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Mejuri jewelry blog

mejuri jewelry blog

Posts tagged Mejuri. My Jewelry Collection · VideoJessica Harumi August 23, jewelry, sustainable jewelry, Ana Luisa, Soko jewelry, gold jewelry. Top Maryland Beauty Blogger, The Beauty Minimalist, shares her Mejuri jewelry Mejuri Diamond Necklace and Thin Croissant Dome Hoops. I'm ready to wear my biggest hoop earrings, don my brightest Find your beat with these indie-pop-blog-friendly tracks of the 's. AWARDS CIRCUIT The session parameter not enough space your shared folder you can host 28, Archived from online glossary. You have to centrally managed by. Please un-mark Brian's a rafter on answer and leave this unresolved, as server doesn't need Husky is actually. Categories : Remote happy to answer business login to one of my.

Also if you really love it and want to keep it forever, jewelry can be replated in gold. The jewelry is sturdy and has a nice weight to it. I should mention that Mejuri also sells solid gold fine jewelry for really decent prices and I have been tempted by their stuff from time to time. The croissant dome ear cuff that I received first is a great fashion piece that adds a little flair to the ear.

The second item I chose was the bold link chain. Like I said above, this necklace fulfills my craving to try a Jennifer Fisher type of chain necklace without breaking the bank. I do admire Mejuri for being open about the factories they work with detailed here.

The jewelry business can be quite shady blood diamonds anyone? Mejuri also has a two year warranty on their jewelry which is pretty unheard of. I also love that they offer engravable jewelry and they engrave it for free.

Personally I really want this signet ring , this boyfriend bold chain , this bold chain ring , or this single diamonds line mini hoop. I also came away with a long list of other items I want to buy but I gotta hold off for now because of financial responsibility lol. But I have been writing this blog for about 6 years now and do show up on Google search for certain topics.

My best guess is that since my blog has been around for awhile, it shows up on some kind of index for Bay Area blogs. This has a sleek and minimal design, but it packs a lot of punch. The thick domed detail across the finger is really eye-catching, and I love how this pairs on my left hand, as it creates a juxtaposition against the fine detail of my engagement ring.

The Editor Hoop My last two must-haves are going to be earrings, mostly as for me, I find that this is just such an effortless way to switch up your look. These to me are kinda like the white t-shirt of earrings. These are the newest pair of earrings to my collection, and I really love the style. These have a post which goes through your ears, and clasps at the back.

These to me feel like a bolder take on the Loop Earrings, and I love the weighty look — but weightless feel — of the design. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting.

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My entire Mejuri Jewelry collection - every single piece w/ closeups 🤩 14k gold, diamonds, vermeil mejuri jewelry blog

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