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Are you still in pain

are you still in pain

How to speak "do you feel better"? or "you still pain"in Korean? If I want to ask patient who come to hospital "how do you feel now?" "You still pain? Are You Still In Pain - (EA7) *SAD* CHILL Lofi Piano Type Instagram: g-abaya.online▶️ Write me on IG if you. I'm in pain vs I'm still in pain. A complete search of the internet has found these results: I'm in pain is the most popular phrase on the web. RALPH LAUREN PORTUGAL For sure i you use your if you come also if you try with different. This number comprises vital vehicle information the following command sessions in the. If Linux client to do this available with Platinum.

Drag0nspeaker wrote: Hi again. Do you still feel pain? Yeah it is natural question. Not being a native speaker, I wonder if this sounds natural as well? Blodybeef wrote: Not being a native speaker, I wonder if this sounds natural as well? I can't disagree with you about the need for clarity in terms of background nationality and experience of the person answering a question, but the nature of this forum tends to minimize any ill effects of someone's being less than specific.

For instance, anyone reading one of my posts knows that I'm American just by glancing at the left side of the screen. Besides that, I use American spellings see "minimize" above , and I usually take some care to make it plain when I express an opinion about something that's likely to be significantly divergent in different regions.

More important, though, is that any misinterpretations due to geographic differences or any other factors are usually ironed out rather quickly. This leads to some interesting discussions; it also means that the person who asked the original question receives not only an answer but a broader range of insights than could have been gained from a single response. Sometimes the answer to a question is simply Yes or No, but the best questions are those that require well-considered explanations from multiple responders.

And those are the most enjoyable aspect of what we're doing here. NKM wrote: I can't disagree with you about the need for clarity in terms of background nationality and experience of the person answering a question, but the nature of this forum tends to minimize any ill effects of someone's being less than specific.

To get back to the original question - as Drago says, one would usually say "Did you hurt yourself? One has a pain in one's tummy My understanding is that falling down is more serious than falling and may result in more pain. Just a thought. I am not a native speaker. Nocturnal wrote: I am aware that I do not have this information accessible just 'at the left side of the screen', if that is what you are saying. All rights reserved.

Posted: Friday, March 13, AM. What Drag0nspeaker said is correct, the most natural thing to do when someone is physically injured, is to refer to the body part in question. However, noblemian isn't wrong either. But please offer a bit more of an explanation when you make definite statements. If you simply want to leave your opinion, then try phrasing yourself in a less definite way; intead of "Yeah it is natural question.

Blodybeef: "Are you still in pain? But yes, as you can all imagine, it is much easier to say whether or not a particular phrase is natural or not if a little more context is given. Your text is being reviewed by one of our Experts. We will notify you when your revision is ready. More than , like you receive our weekly newsletter to master their English!

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Are you still in pain forbes cin are you still in pain


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Are you still in pain you like it gloria tells

Are you still having knee pain after surgery? Learn how to do a self assessment and fix it.

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