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10k silver ring price

10k silver ring price

Plating is for walk in clients only in our Ventura, CA store. We can recreate your jewelry in gold or silver. Prices begin at $1, Sterling Silver & 10K Gold Tiny Om Bezel Ring $ Sterling Silver & 10K Gold Quick View. 10K Gold Triple Tiny Flower Ring with Diamonds $ 10k Ring ; (). $ FREE shipping ; (). $ FREE shipping ; (5,). $ FREE shipping. ARG 1215 However: How can try running the Miscellaneous section to as detailed below:. The firewall on the middle of use groups together should not interfere with the AnyDesk. You cancel, you set this variable, not only in. It's everything that of the AnyDesk user or sent. Comodo Internet Security software offline installer supports all Windows your own.

We are not aware of any general meaning of with Arabic letters. If you are in the Sacramento, CA area, feel free to bring the pieces by the shop , and we would be happy to take a look at them for you. Hi there, I have a antique watch from my grandmother that is a Gruen with stamp I believe it is white gold with some diamonds in it.

It has the stamp underneath that says WBK. What does the WB stand for? Thank you!!! Hi Lauren, thanks for commenting. The WB is most likely a makers mark for the watch, and from your description it looks like you do have a 14k gold watch. Nice site! Gold ring 14k SLO how much real gold is in something like this?

SLO part is most likely the manufacturer name? Thank you very much…. I will tell a quick story. Found a ring, estate clean out it appears to have no imprints. My boss gave it to me while he took some 18k gold filled items and I received a s old mine cut 1.

Anything you can tell me about this? Just curious if you an idea. Oh and I just wanted to say thanks for your feedback appreciate your site! Hi Mark, thanks for the kind words. The 14k part means that there is approximately It sounds like you found a really cool ring there. We love Old Mine Cuts; they have such a unique sparkle. Hi Sheryl, good question. The stamp indicates that the piece contains approximately This is also referred to as 9k gold.

Hi dear. I just purchased a diamond ring that has 18KT 0. Need to know what does it mean please. Hi Fadia, thanks for asking. The 0. What does CF mean? Hi Maria, thanks for asking. Hopefully that helps a little. Hi Colin, thanks for sharing. That must be a larger manufacturer then. If you find out what company uses that mark, please post back here so we can all learn. Hi, I was passed down a family members bracelet.

On it on the clasp has like serial numbers which are: 3,, On the little gold piece that connects the clasp to the bracelet it is stamped: 18K P. I have tried to find a maker who is the P. If it is 18K gold, what would a piece like this possibly value at? Any info would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much! Hi Jo, thanks for commenting. If you would like, you can send some pictures and additional details gram weight of the piece would be great to us in an email , and we can give you an estimate. Hi Allen, good point. It is entirely possible that the P. Most of the time, plum gold is indicated with a p after the quality mark i. I suspect that 3,, may be a patent number, especially when they include the commas. This patent number is directed to a coupling or clasp.

Go to Google Patents, enter the number, and read what the patent says. Does your bracelet have anything like what this patent shows? I have a pair of white gold hoops with diamond chips. Would you have any idea what this means? I assume there is no such thing as 2 Karat gold? There may be a tiny gold quality stamp on or near the earring post that you can read with magnification. Beyond that, the 2 could be part of a 12k stamp that has otherwise worn away.

Of course, if you are local, you can always stop by our shop , and we would be happy to test them for you and let you know for free what the gold karat purity is. Is this common? Of any significance? Hi Kristen, thanks commenting. If you are curious, you can always bring it by the shop and we can test the metal to tell you exactly what it is.

Hi, I have a pendant that is marked 14KC. I am wondering if this is 14k or 14k clad? Hi Barbara, thanks for reaching out to us. Hi Robin, thanks for commenting. Most likely, the is what the designer uses to organize their line of jewelry. Anyway, they seem to be a bit too yellow, more like 18k? But the stamp definitely says 10k. First, the pieces could be 10k gold that have been plated with high karat gold plating solution. It is very common for gold plated jewelry to look more yellow than unplated jewelry.

Second, the stamp could be fraudulent and the pieces are actually costume jewelry which often has a rich yellow color. Hi, I have a ring that is stamped 14k, and has a symbol that looks like a skinny upright trapezoid with a line runny through it. Any idea what this is or who the marker maybe? Mainly cause its hard to find a trusting one.

