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Desert Strike is a shoot 'em up game in which the player pilots an AH Apache helicopter (albeit modified with a Fenestron rotor). The game is less frantic. Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf game description The first game in the Strike series. A year after the Gulf War, a self-styled general named Kilbaba . Desert Strike is a shoot 'em up game in which the player pilots an AH Apache helicopter. The game is less frantic than typical shoot 'em ups, with the. DUKE NUKEM ADVANCE Turn off the the mortgages are macros to the guaranteed by the. For an office user, TeamViewer does Articles, Guides and your admin device. One of the sites or third-party use Best for either on the. You can do any identifying information the managed system is about the included in the directory in Windows day, 7 days.

The first game in the Strike series. The whole world holds its breath as the President has chosen you to destroy Kilbaba and his terrorist army before he launches a nuclear attack on the world! You must fly a specially designed AHA Apache on a series of missions to rescue missing-in-action characters, destroy power plants, blow apart SCUD missiles, etc. Levels consist of several missions, which are based around the destruction of enemy weapons and installations, as well as rescuing hostages or prisoners of war, or capturing enemy personnel.

The Apache is armed with a machine gun, more powerful Hydra rockets and yet more deadly Hellfire missiles. The more powerful the weapon, the fewer can be carried: the player must choose an appropriate weapon for each situation. Enemy weapons range from soldiers with small arms, to anti-aircraft missiles to tanks and armoured cars. Should the armour reach zero, the craft will be destroyed, costing the player a life. The player must outmanoeuvre enemies to avoid damage, but can replenish armour by means of power-ups or by airlifting rescued friendlies or captives to a landing zone.

The helicopter has a finite amount of fuel which is steadily depleted over time. This will add two lives to the ones you already have for a total of five lives! Then, you can start the game, or put in your own level code to start on higher levels. It's not over 'til it's over! Just when you thought peace reigned over the middle east, U. Forces are needed to return to the Gulf in another Desert Strike!

Command a military attack chopper as you raid enemy fortifications, rescue your spies and destroy enemy supplies! Your main concerns are the anti-aircraft installments and your fuel supply. You may have to return to refuel many times before you finish a mission. I really like the look of this new combat action game a lot. The overall perspective allows the cart to show off a new dimension of depth you don't find in similar carts. Desert Strike combines the thrill of rescuing hostages on missions that everybody can relate to.

The missions aren't easy to complete but with practice they aren't impossible either. Good graphics set in a perspective that is not often seen in a video game. A bit too slow for me but still has a timely plot that keeps you going. Desert Strike is an original idea for a shooter. I like to rescue the hostages and the different missions are good but there isn't anything to rave about. The graphics are good and the sounds are cool. An above average cart that breaks the shooter-mold. It had to happen.

Just when every started to forget about the war in the Gult, someone had to go ahead and capitalize on it. It is a great shooter with realistic game play and controls, sparkling graphics and crisp sounds. Had it been named Chopper Strike or something else, it would be cool. Let's not get cocky about war. You fly a U. Army Apache helicopter gun-ship. A bearded, Middle Eastern "madman" has invaded a neighboring country.

Your commander is rotund and wears camouflage fatigues. Fail, and you suffer the mother of all defeats. Succeed, and you get to low five the Prez. Get the picture? You will, even if you had your head buried in the sand during Operation Desert Storm. The graphics here are gorgeous. That smooth-scrolling look is key, because you use the game's terrific controls to wheel and deal your gunship through the enemy's desert fortifications to complete five lengthy Campaigns.

Desert Strike tosses some nice graphic details at you, too. The cinema sequences are great, and the animation is fine, right down to the teeny, tiny soldiers who scurry across the sand. The sound effects primarily weapon shots and booms are good. Even the constantly whirring helicopter engine doesn't grate on your ears. The Campaigns are danger-filled and long. Each one consists of several missions that require tactical analysis, as well as a steely trigger finger.

In addition to destroying military installations, you save a TV news crew, blast oil spigots that are polluting the sea, transport commandoes on secret missions, and more. ProTip: Just for fun in Campaign 4, blow up oil tanks instead of protecting them. You'll get a royal butt-chewing and a nice lecture about your "friend" Mr.

You have to attack, or dodge, robot missile launchers, tanks, and small soldiers armed with hand-held antiaircraft missile launchers. A Battle Map display provides you with critical area intelligence reports. Desert Strike requires strategy and firepower. Your fuel, ammo, and armor strength are limited resources, which you must replenish by finding supply caches on the ground. To goose the challenge a little more, you can choose three helicopter flying characteristics: From the Cockpit, From Above, and With Momentum.

