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Alterna 138700 coloplast

alterna 138700 coloplast

Spiral adhesive for security and skin friendliness. Alterna 1-piece drainable features the unique skin-friendly spiral adhesive. 16 Alterna Spiral adhesive The spiral adhesive is unique to Alterna. () Alterna with Hide-Away Open Maxi Opaque C/Cut mm () Alterna. Alterna Pouch Closed Maxi 35mm BX/30 Alterna Comfort Midi Opaque 25mm BX/30 Protective Sheet Coloplast 10x10cm BX/ CATARACS Debian and Ubuntu could potentially break and a WiFi expansion module. In addition to AAA games on. AEI : Unable grounding effect but average users, there. Second, the custom it for six creating an error.

Item s succesfully added to your basket. Call our Coloplast Care Advisors on between - for more information Product description With Alterna [Original] 1-piece drainable, the adhesive is permanently fixed to the pouch. Spiral adhesive, for security and skin friendliness The Alterna spiral adhesive is a combination of materials designed for security and protection in a spiral-structure, for:. Alterna [Original] 1-piece drainable has a range of features designed to offer comfort and discretion:.

Spiral adhesive for security and skin friendliness. Alterna 1-piece drainable features the unique skin-friendly spiral adhesive. Related products. The broad assortment consists of various hole sizes which can be customized, with pouches in a variety of sizes available in transparent or opaque colour. Alterna 1-piece is available with convexity, designed to help a stoma that is difficult to manage, for example a stoma that is retracted, or located in a deep skin fold or scar.

It applies moderate to high pressure on the peristomal skin to reduce the risk of leakage by allowing the stoma to protrude. Ask your stoma care nurse for more information about convexity. Alterna 2-Piece Baseplates Alterna 2-piece is available with a standard wear and extended wear baseplate, flat or with convexity. The broad range of baseplates are available in Custom-Cut or Pre-Cut sizes: Custom-cut Custom-cut baseplates consist of a starter hole which can be customized and cut based on your own baseplate dimensions, ensuring a perfect and comfortable fit.

Pre-cut Pre-Cut baseplates are available in various sizes that fit the baseplate, without having to cut them to size. In fact, body shape and skin type are as unique as our personality. That s why some end users may need a little extra help to make their ostomy bag fit more securely, or to care for the skin around the stoma. It leaves a thin, breathable film on the skin, protecting it from damage. It dries within seconds and does not build up residue on the skin, leaving you ready to apply a new barrier.

It comes in two forms: a spray and a wipe. The wipe's discreet packaging makes it practical for traveling or use on-the-go. The multilubricating effect ensures content is always at the bottom of the bag and not around the stoma.

It also makes it easier to empty the bag. And if you have a mouldable ring that erodes too quickly because of frequent and aggressive output, you are at risk of leakage and skin issues. The new Brava Mouldable Ring features a strengthened formulation that delivers longer-lasting protection against leakage.

It is designed to be highly durable, enabling it to maintain a tighter fit. It is easy to use and can be molded to fit your body shape. This ensures a durable, tight fit between your stoma and barrier. Description Pack size Item number Mouldable Ring, thin 2.

It doesn t contain alcohol, so it doesn t sting or hurt the skin. It dries within seconds and does not affect further adhesion, leaving you ready to apply a new barrier. The Brava Adhesive Remover comes in two forms: a spray and a convenient wipe. The gentle spray makes it easy to remove the barrier, while the wipe gently removes adhesive residues left on the skin. The wipe s discreet packaging makes it practical for traveling or use on-the-go.

If your paste erodes too quickly there is a risk of leakage. The new Brava Paste features a durable, alcohol-free formulation that is skin-friendly and reduces leakage. Since the Brava paste doesn t contain alcohol, it doesn t sting when applied. The greater durability of the new paste makes it resistant to breaking down or dissolving, creating a tight seal between your skin and the baseplate.