Hi Jere, thanks for reaching out to us. The problem with trying to track down a symbol like that is that it could be used by any one of thousands of companies from large multi-national corporations to a single goldsmith working in his garage.

That said, we will keep our eyes open and let you know if we see it. Please post back if you find out what it is as well. And those options are more expensive. Hi Krissylu, thanks for asking. The F-VS part is not referring to the gold purity but the diamond quality.

The Etsy seller may be grouping different diamond qualities with different metals e. The stamp is star vi. Is it real gold or fake? Plus I can bend it with my finger nails. Does real gold bend? Hi Myo, thanks for commenting. From the information you gave it seems like you have a hollow 10k gold chain. As a side note, the fact that gold bends easily is actually one of its most valuable qualities.

Hi Mario, thanks for commenting. The Lab color space is definitely a cool way to describe color, but I have never heard of its application to jewelry or gold specifically. The visible color that a piece of pure, 24k gold would appear is dependent on a lot of external factors: the ambient lighting conditions, the polish or lack there of on the piece of gold, etc.

The best I can say is that when seen next to alloyed gold like 14k or even 18k, 24k gold has a richer, more vibrate yellow hue. I just bought a gorgeous cameo. On the back I think it reads on one side of the square the other side it says na on it.

Can you possibly tell me what they mean? Does it mean that it is 24Kt gold? Well please email me back…Thank You so much!!!! Hi Suzy, cameos are so fun, enjoy it. Unfortunately, none of those stamps appear to be talking about the type of metal used. In order to give you an accurate evaluation, I would need to see the piece in person. Please feel free to bring it by the shop anytime. What does the JTC represent? Hi Ter, thanks for thinking of us. What does that mean? Hi Tom, thanks for thinking of us.

The 10k portion of the stamp, of course, indicates the metal purity about You can usually tell if a piece is hollow by comparing the weight of it to a similar piece that you know is or is not hollow. The mark with the star is the manufacturer registration number and the province the manufacturer is registered in.

VI indicates the province of Vicenza in the Veneto region. By law every manufacturer of precious metal pieces has to be registered and the registration mark is mandatory on every piece together with the purity mark.

It has 14k on one side and on the other end it has Can you tell me if it is real gold? Hi Margie, thanks for commenting. But, I can tell you that the stamp is not a common one in the jewelry industry. However, indicates that the piece is 14k gold which is approximately If it is actually an 8 instead of a 3 in the middle of the stamp, then both stamps would mean that the bracelet is 14k gold.

Hopefully that helps a little and feel free to contact us if you have any more questions. My name is Mike. My mother gave me a ring a long time ago with a little diamond in it and told me to give it to someone special someday. Well I still have the ring and have a question. What does this mean and is it worth something? Hi Mike, thanks for the comment. This is because people will sometimes stamp fake gold with genuine markings in multiple places hoping that the stamps will be seen and believed.

That said, it is more than likely that your ring in genuine 14k Plum Gold we would need to see it in person to say for sure though. That is difficult to say without a lot more information diamond size and quality, gram weight, etc. Hi Porsha, thanks for commenting. The 14k part indicates that the ring is made out of 14 karat gold or about In this case, the most likely candidate is Paul Winston Jewelry who is a fairly large manufacturer focusing on bridal jewelry.

Mom gave this to him in he never wore it because as an electrician, he said it would get caught on things and could get hurt. It is a very nice ring and is my size. On the inside it is marked 10KR exactly as this. Hi Joel, that sounds like a special piece. But, the metal color is not generally indicated on the stamp. Hopefully that helps a little, and feel free to contact us if you have any other questions or need any work done of the ring to make it wearable for you.

Hi, I know that gp on jewelry means gold plated, but what does a ring stamped with the letters pg stamped on them mean? The pg is the only mark on the ring. I have a 14k gold anklet but it is stamped with WG but it is yellow is it white and yellow gold mixed?

Hi Pedro, thanks for thinking of us. Of course, it is also possible that it is a 14k white gold piece that has been plated yellow. If you are able to bring it by the shop , we can tell you for sure what it is. Hi, I have what we believe is a 24k gold Egyptian ring minus the stone but is still 7 grams, which was given to my mum 60 years ago in Switzerland.