With Momentum is the toughest and the most realistic. As the name implies, you can't stop on a dime. Desert Strike flies. It's easy to play, but tough. If you're a hard-core heli-warrior with an itch for Special Ops war action lifted straight from yesterday's headlines, scratch here. Economic sanctions will never make a good video game, so take to the skies with Desert Strike.

The action's hot! Get set for some hellacious helicopter flying! With the copilot of your choice fly a solo mission into the heart of the Middle East. Your objective: eliminate a hostile dictator and his military operation. Sounds familiar. This game is a combo of arcade blasting action and war simulation and strategy.

Later on the game was ported on other platforms, including Amiga's home computer. The story of the game was inspired by the real Gulf War and follows the conflict between the United States and an insane Middle Eastern dictator. The player control an Apache helicopter in order to destroy the enemies' weapons and installations.

The player has also to rescue hostages, capture enemies and manage fuel and ammunition supplies. The lead designer, Mike Posehn, had no video development experience prior to Desert Strike, but did a very good job by using 3D modeling to generate vehicle sprites. Those were later on touched up on the pixel level.

The game follows the story of Kibaba, who controls an unnamed and fictional Gulf state, as a dictator. The United States are forced to send a helicopter to destroy Kibaba's army, and the helicopter is assigned to the playable character. A bit after the game release the press stated the unnamed country is Iraq, and the fictional dictator is Saddam Hussein. The player pilots an AH Apache helicopter.

The game has lots of strategic elements, though it is mainly a shoot 'em up video game. The game happens in multi-directional scrolling levels from an isometric perspective. The player views the helicopter from outside, and not from the cockpit.

There are several missions in the game, based on destruction of enemy weapons and installations, but also including hostage rescue and enemy personnel capturing. The helicopter has machine guns, Hydra rockets and Hellfire missiles. However, if the player chooses to have very powerful weapons, he will not be able to carry on many in the helicopter. The player will have to choose the right weapon for each mission.

If the helicopter is hit and its armor reaches zero, the machine will be destroyed and the player will lose a life. It's the same with the limited amount of fuel the aircraft can have. However, the helicopter can refuel by picking up fuel barrels. The video game was a fantastic commercial hit, topping the best seller charts for Electronic Arts at that time. Most of the critics offered favorable reviews, and some publications even offered ratings as 9 out of The game was enjoyable, mixed action and strategy and offered great graphics and sound.

However, some were not happy with the release of the game happening right around the end of the Gulf War. The real-world War focused on the US sending aircrafts and helicopters to destroy enemy weapons, exactly like in the game. One magazine even reported veterans burning copies of the game. Nevertheless, Desert Strike was a hit on the market and a great game to play in These multi-directional shooter games allow the player to take control of an Apache helicopter equipped with three ammunition types with limited fuel and defense capacity.

Search for scattered parts throughout the map and you can more easily repair armor by capturing and delivering POWs or allied soldiers at a drop point. However, beware of your fuel and armor level, because if either reaches zero -— your helicopter crashes and you loose a life. Desert Strike is the first game in the Strike series. Your job as the player is to stop the General and his terrorist army and prevent him from launching a nuclear attack on the world.

Fly you AHA Apache through missions as you destroy power plants and perform rescue attempts. In the latest translation of Electronic Arts' Desert Strike, you are the pilot of an advanced assault chopper armed with the most sophisticated weapons systems ever devised. Participate in various incursions behind enemy lines while avoiding missies, surface-to-air fire and myriads of enemy choppers! The action is heavy in this military tour-de-force.

The many goals are all appealing and the presentation of the cart is also top notch. Some of the play mechanics are a j little jerky in areas, but for the most part this game delivers on all of its promises. Not incredibly intense, but satisfying nevertheless. EA did a very good job in creating a realistic copter game. With true to life missions that take us back to thei war in the Gulf, this simulation is one of the best ever done in a cartridge game.

While the weaknesses of the system Ishow through, once the play control is learned, the game is manageable. This is a great port over from the Genesis. The graphics are much more detailed yet the animation is a bit slower. The sounds are a big improvement and the overall game play is very good.

Desert Strike has a number of cool features and enough missions to keep shooter fans happy with a unique perspective. Sayonara, Saddam! Desert Strike is the type of game you must buy if you are truly an American, or at least against dictators in general! This is a little repetitive and hard to control, but the ending is worth the tedious journey, believe me! Who knows, perhaps we can look forward to more EA titles of this genre. Browse games Game Portals. Desert Strike - Return to the Gulf.

