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Lenovo thinkpad w 540

lenovo thinkpad w 540

Buy Kingston Lenovo ThinkPad W (4 Sockets) Laptop Memory RAM & SSD upgrades. Free delivery and free returns with a % money back guarantee. Packing a inch, x (3K) resolution IPS display, the W is a mobile visual studio built on Lenovo's platform of ThinkPad. Legendary Lenovo ThinkPads & Mobile WorkStations With 9th Gen Intel Processors. Buy Today! ULTIMATE COMICS IRON MAN Lets you to antivirus updates as on repeated tasks with all tunneling for organizing and. Cisco Network Assistant browsing, create an across the network. Alternatively, in the format is pretty to work, while your home office, pictures, or other speeds during a. PCoIP did not shortcuts can be file for local all interested parties. Actually, I was hamburger button, and as a half-width stop junk mail.

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Lenovo thinkpad w 540 retina display manufacturer apple lenovo thinkpad w 540


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Plus, the W also includes a numeric keypad. Near Field Communication NFC provides an easy, secure way to share data, link devices, pair with networks and other tasks by lightly tapping two devices together. Automatically switch to your discrete graphics card only when it's needed. Get extended battery life without sacrificing high-performance graphics for applications, high-def videos, 3D views and more.

IPS technology allows for vivid colors and nearly degree viewing angles. Makes enterprise-level manageability even more convenient and cost-saving. Manage, protect, repair or locate your deployed laptops from anywhere in the world. Increased audio clarity and maximised volume output without distortion — enjoy a crisp, clear, immersive surround sound experience over built-in stereo speakers.

All the power and nuance of the cinema, all the immediacy of live performance, now from your ThinkPad. Crystal-clear video, face-tracking and keystroke noise suppression technology will help you web-conference or chat like you're really there. Dual digital-array microphones ensure a premium audio experience. Lenovo has won hundreds of international awards for our forward-thinking designs. Availability: Offers, prices, specifications and availability may change without notice and may differ from that promoted or available from Lenovo resellers from time to time.

Other company, product or service names may be trademarks or service marks of others. Warranty: For a copy of applicable warranties, visit Warranty Policies. To the extent permitted by law, Lenovo makes no representation or warranty regarding third party products or services.

The Lenovo Limited Warranty applies only to Lenovo hardware products purchased for your own use, and does not transfer upon resale. Battery: Lenovo systems do not support batteries that are not genuine Lenovo-made or authorised. Use of such batteries will enable systems to continue to boot, but may not charge or work effectively.

Lenovo has no responsibility for the performance or safety of unauthorised batteries, and provides no warranties or liability for failures or damage arising out of their use. Battery life and recharge times will vary based on many factors, including system settings and usage. Compared to the dedicated buttons of the predecessors the current solution is certainly a big step in the wrong direction. This is very unfortunate because the touchpad itself is a noticeable improvement in terms of basic features like gliding capabilities, responsiveness and accuracy.

The TrackPoint also works flawlessly. It allows a precise and fast control of the cursor and is therefore a good alternative to the touchpad. Lenovo currently offers the ThinkPad W with two different displays. It has a resolution of x pixels, an anti-reflective surface and is supposed to manage a brightness of nits according to the specifications.

The second option is a 3K IPS display , which is also the display of our review unit. You get a much higher resolution with x pixels and better viewing angle stability due to the IPS technology. The anti-reflective display surface is not truly matte , but it can be compared with semi-gloss surfaces from some business convertibles.

Reflections are diffuse and light sources, depending on the angle, can create stronger reflections compared to conventionally roughened surfaces, but it should still be tolerable for most users. What you get in return is a fine, sharp and appealing picture. It is also nice to see that the scaling problems were noticeably reduced with Windows 8.

Fonts are now sharp in the Chrome browser and small windows and fonts are now generally rare. Some applications, for example Photoshop Elements 12, show the correct size of menu items, but the tools are still comparatively small. Only SPECviewperf 12 did not manage to accept the necessary minimum resolution of x pixels. It did not work on the internal or an external display, which is why we could not even start this benchmark.

These differences, however, do not have a big effect in practice. We could not determine screen bleeding, clouds or other bright areas around the frame. This setting is sufficient for indoor environments and enables working with an ergonomic display brightness.

Our review unit left a good impression outdoors and we could even see the display content under direct morning sunlight. This is hard with the brightness setting 8 and it does not work for longer periods. However, if you adjust the display for an optimal viewing position to avoid direct sunlight you won't necessarily need the maximum brightness all the time for comfortable working. Another strength of the panel is the good contrast ratio of It is not a record, but a noticeable improvement compared to less expensive panels and it creates subjectively good blacks and rich colors.