And I have a certificate or a description about it from an Italian jeweller 60 years ago who I believe tested it. It has no stamps that I can see which seems unusual. I can send a photo of it and the description. Can you help? Hi Mario, thanks for reaching out to us. That sounds like an interesting piece. Yes, please email us some pictures along with any details you have, and we can try to help you determine how much it might be worth. Hi Mike, thanks for asking.

I have a ring my daughter found in a parking lot it is marked 10kt dgla and has what I assumed were fake stones in it. What did she find? Hi Emily, thanks for thinking of us. If you are ever in the Sacramento area, feel free to bring the ring by for a free evaluation.

Hi Tara, thanks for commenting. Hopefully that helps a little, and let us know if you have any other questions. Similarly, I purchased a pair of large opal doublet earrings that are marked 10G on the earrings but 14K on the posts. I was told these were 14k all around…did I get ripped off? Hi Carol, good question. The 14k stamp on the earring posts indicates that the posts themselves are 14k. That said, unless there is a contradictory stamp on the main body of the piece, the industry standard is to assume that the 14k applies to the entire piece.

Hi Theresa, thanks for asking. That stamp most likely indicates that the piece is 14k plum gold, meaning it contains precisely My boyfriend recently proposed to me. The ring he gave me has a stamp and a separate marking on the other side indicating Dct. It has a 7 stone floral designed gem I am not sure if it is real diamond. May I know what are those markings mean? Hi Marnelle, thanks for commenting.

The other stamp is a bit more cryptic. My guess is that it means the total diamond weight is 0. If you are in the Sacramento area, you can always bring the ring in and we can test it for you. If not, look for a local GIA trained gemologist and see if they can evaluate it for you.

Hi Anthony, thanks for asking. Hi, I have a yellow gold ring with the imprint 14K GB. Thanks in advance for the feedback! Hi Garon, good question. The stamp indicates that the ring is 14 karat solid gold. Hello I bought a pendant that holds a silver morgan dollar.

It has the markings c with a circle around it as well as 14k WB. Any info would be helpful. Hi Adrian, good question. The 14k stamp definitely indicates that the piece is 14k gold, but we would need to test it in person to say for sure. As for the other stamps, the circled C is most likely a copyright indication letting people know that the pendant design has been copyrighted. And, the WB likely refers to the manufacturer who made the piece. White silver is it real or only silver?

Thanks for the answer. Hi Nerissa, thanks for asking. If the stamp is accurate, it looks like your necklace is 18 karat white gold. I recently purchased a gold necklace and the stamp on it reads AG10K. Do you know what the AG stands for? Hi Fabian, thanks for commenting. The AG could stand for two different things.

Alternatively, AG is the chemical symbol for silver, so it is possible that the stamp means that part of the piece is silver and another part is 10k gold. Hi BJ, thanks for commenting. The 10k part of the stamp most likely indicates that it is 10 karat gold. The rest of the stamp likely refers to the manufacturer who made the ring or it may possibly have some Masonic significance. Thank you for your prompt reply.

The KA twice has no masonic significance. I suspect it has no other significance either. You are welcome, and thanks for confirming that. Hello, I just purchased a 8. Hi Kassandra, thanks for reaching out to us. Another person commented about a similar stamp a while ago. That would also explain why the bracelet feels so light.

That means that alloy was mixed extremely precisely at a ratio of The IDI part is most likely the company that made the ring. Hi John, thanks for asking. It could possibly indicate that there are 0. Or, it could just be a manufacturing stamp. I found the numbers on the side of a filigree clasp on a necklace.

What do these numbers mean? Hi Carolyn, thanks for commenting. A number like this is most likely a style number or SKU number to identify the style of necklace. It might even be a serial number depending on the type of piece. I have a ring with pso on the inside, but it looks like the diamonds are on top.

Hi James, thanks for commenting. I bought a handmade Labradorite ring at an auction and though the guy said it was Sterling, I just noticed the band is actually stamped 23C. Do you know if this mean it is 23 karat white gold? Hi Lily, thanks for asking. I suspect that mark is talking about the manufacturer or giving you details about the stone. But, I have a buddy that specializes in jewelry for over 30 years and happens to work at sissy log cabin.

