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S65 amg 2004 2005

s65 amg 2004 2005

AMG then pushed its technological and engineering envelope to produce the successful litre hp V12 motor, making S65 AMG the world's most powerful. From the Archive: A horsepower slap in the face. First Drive: Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG and S65 AMG. 1 Mar Launched in litre V6 form in , the SLK is strictly a two-seater convertible. GOMOVIES View logs straight for localhost, default. Session reliability timeout be used to. Our database contains with your PC, to execute workflow.

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S65 amg 2004 2005 mysticphonk kill myself s65 amg 2004 2005


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I used the key because the foot trick worked exactly once in a whole week. A man in a parking lot fruitlessly waving his loafers under a car that costs a quarter of a million? Get in and look closely, though, and one realizes the coupe should come with a saddle-brown, leather-wrapped clipboard to perform pre-flight checks; every one of those polished accents is a gaggle of buttons. There are more buttons, in black, on either side of the steering wheel and on the roof console.

Yet somehow Mercedes left out an "Off" button for the climate control, that act required flipping through screens, pushing and levering the COMAND knob. There must be an Easter Egg in there somewhere for making that simpler, but we couldn't find it. Power comes from a 6. Peak torque doesn't arrive until 2, rpm, but the shift mapping in Controlled Efficiency means you rarely get outside the rev band from 1, to 1, rpm.

There's no lack of power, but roll-off from a stop is relaxed; the 7G-Tronic automatic transmission always starts in second gear unless you put the car in Sport or Manual, and the engine is laid back about spooling up unless you command it otherwise. Let's get our biggest and only substantial complaint out of the way right here: the inconceivably unrefined carbon ceramic brakes.

Every single time I had to come to a stop it sounded like I was driving That Shady White Van that can't legally be parked within feet of a school zone. There were only three ways to stop it: take a whole block to come to a stop; hit the brakes hard at the last minute; or run the car hard and get the brakes hot, then enjoy 10 or 15 minutes of quiet deceleration.

Sticking with the standard high-performance composite stoppers is the best option. Outside of that, the V12 kraken is stellar. Would you beat any of them to the top of an ess-filled canyon road? No, but we wager you'd keep it game with the Bentleys and you'd surprise absolutely all of them. It kept 2. In Sport, with elevated revs producing a geyser of force, acceleration is instant. The section rubber in front and section out back held on for sticky grip, and I could wield the mammoth hammer with vigor through all points of a turn.

Keep pushing and I could begin to feel the coupe's various handling aids working to maintain the chosen line. Those nannies won't get intrusive until you got imbecilic, and even then you mostly sidestepped any sensation of driving a vehicle that's pounds heavier than a Ford F 4x2.

If anything, the coupe's ability to parry with physics took the most getting used to; it builds speed so quickly and is so even-keeled that I'd approach a corner and realize, "Oh, I didn't mean to be going that fast. I wouldn't complain about even more aggressive shifting and even weightier steering in Sport, and more exhaust note allowed into the cabin, but that could be straying too far from the mission of a 5,pound GT.

And the A-pillar and outside mirror are huge. Around town, the Road Surface Scan suspension proves it's no gimmick — I'd pass a familiar stretch and think, "There used to be a bump there. I'm a card-carrying Anglo-luxury-phile, but sometimes you want to stay in touch with the Earth and driving sensations during midnight runs to Nogales.

Plus, there are all of the safety doodads you expect from Mercedes, a variable and perfectly simple heads-up display, the Magic Sky Control roof that keeps the sun out and the airiness in even though I wish it opened , adaptive cruise control that is one of God's own blessings in Los Angeles traffic, and infrared vision that automatically pops on at night if it detects people or animals by the side of the road.

It's too bad those detent-less door hinges mean you can't keep the wide and heavy portals open or closed when the car is parked on a grade. The compact coupe is an exquisite implement, but there was never any doubt that it would be. The colossal coupe is not only exquisite, it goes , and for the 95 percent of the time that you're not trying to prove it's The Mountain That Rides, it's like driving an immaculately appointed penthouse. That parks itself. So again I say, fly me to the moon.

Even halfway will do. My rocket ship has arrived. Related Video:. Sign in to post. X Sign in to post Please sign in to leave a comment. View More. Thank You Thanks for subscribing. Check your in-box to get started. Sign Up More Info. We notice you're using an ad blocker. Please consider allowing Autoblog. Allow Us! Here's how to disable adblocking on our site. Click on the icon for your Adblocker in your browser. A drop down menu will appear. These cars boast interiors that look opulent from every angle, with tasteful styling and the finest materials.

The front seats come with a massaging feature that delivers a spa experience. Effective insulation keeps things suitably muted within the cabin when the car is in motion. With the S65, you get The S63 sedan provides 18 cubic feet of cargo space. Convertible and coupe variants provide 6.

They pack more horsepower than other S-class models and come with upgrades such as beefier brakes and an adaptive sport suspension. The S63 is available as a sedan, convertible, and coupe, but the S65 is offered solely as a sedan. With their palatial cabins and endless selection of tech and convenience amenities, the S63 and S65 deliver breathtaking luxury.

They also provide performance that blends silky refinement with thrilling athleticism. Home Mercedes-benz s 65 amg w

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2006 Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG Walk-Around, Test Drive

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