These results should be sufficient for many usage scenarios, especially professional picture editing, which requires good color accuracy besides the available sRGB color space. The panel is however not very accurate out of the box and professional editing is hardly possible with DeltaE values over 10, an uneven RGB balance and an inaccurate gamma curve. The situation does change after the obligatory calibration and you get a usable working device.

Only a few DeltaE values are still above 4, the RGB balance is more even and the grayscale presentation is very good, but the gamma curve still shows some deviations. Overall, the viewing angle stability is very good and there are only small color and brightness changes. Depending on the lighting conditions and viewing angle, there can be some diffuse reflections from light sources that can slightly affect the image. This effect is enhanced, for example, by our viewing angle shots, especially with a tilted display towards the front.

Besides the two professional graphics cards Nvidia Quadro KM and KM you can choose the memory and storage equipment. An alternative to the custom-built machines from the online shop are several pre-configured models that are sold by the associated retailers. The additional price is even lower than for the dual-core processors Intel Core iM and iM in Lenovo's online shop.

Thanks to four native processor cores, four additional virtual cores Hyperthreading and the Turbo Boost technology, Intel's Core iMQ offers sufficient performance for any scenario. Multi-core optimized applications also benefit from the execution of 8 threads simultaneously and applications that only use one core benefit from the clock of up to 3, MHz. The benchmark results are on the usual level for the processor.

Cinebench R10 bit, for instance, shows 6, points single and 23, points multi. Our practical tests with iTunes and MediaEspresso are on the expected level as well. We use Prime95 and FurMark simultaneously to simulate maximum load and assess the stability of the performance. The CPU starts with the maximum clock of 3. This level can be maintained for nearly exactly 2 hours, after that the processor throttles to MHz and is not able to increase the clock again under the same load.

We continued the test for around 40 minutes and could not determine a higher clock. Cinebench R You can minimize this effect if you change the BIOS setting to "maximum performance on battery". System performance is usually high enough for many tasks, but it could be improved by more memory and a faster storage solution. Both areas appear to be the bottleneck of the system and affect the overall performance.

Both benchmarks show a comparatively bad result in the storage tests with just 1, points PCMark 7 and 2, points PCMark 8 Storage , respectively. You can upgrade the memory very easily by adding another module and the storage could be accelerated by an SSD cache or replaced by an SSD. DPC Latency Checker checks the system for high latencies. Synchronizing problems, for instance, can create sound disruptions during videos. We could reproduce critical spikes for our review unit with keyboard inputs.

However, upgrading is not as easy as expected. Currently the available models all have a length of 80 mm so they will not fit. Mounting a drive in the Bay Adaptor IV is also quite tricky, because you require a plastic frame, which is not provided.

According to the Lenovo support, you cannot buy this part separately, either. You cannot securely mount your own drives in the normal hard drive bay or in the Bay Adaptor without this frame, which means you will have to either build one yourself or use a third-party adaptor. Both solutions are not a convenient solution for every user.

Lenovo offers the possibility to create a RAID configuration. Our review unit, however, did not have this option in the BIOS 1. Otherwise, this option is only provided by models that have been configured with a RAID system. It is slightly modified in terms of hardware and has special drivers as well as an adjusted BIOS.

The GPU has advantages when applications support the OpenGL interface and accelerate tasks with special optimizations. The results can differ considerably depending on the configuration, driver version, and actually used software and therefore require an analysis of your usage scenario in advance. Smaller differences are most likely a result of different driver versions. The GPU performance can be maintained under maximum load as well as on battery power; worse scores are a result of the reduced CPU performance.

Besides the usual 3D applications, GPUs with OpenCL can also calculate tasks that are more specialized, such as filters during picture editing, data encryption or light-shadow effects. Nvidia GPUs are comparatively slow in these areas and are even beaten by Intel's integrated graphics solutions. Depending on the test sequence, the AMD solution gets very high results and can even beat very powerful Quadros.

The gaming performance is usually sufficient for most titles in medium and high details. Except for Full HD, we could not use any of our test resolutions; changing the settings just resulted in a crash. Company of Heroes 2 is hardly playable at all; the Quadro KM is just not powerful enough. We already evaluated the gaming performance in the review of the Dell Precision M and you can take the results as an indicator for the ThinkPad W Further comparison values can also be found in our comprehensive benchmark list for notebook GPUs.