Hi Jared, thanks for the comment. That stamp seems to belong to a large manufacturer given how many requests to identify it we have seen here. Definitely post back if you are able to determine which company it refers to. We would love to know. Purchased at Service Merchandise. I always assumed it was a mfr mark. Hi Julie, thanks for sharing. In this case, it seems likely that Service Merchandise is not the manufacturer who is associated with the stamp , but the retailer.

Post back if you find out anything more. Hi, I recently found a couple rings inside a box in my basement. The first ring has a yellow looking stone on top outlined in what looks to be gold. The rest of the ring looks to be silver but only has the letters PD marked inside. Next is a wedding set that is a darker gold with 3 tiny black stones on the band.

On the matching ring it has a diamond in the middle of 2 tiny black stones. Can you please tell me what the markings mean? Thank you and God bless! I took it to a jeweler and they were stumped. One said it was fake and the other said it was plum gold and that the GB are the makers mark.

Please help! Hi Beckie, thanks for thinking of us. However, whether or not that marking is accurate is another mater entirely. We would need to test the ring to tell you if it is actually 14k gold. Hopefully that helps, and if you are in the area, feel free to come by the shop for more information on your rings.

Hi Candy, thanks for commenting. PD is often used to indicate palladium, but in those cases the stamp normally includes a fineness grade as well e. I have a 10K white gold blue star saphire ring and on the inside it is stamped 10k FJG and has circled, what do the stamps mean? I know what the 10k means, but not the rest.

Thank you,. Hi Jeanette, thanks for asking. Hi Justin, thanks for commenting. Which gets more ugly with crater like holes and deformations and uneven surface after years of wear 18k or 21k? I have a gold ring that I bought from Saudi Arabia. What does the stamp mean? Hi Ogo, thanks for reaching out to us. In general, 21k gold will be softer than 18k gold because there is more pure gold in the alloy and pure gold is a very soft metal. So, 21k will be more susceptible to getting bent out of shape or uneven in surface than 18k gold.

I just visited a local pawn shop today and presented a 7 inch gold, hinged, etched bangle bracelet I had purchased from QVC about 20 years ago at time of purchase, it was sold to me as real gold. They then applied chemicals after mentioning it passed color gradation test and said 10k..

I asked them what it might be then.. NO reply.. I left embarrassed. I have a ring found at an old consignment shop. The ring is a 1ct, 3 prong eternity band said to be 18k. What does the stamp B 34 on the inside mean? Hi Sarah, thanks for commenting. That sounds like a lovely ring. But, it is also possible that it is a style number or some description of the piece 34 stones perhaps. There is no standard meaning of that stamp that we are aware of. I know it could be a marking for a manufacturer or maker but I cannot find the company.

Do you have any information? I see other people have the same problem but it is a question burning my brain!! If you might have any information please help! Hi Tyler, thanks for commenting. Yes, you are right that the PMS stamp as you describe it likely refers to the manufacturer. Unfortunately, I have not been able to determine which company it is. If you do find out, please let us know.

Hi Marcelo, thanks for reaching out to us. Hopefully that helps, and let us know if you have any other questions. Hi Ginger, thanks for commenting. I just received a ring that looks older, ruby and white sapphire, but inside it is marked with a triangle and ADC 14k. Any ideas??? HI Penny, thanks for commenting. Hopefully that helps, and please let us know if you have any additional questions. What does the asterisk mean? HI Debbie, thanks for commenting. It can be difficult to tell if a ring is solid gold or only gold plated as you suggested.

A competent gemologist or jewelry appraiser should be able to let you know. One other thing you can do is have the ring polished at a local jeweler. Hopefully that helps, and if you are ever in the Sacramento area, we would be happy to take a look at it for you. Good day, I have searched the Internet for a several days hoping to find an answer to my question.

I was losing hope until I stumbled upon your website. BTW, it is very kind and generous of you to answer questions to people concerns about their jewelry. My husband recently upgraded my wedding ring set for our 25th anniversary. The bridal set is 2. T in white gold. I had it sized. Are you familiar with this mark? Hi Ana, thanks for commenting and for the kind words. It sounds like you have a beautiful piece there. Hopefully that helps a little, and we wish you the best.

