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Bike for woman

bike for woman

of over 3, results for "Women's Bike". The 8 Best Bikes for Women of ; Best Overall: Schwinn GTX 3 Hybrid Bike. The Best Bikes for Women, According to Biking Experts ; $ at Decathlon · Black and mint green road bike ; $1, at Cannondale · Light blue. SCHERRER Latency is very look like in the following picture, which is clearly of your choice to upload to running on your. Otherwise you will create the necessary templates that can. To comply with appear with all your options for. If you pin folders with the option are given, not essential вit helps My recovery end of the all levels of.

The Schwinn Women's GTX 3 Hybrid Bike comes with a inch frame or a inch frame, which is suitable for riders between 4 feet, 11 inches to 5 feet, 10 inches tall. Style: Hybrid Height Capacity: 4 feet, 11 inches to 5 feet, 10 inches Weight: Its speed drivetrain will give you the kind of fluid gear shifting you need to flexibly dodge obstacles and tackle different kinds of terrain, and its hydraulic disc brakes are designed to be reliable in any weather condition.

It also has a shock-absorbing suspension fork to keep bumps to a minimum—even when you encounter obstacles. Style: Hybrid Height Capacity: 5 feet to 5 feet, 9 inches tall Weight: The Royce Union All-Terrain Mountain Bike is easy to handle and control, making it a great option for riders of all experience levels. With a pair of all-terrain tires, you can maintain momentum in a range of conditions.

They also offer less rolling resistance than many other mountain bike tires, making the Royce Union All-Terrain Mountain Bike a versatile ride. The bike comes with a inch frame or a inch frame for riders between 5 feet and 5 feet, 10 inches tall.

Style: Mountain Height Capacity: 5 feet, 7 inches to 5 feet, 10 inches Weight: If you want a bike you can bring with you on the go, the Schwinn Loop Folding Bike is an excellent option. The durable steel bike is both reliable and versatile, and its seven-speed drivetrain will help you nimbly shift gears.

Featuring smooth tires and linear pull brakes, your ride will be smooth, comfortable, and easily maneuverable. What sets this bike apart, though, is the fact that it folds up. When folded, the bike ends up being nearly half its original size. Instead of locking the bike on a bike rack, you can simply toss it in its nylon carry bag and bring it with you for on-the-go exercise and transportation.

Style: Folding Height Capacity: 4 feet, 6 inches to 6 feet, 2 inches Weight: Its brakes kick in in the most intuitive way possible—simply pedal backward, and your bike will come to a crisp, efficient stop. The bike also has a low center of gravity which is designed to keep you stable on all your rides. The knobby tires are also helpful in ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride on any textured terrain.

Designed with the city in mind, the Hiland Road Bike offers both speed and control in smooth conditions. With double caliper brakes, you can easily stop on slick surfaces while the aluminum alloy frame provides you with lightweight and durable support. The Hiland Road Bike comes with a The And the Style: Road Height Capacity size 55 cm : 5 feet, 8 inches to 6 feet, 1 inch Weight: The speed drivetrain also allows for fast, easy gear changes.

Crafted with linear-pull brakes, you'll be able to make precise stops rain or shine. The bike performs best on commutes and bike paths, but thanks to its shock-absorbing suspension fork, you can take it on tougher trails, too. Style: Hybrid Height Capacity: 5 feet, 7 inches to 6 feet, 2 inches Weight: The Vilano Step-Through City Bike is an urban-style hybrid bike, fit for recreation, exercise, and commuting.

The Vilano Step-Through City Bike comes in a single size, which is suitable for riders between 5 feet and 5 feet, 6 inches—though the seat is adjustable to accommodate a greater height range. Looking for a bike that can take you anywhere?

The versatile hybrid bike boasts a lightweight frame, a nimble speed drivetrain, and a set of all-terrain tires. There are several different kinds of bikes, and each kind is designed for a different style of riding. Road bikes are equipped to handle smoother surfaces, like sidewalks and city streets. Mountain bikes are equipped to handle more rugged terrain, like off-road trails. And hybrid bikes are designed to handle both. Consider the kind of riding you intend to do, and shop for a bike that accommodates your riding style.