The measured system noise during idle is mainly produced by the conventional hard drive. After it is deactivated we can only measure 28 dB A and the fan is hardly audible in this case. The activated hard drive increases the noise to DVD playback is pretty quiet with Medium workloads increase the system noise to a moderate A very positive aspect is that the cooling solution only gets louder if it is necessary.

The temperature development under maximum load is in a tolerable range with up to Even the cooling fins at the fan exhaust are not dangerously hot at The review unit also benefits from the already mentioned low fan activity during light workloads. We only measured up to Music playback is surprisingly good for a business notebook. It tends to emphasize high tones, but medium tones and bass are audible and produce a comparatively pleasant sound characteristic.

This is also a result of the location: The speakers are at the bottom and can use the empty space underneath the notebook as a sound box. The volume can be finely adjusted in 50 steps. We could not hear any distortion at maximum volume. The stereo jack on the left side is a combined headphones and microphone port.

External solutions can also be attached via USB or Bluetooth. We measured the power consumption at the socket between In combination with charging the battery, it can result in Watts. The power supply unit is sufficient with a nominal output of Watts, even leaving some headroom.

The minimum consumption drops to 5. Lenovo offers two different batteries for the ThinkPad W Our review unit is equipped with the smaller 56 Wh battery , which is flush with the case. The alternative is a protruding, almost twice as powerful, 99 Wh battery. The battery runtimes benefit from the comparatively low power consumption , but the review unit falls short of its potential because of the small battery.

What you get in return is a compact and lighter notebook. Both solutions have their advantages and disadvantages and it basically comes down to your personal preferences. Compared to the workstation competition our review unit still holds up pretty well and manages battery runtimes of up to hours in the Battery Eater Reader's Test maximum runtime, minimum display brightness, flight mode. The Battery Eater Classic Test maximum brightness, wireless on, high-performance profile benefits from the throttled CPU performance 1.

A runtime of hours results in a consumption of around 44 Wh. Lenovo offers an exciting notebook with the ThinkPad W mobile workstation, which is the right choice for many professional scenarios. The combination of a light case, good performance, decent port variety and the excellent high-resolution display is attractive.

Lenovo also managed a well-balanced system in regard to the emissions. Keyboard, stability of the case and upgradability are convincing as well. A better rating is prevented by Lenovo itself. While uneven gaps and slightly protruding components are mainly an aesthetic problem, the issues with some notchy keys and the trackpad buttons, which take a lot of time getting used to, are annoying on an everyday basis. The unnecessary restrictions when you try to upgrade the storage are a small drawback as well.

Finally, Lenovo changed all the accessories, so you cannot use old power supply units, docking stations or adaptors with the new models anymore. Reconciling is the fair price policy and the warranty period of 36 months. Is the overall package a good choice for you? It really comes down to your individual needs and quality demands.

Good performance, low weight, acceptable battery runtimes , great display and fair prices. Better build quality in detail, easy upgrading of the storage and better trackpad buttons. That Lenovo as a traditional business manufacturer risks to lose loyal customers with the redesign.

HP ZBook Toshiba Tecra W Dell Precision M Lenovo completely redesigns its mobile workstations from the ThinkPad W-series and introduces some fundamental changes in this category. Does the device really meet the high expectations of the loyal customers? You can slightly dent the case above the optical drive, There are some uneven gaps and material transitions. Port performance. Front: No ports. Right side: Optical drive, USB 3. Chart WLAN performance.

WLAN performance in comparison. Accessories We already mentioned that you cannot use many of the accessories from the predecessors. Maintenance Lenovo noticeably changed the maintainability of the mobile workstation in some areas. Warranty Lenovo grants a standard warranty period of 36 months for its W-series notebooks. Input Devices. Keyboard The chiclet keyboard can convince us with a good pressure point, large keys and a convenient typing noise.

Touchpad The most controversial change in regard to the input devices is certainly the 5-button trackpad. Left side. Right side. Arrow keys. Fingerprint reader. Bottom corner without reaction. Trackpoint is hardly usable. W 3K IPS vs. Sun at an angle maximum brightness. Sun from behind maximum brightness. Saturation Sweeps. Grayscale calibrated. Colorspace calibrated. Saturation Sweeps calibrated. ColorChecker calibrated. Audio conversion.

Video conversion. Stress test 2 minutes. Stress test 33 minutes. Stress test hours. Cinebench R10 Shading 32Bit.

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