From that stamp alone, we can say that the bracelet is at least claiming to be solid 10 karat gold. I have a diamond ring with 14 Kw P stamped on the inside. The P is stamped inside off square. I was wonder what that means. Hi I bought a white gold necklace and a ring at the mall.

I was confused. Is it fake? Hello Tere, thanks for commenting. Unfortunately, there are chains out there that are fake but are still stamped with or 14k. If I encounter one of these chains, I tell the client about it right away. Be sure to test an area away from the clasp though.

The clasp will almost always be magnetic on real and fake chains because of the steel spring. Same problem on a white gold chain stamped 14k italy. Took it to several places who said was fake. So removed the rhodium plate by reverse electroplateing it. Very strange? Poor quality metal alloy perhaps? Hi Dan, thanks for contacting us. It is likely a base metal copper perhaps that was plated white. Feel free to come by the shop sometime, and our gemologists would be happy to take a look.

Please and thank you in advance. Hi Maribel, thanks for reaching out to us. Hi Kiler, thanks for commenting. Excellent site! I was able to determine that my ring was a Zales , so exciting to know! Hi Kristin, thanks for commenting.

A Lindy Star is a type of synthetic man made star sapphire that was commonly used in jewelry in the s to s. Hopefully that helps, and feel free to ask if you have any other questions. I have just bought a secondhand white gold and diamond bracelet which has no hallmark. However, it looks as though somebody has engraved the following on the inside: RD.

Is this normal please? Hi Tracy, thanks for commenting. That stamp is a tough one. Of course, the 18k portion indicates that the piece is 18 karat gold. We would have to look at the piece in person to say for sure. Hopefully that helps, and we wish you the best with your bracelet. It has stamped with a diamond shape around it and next to that says Italy. Any help would be great, thank you. As you may have seen in the article, usually indicates 9 karat gold.

This means that the ring has a very low percentage of pure gold around So, there are a much higher percentage of other alloy metals than in other jewelry that you may own. This could explain your allergic reaction. You might check out our article on allergic reactions to jewelry for some more information and tips. Hi John, thanks for commenting. Discerning hallmarks like that on jewelry can be quite a challenge. The crown hallmark often indicates that the piece is gold, and the 18 may refer to 18k gold, but it may not.

If you are in the Sacramento, CA area, you can always bring the piece by and we would be happy to look at it. Otherwise, I would recommend that you find a local jeweler who specializes in vintage and antique jewelry.

They might be willing to help you determine what the rest of the markings mean. Hopefully that helps, and feel free to let us know if you have any additional questions. I cannot find anything online. Ring belonged to my mother or grandmother.

Totally stumped and emptyhanded with online search — may I send a photo to you? Hi Wendy, it seems like you have an interesting ring there. Thanks for commenting. Feel free to email us some photos. We may not be able to decipher the stamp for you, but we can probably give you some guidance on the piece itself. I have emailed some photos. Thank you for such a speedy response! Appreciate your time! Was there ever anything figured out with this?

If you find anything out please post it here. We will definitely do the same. Sorry years later but it may help someone else. Hi Heidi, thanks for commenting. From looking at a few of the other comments on this page, the stamp may refer to the Zale company. It seems like they used to stamp some of their jewelry with it.

Hi Cathy, thanks for commenting. Hi Kathleen, thanks for commenting. Hi Autumn, thanks for contacting us. Of course, the 14k means the ring is about Hi Priscilla, thanks for reaching out to us. That one is tricky. Please let us know if you are able to find out what it means.

Hi Irasema, thanks for commenting. Feel free to bring them by the shop and I can test them for you on my gold tester to be sure. Hello, thanks for reaching out. So I was just wondering what the GWR means since its right next to the 10k stamp.

Any Ideas? Hi Jon, thanks for commenting. It sounds like you did your homework on that one. Hopefully that helps, and feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions. Hello, I received a yellow gold ring from the late s. Any idea what this means? Hi Christina, thanks for commenting. That sounds like an interesting stamp.

Since stamps vary so widely, it is almost impossible to say with certainty, but hopefully that helps a little. I have a wide gold bangle marked vol 10 ct it has no stones on it. If so, what countries mark gold that way? Of course, there is no substitute for being able to see the piece in person. If you are in the Sacramento area, we would be happy to have our gemologists take a loot at it for you. If not, and you are confident it is worth more, you could consider taking it to a reputable, local jewelry appraiser.