Install Game. Game review Downloads Screenshots 76 Cheats 10 Discussion 1. Chopper 'til You Drop 'er In Desert Strike, you're a helicopter jockey with a full mission list, on assignment in the Gulf. Sand in Your Face This translation to the small screen is a good one.

Have Some Desert Once you get the aiming and flying down, though, you'll love this game, especially if you're a fan of the other Genesis titles. ProTips: Not all the Fuel and Ammo supplies are listed on the map. Try blowing up certain installations to find hidden power ups.

You can creep up on a target without getting blown to pieces by the artillery surrounding it Go slow when you're near your mark. After you blow up the second Command center, don't kill the little guy that's running around the debris. Instead, pick him up, and he'll give you the whereabouts of the Secret Agent.

Overall rating: 8. Download Desert Strike - Return to the Gulf. Sega Master System. ProTips: In Scenario 1, armor is hiding in the northern hangar of the north air base. To destroy the heavily-armed military bases in Scenario 1, use hit-and-run tactics. Launch Hellfire Missiles at watchtowers and AAA's positioned around the perimeter of the base Then retreat, repair your copter, and return to finish the job.

To save gas, travel north and south over the water. You don't use any gas when you are over water. In Scenario 1 you need to capture the enemy commanders, not kill them! If you kill them, you'll get a slap on the wrist from your superiors and you'll be sent back to the beginning of the level. Overall rating: 7.

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Inspired by Choplifter, he aimed to create a nonlinear game with smoothly animated vehicles. Posehn developed a camera system with momentum to mimic realistic helicopter movements. Three-dimensional 3D modeling was used to generate the vehicle sprites, which were later touched up on the pixel level with color. Desert Strike was a commercial success: it was a chart-topping best seller and at the time Electronics Arts' highest selling game.

Reviewers praised the game's enjoyability, mix of action and strategy, graphics and sound. There was some controversy regarding the game's subject matter, with commentators criticising it as in poor taste due the proximity of its release to the recently ended Gulf War. Desert Strike is a shoot 'em up game in which the player pilots an AH Apache helicopter. The game is less frantic than typical shoot 'em ups, with the addition of greater strategic elements. The action takes place on open, multi-directional scrolling levels viewed from an isometric perspective.

The player views the action from outside the helicopter, rather than from within the cockpit. The player is also assisted by their copilot, who they can pick at the start of the mission; each copilot plays differently with different skill levels. The best copilot, Lt. Carlos 'Jake' Valdez, is missing in action at the start of the game, and can be found and rescued during one of the missions. Levels consist of several missions, which are based around the destruction of enemy weapons and installations, as well as rescuing hostages or prisoners of war, or capturing enemy personnel.

The Apache is armed with a machine gun, more powerful Hydra rockets and yet more deadly Hellfire missiles. The more powerful the weapon, the fewer can be carried: the player must choose an appropriate weapon for each situation. Enemy weapons range from soldiers with small arms, to anti-aircraft missiles to tanks and armoured cars. The player's craft has a limited amount of armour, which is depleted as the helicopter is hit by enemy fire.

Should the armour reach zero, the craft will be destroyed, costing the player a life. The player must outmanoeuvre enemies to avoid damage, but can replenish armour by means of power-ups or by airlifting rescued friendlies or captives to a landing zone.

The helicopter has a finite amount of fuel which is steadily depleted over time. Should the fuel run out the Apache will crash, again costing the player a life. The craft can refuel by collecting fuel barrels: the player must therefore plan mission routes carefully in order to maximise efficiency. The helicopter also carries limited ammunition, which must be replenished by means of ammo crates.

The game opens with a self-proclaimed general named Kilbaba Mubaba in the Super NES version seizing control of an unnamed, fictional Gulf state. Installing himself as dictator, Kilbaba quickly begins fortifying his position with military weapons and installations, including facilities for building nuclear bombs.

The United States decides to send in a single helicopter, piloted by the player's unnamed character and aided by a co-pilot, to infiltrate and destroy Kilbaba's forces in a series of swift strikes. Altogether, four missions need to be resolved: In the first level Air Superiority , the player must destroy several enemy airstrips and their support facilities, as well as liberate an exposed pro-American spy who holds important information about Kilbaba's next plans.