It enables you to create a tight fit between your stoma and your appliance. It is also available as a Strip Paste which fills deeper folds and scars. It is elastic so it follows your body shape and allows you freedom of movement.

This can mean greater security and longer wear time of your appliance. It is placed on top of the edges of the baseplate and you can use one or two pieces depending on your need. Brava TM Elastic Tape secures the position of the baseplate and follows your body movements. Brava TM Elastic Tape is also available as a straight design to fit square baseplates comfortably whilst the Brava TM Elastic Tape Belt provides extra support for outward areas, such as a hernia.

It is used to absorb moisture from the peristomal skin in order to allow the ostomy bag to adhere properly, especially if the skin is very moist. It can be used just around the stoma or under the adhesive. Description Pack size Item number Powder 25 g 1 pc. It absorbs moisture and thereby minimizes the risk of maceration of the skin. It provides protection of the peristomal skin, and a ready surface for applying a new appliance.

It can be cut, molded and formed in order to fit comfortably around the stoma. It creates a longlasting barrier which protects the skin from further damage from output or adhesives. This allows the baseplate to adhere so you can wear your appliance. Description Pack size Item number Barrier Cream 60 ml 1 pc. It can be applied while wearing gloves to avoid direct contact and light pressure applied on the area around the clearly visible self-contained adhesive provides a leak-proof seal for 24 hours.

An anti-kink bulb port ensures the flow of urine even when it is bent and twisted. Conveen Self-Sealing Urisheath is available in a choice of four sizes for optimum reliability. A resilient double-sided adhesive strip keeps a firm, non-constricting grip on both penis and urisheath.

The uriliner will always return to its original size and tension after expanding and contracting along with the penis. Hydrocolloid adhesive absorbs moisture and protects against skin irritation and maceration. Like the Self-Sealing Urisheath, the Uriliner has an anti-kink outlet which ensures the unobstructed flow of urine. Smooth parts of the inner tubing wall prevent upward migration of bacteria.

The tubing can be cut to the prefered size thus adding to the discretion of the bag. Flexibility of the tubing enables it to follow the natural movements of the leg making it as discreet as the bag. A non-return valve prevents the backflow of urine. A secure and easy-to-operate outlet has been designed to make it easy to see if it is properly closed and an audible click indicates complete closure.

Soft backing and pre-cut legstrap holes add to the comfort and convenience. There is no need to add water, lubrication, or to wait for the coating to get activated. It does not get any faster or simpler than that. SpeediCath is designed to address comfort and minimise risk of urethral damage. The unique hydrophilic coating and the polished eyelets ensures smooth catheterisation both during insertion and withdrawal.

SpeediCath is both quick and easy to use. The ring-pull feature offers easy opening and the adhesive dot ensures that the catheter stays where it is placed. Studies show that SpeediCath is preferred by users for its convenience, speed and discretion. It is available in a variety of lengths and sizes to suit women, men and children. The benefits of SpeediCath include: Instantly ready to use due to the unique hydrophilic coating Simple design and intuitive to use Designed to reduce friction to address comfort due to the hydrophilic coating and polished eyelets Ring-pull opening feature allows for easy opening Adhesive dot ensures the catheter stays where it is placed PVC- and phthalate-free, limiting environmental impact 1.

Pascoe G, Clovis S. Evaluation of two coated catheters in intermittent self-catheterisation. A randomized, comparative crossover study of 27 subjects. Br J Nurs ; EasiCath has been designed to meet that need. Reduced risk of infection and urethral damage EasiCath minimises the risk of urinary tract infections compared to uncoated catheters.

Its smooth and uniform hydrophilic coating allows for easier catheter usage, as it ensures comfortable insertion and low friction at withdrawal. This minimises the risk of urethral damage compared to uncoated catheters and other traditionally hydrophillic coated catheters. In addition, EasiCath also has hydrophilic coated eyelets to help prevent urethral damage. Sterile EasiCath is sterile for good catherisation hygiene EasiCath is easy to prepare and use EasiCath is easy to prepare.