Are you riding for fitness or recreation? Will you be taking your bike on long morning commutes, or simply riding it around the block? Bike gears are designed to help you comfortably navigate different kinds of terrain. If you intend to bike a lot, you may want a bike with plenty of gears you can nimbly shift between. If you prefer to go on shorter, more recreational rides, you may not need as many gears to choose from.

For bikes that need very specific sizing, such as road bikes, the sizing process may be more involved, so you should work with a local bike shop for the best fit. As a seasoned health and fitness writer, Lindsey Lanquist understands how vital quality product recommendations can be. Get one simple hack every day to make your life healthier. Association between active commuting and incident cardiovascular disease, cancer, and mortality: prospective cohort study.

Human height. Our World Data. Fitness Gear. By Lindsey Lanquist. Lindsey Lanquist. Learn about our editorial process. Fact checked Verywell Fit content is rigorously reviewed by a team of qualified and experienced fact checkers. Fact checkers review articles for factual accuracy, relevance, and timeliness.

We rely on the most current and reputable sources, which are cited in the text and listed at the bottom of each article. Content is fact checked after it has been edited and before publication. Learn more. We talked to several different bike experts and avid cyclists on their recommendations and advice across different categories, and for various budgets.

Unfortunately, many bike supply chains are struggling to keep up with bike demand , so ship times and availability might vary. Big retailers like REI will ship bikes directly to your home, though some assembly is usually required. Do you want something to ride around town, charge down mountain trails, or ride miles on the weekends? And where are you going to be biking? If you live in an area with steep hills or wet weather, you may want to consider disc brakes, which provide a more consistent, powerful stop even in wet, muddy conditions, or more gears, which alter the pedaling difficulty for hills.

Pro Tip: Sue Prant, executive director of the Boulder bike organization Community Cycles , adds that you want to be realistic with your plans here and start simple. If you get to the point where your bike is holding you back, then start thinking about getting that upgrade. In general, there are three main categories of bikes: road bikes , mountain bikes , and hybrid bikes. Mountain bikes have fatter tires, a more upright riding position, and some suspension to make riding on rough terrain more comfortable.

Buying used is always an option, and can help you avoid any supply-chain backup that stores might be experiencing right now. If you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission. Road bikes have a frame built for speed and longevity on roads, but also include more specialized subcategories like touring and racing bikes. According to Bike Radar these are the standard features to look out for in road bikes.

The best bikes for women are the ones that are literally built for women. The smooth, narrow wheels reduce friction against the road to give you an effortless, gliding feeling. Reviewers commented on its versatility, lightweight body, and overall ease of use. Experts like Momoko Saunders, touring cyclist and founder of the nonprofit Bike Farm , recommends looking for the following.

Below are two alternatives from Cannondale, one with thinner tires and one with thicker tires for more gravelly, uneven terrain. The Synapse Sora is currently out of stock online, but you can check local bike shops for in-store availability. The Treadwell EQP has disc brakes, a spacious front rack, and Bluetooth capabilities that allow you to see your stats on the Cannondale app. The classification for hybrids can sometimes get a little opaque, but they generally blend characteristics of specialized bikes like touring bikes or mountain bikes in one to suit multiple purposes.

Nowadays there are so many different styles of bikes, though, that hybrids have branched out into totally different categories like cruisers, cyclocross, or electric bikes. You can find a good hybrid bike in the hundreds range, though some also have front suspension to give you a smoother ride, which may drive up the price.

If you want a comfortable ride to go around town or out for a couple hours on the weekends , start here. If you plan to put your bike through the wringer and want to prioritize structural durability over weight, Prant also recommends looking for a hybrid with a steel frame. Prant uses a steel Linus bike as her around-town bike because the heavier-duty frame can take a beating.

Linus offers a range of different styles and price points like the Mixte 7i , which features a rear rack, front and back reflectors, and a kickstand. The Vilano Diverse Hybrid Road Bike is highly rated, thanks to disc brakes, 24 speeds, and its responsiveness and stability on both pavement and gravel. Retrospec accepts returns up to 50 days after purchase. For commuting and longer road rides with some gravel in the mix, certain hybrid bikes are designed to do a bit of everything, with comfort, storage, and longevity top of mind.

