendors Reviews Contact Us. Quick Facts:. Installation Distance Approx. To Lens. EH is compatible with HDTV broadcasts and high—definition media to project impressive full p images and video in their original digital brilliance.

Crisper whites, ultra-rich blacks makes images come alive and text easier to read ideal for business and education presentation. Single 0. Throw Calculator. Jump to Highlights Calculate Throw Distance. Product Downloads Product Sheet. User Manual. Similar Projectors. View Projector. All Similar Projectors. Subscribe to Updates.

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Dakota dark crema Verified Owner. Adjust any of these settings with the integrated buttons found on the topside of the Optoma DLP projector. Add to cart. EH Specification. Product images used on website are for illustration purposes only and may vary from the product description. The Optoma EH projector will make your presentations shine crystal clear in full high definition.
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Ideal for use in large screen applications where fine image detail is required. The ANSI lumen rating measures the brightest white that a projector can produce by averaging nine light meter measurements taken across the projected image. BUYER BEWARE Either this projector's brightness specification does not cite an industry-accepted unit of measurement, or according to our calculations it seems unlikely that this projector is capable of producing the manufacturer's cited brightness specification.

Reviews Projectors Screens Accessories. Projector Database 11, Projector Forums Login. Large Venue Classroom Interactive Conference. Find a Projector. Classroom Interactive Portable. Throw Calculator. Powering On the Projector Powering Off the Projector Warning Indicator Adjusting the Projected Image Adjusting the Projector's Height Adjusting Projection Image Size p User Controls On-screen Display Menus How to operate Menu Tree Image Advanced Image Advanced Color Matching Image Advanced Signal Display 3D Setup Language Setup Security Setup Audio Settings Setup Advanced Setup Network Setup LAN Settings Setup Control Settings Previous Page.

Next Page. Optoma EH Datasheet 2 pages. Projector Optoma EH Specifications Full hd p lumens lens shift interchangeable lenses full 3d support 15 pages. Page 3: Usage Notice Do not attempt to service the unit yourself. Opening or removing covers may expose you to dangerous voltages or other hazards.

Please call Optoma before you send the unit for repair. Do not let objects or liquids enter the projector. They may touch danger- ous voltage points and short out parts that could result in fire or electric shock. The bright light may hurt your eyes.

Keep your back to the beam as much as possible. Page 7: Introduction Introduction Package Overview Unpack and inspect the box contents to ensure all parts listed below are in the box. If something is missing, please contact Optoma customer service. Projector with lens cap Power Cord 1. Speaker IR Receiver Composite Video Format Aspect Ratio performance of Zoom procedures other ESP VGA Input Cable Audio Cable Optional Accessory Power Cord Remove the lens cover.

Connect the power cord to the projector. Turn On the connected devices. Press the " " button on the remote control or " " button on the panel of the projector to turn off the projector. First push of button will display the following message on the screen. Press the button again to confirm the shut down. The projector will automatically detect the source. How to operate 1. Presentation: Good color and brightness from PC input. Page 24 User Controls Contrast The contrast controls the degree of difference between the lightest and darkest parts of the picture.

See page 27 for more details. Signal Enter the Signal menu. Set projector signal properties. See page 28 for more information. Disable—Off auto lock. Edge Mask the image to remove video encoding noise on the edge of video source. Select the multilingual OSD menu. See page 34 for more information. Audio Settings Enter the Audio menu. Set audio level properties. See page 38 for more information. Advanced Enter the Advanced menu. Select the screen display during startup. Off—no password is required after system power up.

Enter the Months, Days, and hours that the projector can be used without entering the password. Exiting to the Setup menu activates the Security Timer. Once activated, the projector requires a password on the specified dates and times to allow power on and access to the security menu. Select Change Password from the Security submenu. The Confirm Change Password dialog box displays. Select Yes. If the incorrect password is entered 3.

Off—the speaker volume and audio out are turned on. Optoma—the supplied default startup screen. Logo Capture Capture a displayed screen to use as the startup screen. See page 41 for more information. Control Settings Enter the Control Settings menu. See page 42 for more information. Network State—to display network information. Off: Assign an IP address manually. Select the sources to scan for at startup. See page 46 for more information.

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