With a written appraisal in hand, you may be able to get more for your piece especially if you decide to sell it directly on eBay or Craigslist. Hi Kerry, thanks for the contribution. You are absolutely right. It must make things incredibly complicated when trying to differentiate between carats as a unit of weight e. I was given a ring that belonged to my great grandmother, it has a large blue stone and it says 14k with an inverted upside down triangle beside of it stamped inside the band.

What does the triangle mean and how can I check if the stone is more than glass? As for identifying the center stone, that can get tricky. Your best bet would be to bring it to a professional appraiser who is also a gemologist. They should be able to accurately identify the stone for you and give you an idea of how much it might be worth. If you are in the Sacramento area, we offer that service at no charge. Thanks Jesse R. Hi Jesse, thanks for reaching out to us.

Hi, how do I know if a diamond ring is genuine? Should I go to a valuer or a jeweler or an antique dealer? If they have their own gemology lab on the premises, that would be ideal. Such a person should be able to tell you if your diamond is genuine or not. Of course, if you are in the Sacramento, CA area, we would be happy to evaluate the piece for you, and we also offer an insurance appraisal service.

Will the yellow colour be the same? Thanks for asking. Most 18k yellow gold regardless of which country it is produced in will be very close in color, but there are definitely different alloys that have different colors. That said, a competent jeweler should have a variety of alloys to choose from and be able to match the color of your ring within a small margin when sizing it.

Our advice would be to visit the jeweler in person and ask if they will be able to match the color of your ring before leaving it for sizing. Hopefully that helps, and let us know if you have any additional questions.

It is interesting to note that there have been several other comments inquiring about this same stamp. Let us know if you discover anything more about the piece. I have a question. My fiance bought my engagement ring from someone he knows. Hi Mariya, thanks for asking. It sounds like you have a beautiful ring there. The 14k stamp is, of course, a good indication that the ring is 14 karat gold. Unfortunately, nothing in the stamp tells us whether or not there are 2 carats of diamonds on the ring.

Hey I was wondering what does C14KP mean? I found a ring awhile back and on one part it has KP and on the other side has c14kp? It has a diamond in the center with two smaller ones, one on each side. There is a breather hole underneath ring straight under the middle diamond can that be real and valuable to? Hi Chris, thanks for commenting.

The 14KP part of the stamp indicates that the piece is 14 karat plum gold. Remember from the article that this means the piece contains at least The hole you see underneath the center stone is to help with the cleaning process. Dirt and grime can build up on the underside of gemstones over time which makes them less brilliant. The hole under the stone allows cleaning solution to come in contact with that part of the stone and clean off this build up.

Hi Carl, thanks for contacting us. First of all, congratulations! Owning gold of any kind in your investment portfolio is a good idea. I would suggest you get familiar with the gold market. I use kitco. Of course, some gold coins have numismatic or collector value that can make them worth more than the market price, but since we are talking about gold bars for investing, the market price is what you should focus on.

For bullion investing, try to get as close to current market as you can. I would also recommend getting physical gold and not going through a service that stores your gold for you as long as you can safely store the gold. I also recommend buying gold through a trustworthy, local bullion or coin dealer. Just understand the current market price before you make your purchase. Hello, I found a ring today and the marking inside says 14KPG there are no spaces or dashes. Hello Lexi, thanks for commenting.

That stamp could mean a couple of things. Or, it could mean 14 karat gold that was designed by PG. Feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions. Of course, if you are in the Sacramento, CA area, you can always bring any jewelry you have by the shop for a free evaluation. Hi, I need to know. I received a ring for my birthday just yesterday. What can you make of this?

So, the stamp is meant to indicate that the design is copyrighted by that company. Without a stamp, it is unlikely that the ring is made out of a precious metal like gold or silver. If you want to know for sure, you can bring it by the shop anytime and one of our gemologists can evaluate it for you at no charge. Hopefully that helps, and happy birthday! This is stamped on one side of the clasp Italy other side 10K. The other part of the clasp has Air Solid in a triangle and MO on the other side.

Hi Russell, thanks for commenting. The other stamps are a bit trickier. I have a wedding ring from my great-great-great grandfather that is a solid yellow band with a belt buckle decoration. Any ideas? Hi Jeff, thanks for commenting. That sounds like an interesting piece you have there. Each manufacturer has their own way of marking the metal purity some use 14k, other use , etc.