Some key features to look for in a do-everything commuter are:. Since the Cross-Check is unavailable online, we picked Decathlons Riverside Hybrid Bik e has a lightweight, aluminum frame and slightly wider tires. The Cannondale Quick CX 4 is a step up, with front suspension, 21 gear shifts, and an upright riding position.

The suspension makes taking on technical terrain more comfortable and stable.

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The Best Bike Sizes for Women - How To Find The Best Bicycle Size At Home


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Lifestyle and city bikes are designed for the commute or weekend adventures - nothing too long or strenuous. They tend to have lightweight aluminium frames which means moving them around when off the bike, at work or home, won't be a problem. Some even have baskets, for tottering up to the local market or shop and storing your new purchases. Electric bikes come with the added assistance of a battery and motor.

They are suitable and great fun for everyone, whether taking on mountain trails or the daily commute. Easy to maintain and easy to ride, you'll be inspired to keep moving with an electric bike. Remember, before ordering a bike, you need to get yourself measured up. It's pretty easy to do, if you use a measuring tape and read the sizing chart carefully. That said, if you're unsure, online bike suppliers like Rutland Cycling are still taking calls and offering advice virtually.

Many companies now run Cycle to Work schemes and Liv offer finance options allowing you to save money and spread the costs. A bike is excellent cardio exercise and if you decide to commute, much cheaper than public transport! Think about what you want to use the bike for, don't rush this decision.

Think about when and where you'll be using the bike, consider the position, the terrain and personal comfort. Set your budget, be realistic of your expectations from the bike and specification with what you intend to invest. Ensure you get the correct size; comfort on your bike is essential to a positive experience. Fit is personal, but comfort and right position will result in better control and ride, incorrect size can result in rider injuries.

Wearing the correct clothing can be a make or break experience, particularly, cycling shorts! Seek advice; we recommend consulting advice on our website or a Liv retailer, don't be afraid to ask questions. Buying a new bike is personal, make sure you like how it looks! You need to want to ride it and be happy doing so.

By Ali Pantony. One of Liv's bestselling models is the Alight 3. New for , it fits right into a fun and healthy lifestyle, allowing you to pedal to work, meet friends for a coffee or build up fitness on trickier terrains. It has a lightweight design, upright flat-bar positioning and powerful disc brakes which give you confidence as you ride. It also looks stylish; the modern frame keeps style at forefront of every ride. The Voodoo Marasa Hybrid Bike is the perfect ride if you need a reliable bikes to commute to work in the week, but one that will also take you on easy leisure rides come the weekend.

It boasts 27 speed gears to help you up hills and race along the flats, plus powerful Tektro hydraulic disc brakes for strong stops. Oh, and the frame is super lightweight and easy to handle. There are tonnes of features which make this an ideal women's hybrid bike at an affordable price point.

It has a lightweight, easy-handling frame with comfortable upright sitting position, speed Shimano gearing offering plenty of choice on all terrains, a Carrera Memory Foam Saddle for ultimate comfort on your ride and puncture-protection tyres. This lightweight bike is easily one of the best aero road bikes out there, rapid but also super comfortable for long rides.

The lateral stiffness in the fork and disc brakes offer the kind of control that allows you to keep your head in the zone, while the aluminium-grade carbon 3F-designed frame gives women unbeatable forward force and will have you sprinting ahead of the pack. If it's speed you're after, this is the bike to go for. This feather-light racing bike delivers the speed and strength needed for any climb, race or ride.

So, if you're a serious cyclist looking to invest in a better women's bike, this is the one for you. It has been engineered with aggressive climbing descending and accelerations in mind. It boasts powerful disc brakes, slender tubing to the frame and cutting-edge lightweight aerodynamic innovations. It'll allow you to carry speed in fast corners with confidence.

Specifically designed for women, the Giant Liv Hail 1 Mountain Bike comes to life at high speeds - perfect for the thrill seekers among you. It enables you to pedal and descend uncompromising terrain like a dream. The aluminium frame is both lightweight and durable, while the breaks are smooth and the gears are easy to control. It's perfect for everything from park runs to challenging trail riding thanks to its accurate steering and control and impressive strength.

We're huge fans. If it's a mountain bike you're after, look no further than this one by Carrera. It's their bestselling electric mountain bike for good reason, offering capability with added assistance. The Wh battery has a range of up to 40 miles giving you plenty of assistance to complete your ride and a re-charge time of 6 hours means it can easily be topped up overnight.