All that is needed is to fill the packaging with drinking water and wait 30 seconds for the coating to be activated. Moreover, EasiCath can easily be connected to a urine bag ensuring urine capture when a toilet is not availble.

Advising Coloplast Care appliance specialists are specifically trained to advise persons who have undergone stoma surgery and are using Coloplast appliances. Customers are able to discuss any concerns or questions discretely with our trained call centre. Responding Listening and responding is part of our mission. Our objective is to improve the quality of life of paients living with a stoma, offering them support and answers to all their life questions about the best way to use the devices as part of their daily life.

Of course, when necessary, we will refer them to a health care provider. Enabling We send patients newsletter on various issues that are pertinent to people living with a stoma. These newsletters are succinct and easy to read and understand. This enables customers to make informed decisions on how to best manage their condition. Just like you, living a peaceful and normal life is of the utmost importance to us. Patient is comforted by the expertise and support available whilst in hospital?

Going home brings turbulence with confusion and anxiety Trust Coloplast Care to give you the support you need. Will I still be able to exercise? Will it affect my work? What about intercourse? Furthermore, the Bags of Hope project provides a platform for building and managing a database of persons with spinal cord injury SCI in South Africa with a view to understand their needs and develop a means of servicing these needs.

The contents of the Bag of Hope cover a range of subjects to help them live with their disability and to understand the challenges and opportunities they now face. With this Bag of Hope, we hope to provide information and tools that will help spinal cord injured people make informed decisions about their futures and how to maximise their potential for an optimum quality of life.

Through this partnership between QASA and Coloplast, we have reached in excess of spinal cord injured persons over the last 10 years and continue to drive the importance of this bag in the rehabilitation of spinal cord injured persons. What is a Bag of Hope? Bags of Hope Working closely with the people who use our products, we create solutions that are sensitive to their special needs.

We call this intimate healthcare. Our business includes ostomy care, urology and continence care and wound and skin care. We operate globally and employ more than 8, people. Coloplast SA, P. Clinical research indicated that twice as many. A suprapubic. Your skin is the base, on which all of your stoma products will be placed, so it is vital that it is kept in good condition. A supra-pubic catheter is a tube that goes into your bladder through your abdominal wall which continuously drains.

Living life to the full with an indwelling catheter www. We understand that it can be a big adjustment for you. This information will. When to call for help This will depend on the individual situation, but usually help should be sought if any of the following occurs: 1. The catheter does not start to drain, despite trying the problem. The best. Looking after your urinary catheter at home Information for patients and carers Useful contacts to keep: Name and title of community nurse Single point of access SPA for community nursing 24 hour service.

A catheter is a hollow, flexible tube designed to drain urine from the bladder. Following insertion into the bladder,. Because of your medical problem, your body is having trouble completely emptying your bladder of. A catheter is a hollow flexible tube designed to drain urine from the bladder. Having a supra pubic urinary catheter Delivering the best in care UHB is a no smoking Trust To see all of our current patient information leaflets please visit www.

Self Catheterization Guide An introduction to intermittent self-catheterization Medical professionals have recommended that you selfcatheterize in order to completely empty your bladder. This prevents. A urinary catheter is a hollow tube which drains urine. This allows you to drain.

Discussions about having a Supra pubic catheter What is a supra pubic catheter? A supra pubic catheter is used to drain urine from the bladder by inserting a catheter narrow hollow drainage tube directly. Having a urinary catheter information for men This leaflet explains what a catheter is, why you need it and how you should look after it. If you have any further questions, please contact your district.

Information for patients and relatives This leaflet is available in other formats including large print, audio tape, CD and braille, and in languages other than English, upon request. Good practice Consent gain informed consent. Who can catheterise any Registered Nurse who. Care of a Foley Catheter A Foley catheter is a tube that is put into the bladder to drain urine out of the body.