Hi Nividha, good question. The answer is that gold can be made in virtually any purity you can imagine. Industry standards have evolved over time for the most common alloys 14k, 18k, etc. With that in mind, 12k is generally used in gold filled jewelry, but it should state 12k GF or 12K gold filled. Also, some designers, like Scott Kay, have experimented with 19k gold recently. Finally, 21k is actually a very popular alloy. It is often stamped Hi, I have a lot of 9k gold rings and was thinking: is it possible to separate the pure gold out of them and make a 22k gold ring or is that a stupid question?

The process of separating pure gold from a karat alloy is called refining. It requires some specialized equipment that you will really only find at serious refining operations not at a local jewelry store. Of course, if you want to make a new piece of jewelry, the easiest and least expensive way would be to trade in your 9k gold rings for credit, and then we can custom design your new piece and use fresh gold to make it.

Feel free to contact us , if you would like any additional info. I have a yellow gold ring, just a band with designs, but no stones on it. Since gold is naturally yellow, other metals have to be added alloyed to it to bleach it white. So, there is only about Can you give me some idea as to what the imprint means?

Hi Leigh, thanks for commenting. That is an unusual stamp. Our best recommendation would be to have the ring tested by a gemologist to determine what the metal is. If you are in the Sacramento area, we would be happy to test it for free for you.

Just come on by the shop. I have one question! I was looking at wedding rings and I noticed that the ring had 10kg what does the kg stand for? Hi Jennifer, thanks for commenting. Hi Cind, thanks for contacting us. Determining which manufacturer uses that mark can be a bit tricky, however. On the description it says 18K White Gold Filled.

What does this mean? Is it real or fake? It is a base metal that is covered with a very thin layer of 18k white gold. However, the piece is not solid gold. I have a white gold diamond ring with 14KT and RE And these differences could be daunting for you. This is especially when you have to make a choice from the offerings available. I have assembled, yes, assembled! Let us first understand what these two lustrous pieces of metal are…. Always remember that sourcing a nice piece of jewelry is not an easy task plus the cost that comes with it.

As said earlier, sterling silver is softer than the 10K white gold. From experience, you should not put these two jewelry items in a bag that has other metallic items. This is because they knock against each other causing scratches. Interestingly, sterling silver will be more scratched than the 10k white gold jewelry. Do you intend to purchase a jewelry, say for example a ring that you want to pass down to your children as a sign of love?

Then Sterling Silver is the best bet for you. This can last for up to 30 years! While it may tarnish fast, it lasts longer than the 10K white gold, only that you need to restore its shininess. It goes without saying that silver is cheaper than gold. I am yet to find a store where prices for the two items favor silver. What do you think? However, many factors are likely to swing prices either way. Such factors may include:. Sterling Silver requires more care because of its soft nature.

It can get scratched easily and tarnishes fast. Sadly, before you engage in household chores or garden work, it is wise to remove any sterling silver jewel. Experience has taught me that frequent cleaning keeps your jewelry clean and shiny. Having this information is powerful. But let me tell you more about the major differences between the 10k white gold and sterling silver. For starters, these two amazing metals look similar. This may pose a challenge when it comes to selecting between them especially rings!

I must tell you that the two gems are fabulous, and worth a space in your wardrobe. Choosing between the two can be determined by different factors. If you are looking for a gem that will last long, pocket-friendly, stunning, then go for Sterling Silver. If you are class-conscious, and attach value to your money, go for the 10K White Gold jewelry.

There are the hybrid types too. These are ones that are sterling silver coated with gold. If you get these ones, then you are a hybrid person who understands the value of both metals. There you go, good luck as you choose the best for yourself or as a gift to your loved ones. Cleaning my Sterling Silver has never been challenging.

I have learnt how to soak them when need be. I have also learnt that patience is key when it comes to cleaning these jewels. If you are patient, you will always achieve scintillating results. But remember to always follow the correct cleaning procedures. I only need two items…. For you to remove tarnish from these jewels, use this mixture well. But what is the cleaning process?

I have seen this process to be a bit cumbersome. It requires patience and tact, but all is possible and practical.

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How to check your gold jewelry at home

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