The next mission Scud Buster entails locating and destroying a chemical weapons plant and a number of scud launchers wielding chemically charged missiles, and evacuate local and American non-combatants and P. The third mission Embassy City revolves around rescuing a U. In the final stage Nuclear Storm , the player must - among other things - prevent the destruction of a major oil production facility, disable a nuclear power plant and several finished parts for nuclear weapons, and finally take down Kilbaba himself.

Kilbaba attempts to escape in a bomber plane armed with nuclear bombs, so the player must destroy him and his plane before it leaves the runway. The game's plot was felt by commentators to be a thinly disguised reference to the Gulf War, while comparisons were drawn between Kilbaba and Saddam Hussein, and between the game's unnamed desert setting and Iraq.

More details about this game can be found on Wikipedia. Find digital download of this game on GOG or Steam. Recommended Game Controllers: You can control this game easily by using the keyboard of your PC see the table next to the game. However, for maximum gaming enjoyment, we strongly recommend using a USB gamepad that you simply plug into the USB port of your computer. If you do not have a gamepad, you can buy one of these controllers:.

These emulators differ not only in the technology they use to emulate old games, but also in support of various game controllers, multiplayer mode, mobile phone touchscreen, emulation speed, absence or presence of embedded ads and in many other parameters. For maximum gaming enjoyment, it's important to choose the right emulator, because on each PC and in different Internet browsers, the individual emulators behave differently.

Posehn developed a dynamic camera system to help maintain what he felt was the right balance between the size of the field in view and the size of the game objects. The camera travels on an elliptic curve as the helicopter rotates to change the direction it travels; this puts whatever is in front of the helicopter more in view on screen. Posehn also integrated momentum to the camera movements to smooth transitions.

He spent several months working on the physics for the screen and helicopter to ensure realistic movement. Instead of using completely accurate physics, Posehn chose to model movement that he believed players would assume a helicopter would have. He believed players would be put off by physics that didn't match their perceived movement. Desert Strike was an immediate commercial success, going straight to the top of sales charts.

Mean Machines praised the sophistication and tactical freedom found in the game, as well as its longevity and graphics. The magazine deemed it one of the best shooters on the Mega Drive thus far, as well as the best game released for the console that month.

The magazine felt the game was "essential" for Mega Drive owners. The magazine felt some of the graphics, particularly the explosions, were a little weak and complained that the fact that the helicopter is not fully rearmed and refuelled after the loss of a life was unduly frustrating. Amiga Action felt the game was not particularly innovative, but praised its open-ended gameplay, graphics and sound.

The reviewer claimed the Amiga version of the game ran more slowly than the Mega Drive version but overall felt the port was "a more than satisfactory translation". The reviewer also acclaimed the game's "brilliant playability".

The magazine however said that "All things considered, Desert Strike couldn't be a better game", praising the "fast and frantic" action and "just-one-more-go appeal". The magazine said the game "plays like a dream" and was "one of the best shoot 'em ups available for any games machine". The four reviewers of Electronic Gaming Monthly gave varying praise to the Lynx version's controls and graphics, but concurred that on the smaller portable screen Desert Strike loses much of its impact and playability, as it is difficult to identify enemies or even see the bullets the player character fires.

GamePro gave the Game Boy version a positive review, saying it "has almost everything that made the original title great. Despite its commercial success, some commentators felt the game was an attempt to capitalize on then-recent, extensive news coverage of the Gulf War, which had focused on the use of advanced, impersonal weapons such as aircraft and guided missiles to destroy enemy weapons and installations.

Top army games with a nice tasteless Gulf War setting. The design staff made efforts to retain game mechanics they felt embodied the core of the original. They believed removing those elements would result in a loss of focus of what attracted fans. As the series moved to more advanced consoles, Posehn became less involved in the programming side of development.

Fatima Al Qadiri , a musician who lived in Kuwait during Operation Desert Storm, recorded an EP of the same name based on her experience of playing the game Desert Strike a year after the war ended; it was released in October by Fade to Mind. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the cruise missile strikes on Iraq, see Operation Desert Strike. Main article: Strike video game series.

Sega Retro. Accessed 14 June Next Generation. Imagine Media 11 : —7. November Accessed 16 June Electronic Gaming Monthly. Ziff Davis 56 : March Ziff Davis 67 : February Archived from the original on 16 May Archived from the original on 13 May Archived from the original on 30 April Archived from the original on 22 May IDG 78 : Retrieved 24 February July Retrieved 25 February Accessed 16 July Review , GameSpot , 25 September Fade To Mind Official Website.

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