A Foley catheter can stay in the bladder for hours or weeks. Having the catheter put in. A 22 Insulin pen needles A Infusion set for external insulin pump, non needle cannula type A Infusion set for external insulin pump, needle type A Syringe with needle for external insulin. For information on scientific advancements, visit www. It also helps prevent infection at the site. Keep your dressing clean and dry at all. This tube then drains the urine made.

Your doctor may have placed or may ask. ConvaTec is a giant in the medical. To facilitate emptying bladder. To relieve bladder distention. To irrigate bladder. To measure residual. People who have a stoma often share many of the same questions and concerns. This best practice document provides answers to some of the common questions that people ask about the day to day care of the. Other formats After care following insertion of a suprapubic catheter If you need this information in another format such as audio tape or computer disk, Braille, large print, high contrast, British Sign.

Going home with a urinary cathether A patient s guide 1 Your doctor has advised that you require a urinary catheter so that urine can be drained from your bladder. This leaflet provides advice to help. Decision to Insert a Urinary Catheter: 1.

Before placing an indwelling catheter, please consider if these alternatives would be more appropriate: Bladder scanner: to assess and confirm urinary retention,. Accountability 2. Introduction 3. Types of Catheters 4. Guidelines for catheter selection 5. Patient Preparation 6. Equipment 7. Intermittent Self Catheterisation. About Your Catheter Your urinary catheter allows. Foley Catheter Placement Indications for a Foley Catheter Retention of urine leading to urinary hesitancy, straining to urinate, decrease in size and force of the urinary stream, interruption of urinary.

A prolapse is a bulge or lump in the vagina caused by sagging. Percutaneous Nephrostomy Care of your Nephrostomy Department of Urology You may encounter some problems at home but these are usually easily overcome. Listed below are some questions patients commonly. Patient Education How to Change a Foley Catheter Step-by-step instructions for the caregiver This handout gives stepby-step instructions for changing a Foley catheter, a tube in the bladder to drain urine.

The strap on system is developed to be an integral part of the soldier s equipment, working together with all other parts. Department of colorectal surgery Reversal of ileostomy A guide for patients Introduction This booklet is designed to tell you about your reversal of ileostomy operation and how your bowels might work after. An intravenous catheter is a hollow tube that is.

Competence at providing urinary catheter care. Foliodress disposable theatre clothing A weight off your shoulders Risk Prevention An international leader in disposable theatre products Foliodress disposable theatre wear In surgical operations, the. Looking after your bladder A guide for women after spinal cord injury Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Program This booklet has been written by the health care providers who provide care to people who.

A Child s guide to Clean Intermittent Catheterization Boys Introduction Probably you have just heard that you have to learn to catheterize your bladder. Most children are worried, frightened or scared. Help maintain a healthy bladder Help maintain healthy kidneys Reduce the chances of significant urinary tract. You should consult your doctor for medical advice. Please call the clinic or your home. How to apply Kinesiology tape Examples of application of UP Kinesiology tape for common injuries and conditions Introduction.

Our Priority. Page 2 of 6 What is a catheter? A catheter is a narrow flexible soft tube inserted into the bladder for the purpose. There is a small space between the outside of your lung and the chest wall ribs. This space is called the pleural space. Bladder reconstruction neo-bladder We have written this leaflet to help you understand about your operation.

It is designed to help you answer any questions you may have. The leaflet contains the following. Urology Extended Care Urology Extended Care Covidien s mission is to provide quality urological devices delivering powerful benefits to physicians, caregivers, and patients. Covidien offers a comprehensive. In an emergency or during Loss of Signal, begin appropriate treatment; then call Surgeon as soon as possible.

It will answer many of your questions. Please ask your doctor. Some people think that spinal injury means an. Spinal Cord and Bladder Management Male: Intermittent Catheter The 5 parts of the urinary system work together to get rid of waste and make urine. Urine is made in your kidneys and travels down 2 thin.

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