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This game also includes a heavy-duty swivel attachment, an authentic ball color will vary , and a pump—so let the fun begin! Needle to pump up the ball is located in the handle of the pump. For more information, go to P65Warnings. To that end, we guarantee product quality for one year from the shipping date. We ship most in-stock merchandise within 24 hours of receiving your order.

Standard ground delivery requires business days. For more information on express or international shipping options, visit our Shipping and Handling Page. Visit our Shipping and Handling Page. Visit our Returns and Exchanges Page. Learn More about our Guarantee. Deluxe Backyard Tetherball Game. Deluxe Backyard Tetherball Game favorite. A player commits a violation if they step onto their opponent's half of the pole, by touching the rope instead of the ball, hitting the ball before it has either circled the pole or been returned by the opponent or, in some variants, struck the pole.

Generally, after a violation occurs, the game pauses and the person who committed the violation is out; the number of wraps around the pole is re-created or a penalty-wrap is awarded to the player who did not commit the foul. The player who did not commit the violation then serves the ball.

If, however, the violation appears to be intentional, it may result in loss of game. One variation legalizes throws and double hits. The game ends when one player hits the ball around the pole in their own direction as far as it will go, so that the ball hits the pole. In addition, the ball must strike the pole with the final wrap above a line marked on the pole. A 5-foot-high 1. A match can go on for at least 2 or more games. If a player breaks any of these rules, they are out and it is the next person's turn to play the winner.

If played with only two people, the "loser" now gets their turn to serve to even out the odds for their win. Tetherball requires a stationary pole, a rope, and a ball. The ball is roughly the size and weight of a volleyball, but is somewhat firmer unless a soft tetherball is specifically purchased. Tetherballs usually have a bar recessed in the top that the rope is tied to. Some simply have loops that protrude out, but this is less common as striking the loop with the hand can be painful.

The pole is often 10 feet 3. The rope is generally slender nylon , and is long enough so that the ball hangs about 2 feet 0. Tetherball is played on many surfaces, including sand , gravel , lawn , and asphalt. It is common particularly in schoolyards due to the ease of setting up, and the long-lasting equipment- unlike other ball games where the ball can be destroyed or lost.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Outdoor game using tethered volleyball. This article is about the game in which the ball is hit with the hand. For the game in which the ball is hit with a racket, see Totem tennis. This article needs additional citations for verification.

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The smaller zones on the sides are the neutral zones, the larger zones are the playing zones you must stay within these while playing. With this set-up, playing zones will be approximately Once your court or playing area is ready, following these simple rules for playing a few games of tetherball. First, pick sides and decide who will serve to start the first game.

The non-serving player gets to pick which direction they want to hit towards. Take turns serving for subsequent games. Serve the ball by hitting it with your hand or forearm in one direction. You can hit it directly off your hand, or toss the ball and hit it. Did you know bears can play tetherball too?

Keep an eye out for the following tetherball fouls to make sure the game is played correctly. You can call these on your opponent or yourself and play will stop, followed by one of the penalties explained below:. How many fouls can you spot in this video? If a player commits one of the above fouls accidentally, stop play and wrap the ball over to the non-offending player, who then gets to serve it back into play. If you commit a foul intentionally and the other player calls it or you call it yourself , you forfeit and lose the game.

If both players commit a foul at the same time, each player places a hand on the ball, holding it 3-feet away from the pole while standing on the line between the two playing areas. Drop the ball and let it contact the pole, then either player can hit it to restart the game. As mentioned, you can play several games in a single match.

Decide how many before the first game. Many players choose 7 or 11 games for a match. And you must win by two games. Super simple and fun, tetherball is one of those games that brings you back to your childhood but is just as fun as an adult. Try it out at your next party or picnic to see for yourself. You can also play with a paddle. To play tetherball, start by holding the ball with 1 hand and hitting it with the other hand to serve it to your opponent.

Then, hit the ball back and forth, with 1 of you hitting clockwise and the other hitting counterclockwise. Additionally, try to hit the ball each time it comes to your side, but do what you can to send it back so it's impossible for your opponent to hit it. When they miss the ball enough times that it wraps completely around the pole, you win!

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Know your goal. The equipment for tetherball is relatively simple. Each court is composed of a ball on a rope attached to a ten-foot pole. The court is divided into two sides, one for each player, that should evenly divide the pole in half. Your goal when playing tetherball is to hit the ball with your hand in a way that gets it past your opponent so that the rope winds completely around the tetherball pole.

Stay on your side. The tetherball court is divided in half and is usually marked off by chalk or a line in the cement. If there are no markers for the side boundaries, be sure to ask other players. You will be expected to stay on your side of the court while facing your opponent. Going off-sides will result in the offending player getting a penalty. Use your hands. Opposite of soccer rules, tetherball requires you to only touch the ball with your hands.

Touching the ball with another part of your body can result in a penalty against you. Open, closed, or double handed strikes are allowed - use what works best for you! A popular house rule, sometimes called "beach tetherball," allows for the use of any part of the body during play. Avoid touching the rope or pole.

Using the rope, a player can launch the ball in a way that makes it difficult for opposing players to return. This is why touching the rope is considered an illegal move. Touching the tetherball pole is also illegal and will result in the immediate loss of the game for the player who touched it. Strike the ball to return it to your opponent. This might seem obvious, but violating this rule can be tempting. By holding the ball for a split second, you can redirect it out of the reach of your opponent, which is illegal and referred to as "carrying.

Unless a house rule says otherwise, serves must also be hit and not thrown or "carried. Make your hits count. Each time the ball crosses onto your side of the court, you are allowed a single hit. The one exception to this rule are rebounds off the pole. If the ball hits the pole and returns to a player, the player may hit the ball again as though it were his first hit. Hitting the ball more than once is often called "juggling.

Hitting more the once will result in a penalty. Ask other players about house rules. Because of the fact that tetherball is an informal game, there may be special rules, called "house rules," that you'll need to take into account while playing. These rules might be slight variations on rules you are already familiar with, but by asking for the house rules up front, you'll prevent yourself from getting an unnecessary penalty.

Award penalties for breaking the rules. Whenever a player breaks the rules, play should be stopped immediately and the ball returned to its position when the violation occurred. This includes the number of wraps; wraps around the pole gained from violations should be unwound. Additionally: Possession of the ball goes to the player who did not break the rules.

This player should then serve the ball. Three rule violations results in an immediate loss for the rule breaking player. Some house rules allow an extra wrap in favor of the player who did not break the rules. Pole drop the tetherball for double violations. When both players commit a violation of the rules, a pole drop will decide play.

This is where both player hold the tetherball with a single hand over the boundary line about three feet. Both players then drop the ball and after the ball hits the pole, game play resumes. Part 2. Mark your boundaries. Having poorly marked or unclear boundaries can result in arguments as to whether or not someone stepped off-sides. Keep this from happening clearly marking boundaries with clear lines drawn in the dirt, gravel, or on the cement with a piece of chalk. Take your position opposite your opponent.

You'll also have to decide which player will serve first. The victor of the previous game is typically allowed the first serve, however if there was no previous game, you might select the serving player with a coin toss. The direction of the first serve is always the decided by the player returning the serve. Serve or return the ball. The game begins when one player serves the ball, usually by holding it in one hand and hitting it with the other. You might try a punching motion, as this can pop the ball outside the reach of your opponent.

Hit the ball back and forth. Each player should try to hit the ball, one clockwise, and the other counterclockwise. It is generally acceptable to hit the ball with either the fist or the open hand, but be sure you don't "carry" the ball when using an open handed strike.

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