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Diaper under dress

diaper under dress

Don't stare under my skirt x_x, it's embarrassing! emma-abdl: “I'm secretly taking upskirt diaper pictures ”. r/DiapersUnderClothes: Pics of the more discrete Diaper Lovers, Incontinent, and all around ABDL. g-abaya.online › watch. JORN LANDE TROND HOLTER Note we use counter rather than to the embedded space in Program. This allow the no way that need the help. Attachment, if it was sent before the end of p Email.

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Diaper under dress go x


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My favorite is the bottom left one. I am a sucker for a gal in pullups and jeans. Thanks for the post! Omutsu general Existing user? Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Twitter. Login with Discord. Search In. Existing user? Diapers under clothes diapers pullups training pants pants jeans. Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Posted July 21, Pictures of women wearing diapers under their clothes adde Link to comment.

Nice great pics, i will see what i can put together to add to this! Posted July 22, Sounds good. Diapers under clothes are so cute. Posted July 23, I truely hope you are atleast 18, cuz u sound like a kid Sounds like your mom knew you better than you do. Any you're not the first person to wear a diaper at their own wedding. It sounds like you are under 18 if your mom forced you to wear a diaper. Yes parents can make you wear a diaper for your own protection.

If you are 18 and living under parents roof they make the rules if you don't like the rules you can get a job and your own place. I lived with my parents until I was 19 and had to abide by their rules. I finally moved out do to rules that was unfair and outlandish. It sounds like your mom knew that you'd have accidents do to the lines for the bathroom and saved you the embarrassment of peeing yourself.

It sounds like diapers would be a good idea for you. It does sound like she is a bit immature still, but could be 18 none the less. I do have to wonder if this is a shotgun wedding though. It's the most common kind for 18 year olds. You got me there. Guess I wasn't paying enough attention. Good to know though. Too young in my opinion. Well, it seems to me this is a 'hit and run' type of fap material post The OP was here to post a whole 10 minutes and hasn't returned.

Soooooo I'd say this was probably some minor posting here on a dare or just because they were bored. Given the typos and poor sentence structure, this is more like someone 'texting' than trying to truly communicate. Worthy of allowing it to drift off into obscurity and being ignored Ha i called it Being from another country saying this for any others who may lurk and see this with the idea of joining is no reason not to understand the rules here.

Well, you can put 15 in your profile and still make it, the site won't stop you from doing that, so I think they knew the rules, it's why I'm suspicious of a lot of people who put 18! A swing and a miss, lights out! You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy!

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Diaper under dress kevin kaslana

BULKY DIAPER Under Mini Skirts DISCREET or BULKY?- PreSchool Cloth Backed DIAPER Under SUMMER SKIRTS diaper under dress

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Kawaii Adult Cloth Diaper -- Try ON In Clothing --

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