The frame is lightweight, the tyres offer plenty of grip and the suspension will keep you comfy when the going gets rough. This is a lightweight, supportive and rideable bike which is designed to enhance your road ride rather than dominate it. It's available in four colours and five sizes, with a sleek design and discreet battery unit. Folding electric bikes are handy, particularly for commuting and storing if you don't have a shed or garden.

This one boasts the practicality of a much larger e-bike in a small package. We told you it's practical. Other features include an adjustable fit — so you don't need to worry about the frame size — plus suspension and comfortable tyres for the easiest ride. With an excellent Bosch motor that assists you up to 20 miles per hour and wide, cushy tires, the Adventure is ideal for cruising along bumpy streets and bike paths.

The alloy frame keeps weight modest, and the step-through frame makes it easy for anyone to hop on and start spinning. The Paris has a smooth and damped ride but with a bit of spark, too, so it never feels sluggish. The handling is alert with good stability: entertaining enough for a fast ride and reassuringly predictable when you hit that last fast descent at the end of an all-day ride.

The bike is a bit of a paradox to ride: It feels swift and stiff on climbs but somehow still planted and stable on descents—with handling that puts our former Specialized road fave, the Tarmac, to shame. Our tester liked this aluminum version of the RLT bike even more than the acclaimed steel model.

The RLT 9 is burly enough and has the gearing to put up with whatever challenge you could sling into its path. The bike is stiff, agile, and responsive no matter how much weight you packed onto it. Rack and fork mounts made multiple touring and commuting configurations possible, and the tire clearance of up to 42mm gives you the option of taking it as far off the grid as you want. A carbon fork, disc brakes, and dual thru axles complete the package.

Add a basket, or fenders, or a GPS-enabled smart lock. Their online tool allows you to select all the gear you want for a truly custom ride or none at all if you like more simple setup. You can also pick from dozens of colors, which Electric Bike Company will paint in house. All their bikes are assembled in California, with many parts sourced from the USA.

The bike's cleanly integrated battery won't disrupt the beautiful lines of your one-off creation and the wide, stout tires keep you rolling on rough roads with fewer flats. Just be careful: Adding parts can increase the weight—overindulge and you could end up with an or pound e-bike. This hardtail 29er has a semi-slack setup and a mm RockShox Recon RL fork, making it a capable and maneuverable little ride.

Adding to its ability to take on rowdier trails is the smooth-operating TranzX dropper post and the well-knobbed 2. The grippy, wide tires are not quite plus-size the frame accommodates On climbs, the combination of the steep seat angle and longer reach help keep the rear wheel driving you forward and the front wheel tracking where you want it to go.

For the price, this bike has a huge range of capabilities and features, including hydraulic disc brakes, a speed SRAM SX Eagle 1x drivetrain, and a mm-wide handlebar mm on sizes medium and up , which slows steering for a more stable ride. It rides like a road bike on pavement and a gravel bike on dirt, and when it hits mellow singletrack, it transforms into a mini mountain bike.

With its endless grip on long, fast, swooping fire-road descents and over gravel sections, the Quincy will encourage you to dive into turns faster, brake less, and test the traction of the 2. But its light weight and shorter wheelbase keep it nimble enough to dodge or hop over obstacles and washouts. Read Full Review. It's hard to beat the simple, functional, stylish appeal of a cruiser. The Electra Cruiser ones has high wide bars for a relaxed riding position, and Electra's Flat Foot technology, which places the seat further behind the pedals, so you can ride with it lower, making it easy to keep you feet on the ground when you stop.

A single coaster brakes helps control your speed and a single gear means no fussing with shifts or keeping your derailleurs in tune—but also means that this one is best enjoyed on flat roads and sandy boardwalks. Bikes and Gear. United States. Type keyword s to search.

By Bicycling Test Team. Related Story. Level Commuter Ebike. Aventon aventon. Easy handling Great parts. Quick CX Wide 40mm tires 1x12 drivetrain Mounts for fenders and racks. Fork is heavy. Aventon Pace Adv 2. RadCity 5 Plus Step-Thru. Rad Power Bikes radpowerbikes.

Great Reliability and Price Hydraulic disc brakes. Throttle can make for fast starts. Adventure Neo 4.

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